It is no surprise that many consider Costa Rica the best tourist destination; certainly, planning amazing luxury vacations Costa Rica is one of the best decisions you will make. Natural beauty and amazing tourist services have made Costa Rica a must-see destination; such is the case that renown magazine Condé Nast Traveler awarded Costa Rica as best international destination of 2018.

What is Condé Nast Traveler Magazine about?

Condé Nast Traveler is a magazine that is published by Condé Nast Inc. The magazine publishes issues for those interested a lifestyle of luxury and travels; you can learn about the most fabulous destinations in Condé Nast Traveler and get the best recommendations when traveling. Whether you are looking for epic adventures, beaches, secluded destinations, etc, this magazine has great recommendations. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The first issue came out in 1987 in the U.S. and there’s now a completely different edition in the U.K.; in addition, there’s a Spanish version as well in which Costa Rica was titled the best tourist destination in 2018. Condé Nast Inc., the company that publishes the magazine, has been operation since 1909; the result: magazines of world-class reputation like Condé Nast Traveller.

A Magazine about Lifestyle

Traveling is a lifestyle; however, not everyone has the same interests. Condé Nast Traveller publishes about the best locations, so you experience the best of nature and culture in each destination. In this regard, for those who enjoy a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, it is more than accurate to experience luxury vacations Costa Rica. For this reason, this magazine considered Costa Rica the “International Destination of 2018”. Considering the best hotels, spas, resorts, airlines, family hotels, cruises and transportation, Costa Rica was the best of the list. In a list of 25 destinations, Costa Rica offered broad options for its visitors; furthermore, it offers the services of the highest quality, as the readers of the magazine expect to find.

About this Recognition to Costa Rica

The “Golden List” of 25 destinations around the world included fascinating locations such as Nicaragua, Italy, Scotland, Dominican Republic, etc. There was a ceremony held in order to celebrate this recognition; it took place in Madrid, Spain, in a popular casino of the capital city. The award was received by Costa Rican Ambassador in Spain; the ceremony was also a celebration of ten years of the Spanish Magazine. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica As expressed by the Minister of Tourism in Costa Rica, this reflects Costa Rica’s great efforts in the industry’s improvement. With joy, the Minister commented on how this is also great motivation to keep on working on enhancing tourism-related policies; the intention expressed is to continue attracting visitors from all over the world and making Costa Rica year-round tourist friendly.

What is so Remarkable about Spending Luxury Vacations Costa Rica?

There are several reasons why Costa Rica is a perfect destination for a vacation; furthermore, so it was decided by the voters of the Spanish version of the Condé Nast Traveller Magazine. On the one hand it is naturally beautiful with unique landscapes and great diversity; in addition, the government hast strict policies that ensure environmental conservation and the tourism industry. Costa Rica has great national parks and wildlife reserves that not only protect biodiversity but also house several extreme adventures; this makes Costa Rica Naturally attractive and fun. Furthermore, this potential has been noticed, leading to massive development in beautiful small towns; as consequence of this, these destinations are now more accessible than they were and tourism-friendlier.

Some Recently Developed Beach Towns

Costa Rica is a marvelous country that is characterized by 12 different life zones including two coastlines (East and West); to the East, Costa Rica borders with the Caribbean Sea, and to the West, with the Pacific Ocean. There has been great development throughout the country; however, there are some beach towns in Guanacaste Province (located to the Northwest) that stand out. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Guanacaste Province is a very popular area with respect to tourism; it has an international airport in its capital city, Liberia, and there are many tourist, urban, and environmentalist projects. All these features make it a more desirable destination, along with the amazing activities and infrastructure for them.  The following are just some of the beach towns/areas that have developed and are great destinations: This Northwestern area of Guanacaste Province is of the ones that have gone through most growth and tourist development; the area has simply become a tourist paradise that you will not want to leave. The growth has been specifically oriented towards enhancing the experience for tourists; the improvement has impacted transportation, housing complexes, and entertainment in the area. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica For starters, luxurious resorts and hotels have been built, as well as incredible Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals. There are fitness centers with spas, a tennis court, a golf course, and importantly, a luxurious marina; it is all part of a big project aiming to provide the best tourist experience. Besides the amazing Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals and other great tourist services, there are fabulous natural attractions nearby.

Attractions near Peninsula Papagayo

  1. The Fabulous Santa Rosa National Park

Located towards the North of the Peninsula and near the border with Nicaragua, Santa Rosa is a great tourist destination. The rich biodiversity, activities available and history surrounding the park, make it a must-visit location in Costa Rica. There are options for those who want to stay in the park; however, they are just for campers. There are more luxurious options in the Papagayo Peninsula. One of the biggest attractions of the park is a magical nesting ritual; in it, the Ridley Turtles arrive to the sea shore and lay their eggs fascinating animal lovers and all tourists alike. Furthermore, you might spot 3 species of monkeys, deer, iguanas, 5 species of big cats and more. In addition, the waters of the beaches of Santa Rosa are perfect for surfing; there’s a rocky formation off-shore that is a surfing spot.
  1. b) Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Visiting Wonderful Guanacaste National Park

Guanacaste National Park is located adjacent to Santa Rosa National Park towards the East. The park was actually created in order to protect a large number of animals that migrate through this area seasonally. If you visit Guanacaste National Park, you might be able to spot many animal species; you might see pumas, monkeys, mountain lions, deer, sloths, tapirs, a big variety of birds and more. The area is composed of several habitats that include rain forests, savannas, tropical cloud forests, dry forests and more. The intention of the creation of this park was to ensure the conservation of area of the area surrounding Cacao and Orosí Volcanoes. The park also has 4 biological stations which have the mission of strictly monitoring the park. The park is close to Liberia city and 4 hours from San José.
  1. A Fun visit to Horizontes Experimental Forest

Unlike national parks, this nature reserve is not government run, but rather of private administration.  This reserve comprises a piece of land that was once devoted to agricultural purposes; it’s part of a program that intends to restore the land turning it back into a dry tropical forest area. The reserve is located northeast of Peninsula Papagayo, nearer than Guanacaste National park is from it.
  1. The Marvelous Rincon de la Vieja National Park

The park receives its name due to a Volcano of the same name; Rincon de la Vieja Volcano actually had a minor eruption of lava and ash in 1991. This is a must-visit destination in Costa Rica; the landscapes surrounding the volcano are incredible. You can bathe in hot springs, lagoons, waterfalls and boiling mud pits; there are unbelievable sceneries that will take your breath away.

 2) Playa Hermosa

Gorgeous, as the meaning of its name in Spanish, this beach town is another tourist destination in Guanacaste well developed. Nevertheless, despite the big construction project in the area; Hermosa Beach maintains a laid-back vibe, while there’s the facilities are luxurious and comfortable enough. In this destination, you can enjoy the modern services and be in a calm environment by the beach. The Northern part of Hermosa Beach is the area with most hotels and rental homes including the best luxury villas; nevertheless, regardless of this development, the Southern part of Hermosa Beach still remains less crowded. The waters of Hermosa Beach are also calm, they are perfect for swimming and sport fishing; as opposed to the waters of the other Hermosa Beach located in the Central Pacific Coast.

Attractions near Hermosa Beach

Some National Parks like Santa Rosa and Rincón de La Vieja are also near Playa Hermosa; however, there are other parks nearby. Horizontes Experimental Forest is also located near Hermosa Beach as well as other nature reserves.
  1. Palo Verde National Park

  • This National Park is located near the Nicoya Peninsula and it is bordered by the majestic Tempisque River. This national park is very rich in biodiversity, and it is especially good for bird watching; there is actually an island in the middle of Tempisque River where you can do this. Furthermore, Palo Verde houses the little remnants of dry forests of the Neotropics.
    1. Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve

Located North of Palo Verde National Park, it is adjacent to it; this nature reserve is also known as Costa Rica’s “Insect Park”. There are butterflies, wasps, bees, and there are also avian species. This is one of the bests Bird watching destinations of the country and it has deciduous dry forests. There are rare species and several hiking trails to go around the park admiring its beauty.
  1. Rafael Lucas Rodriguez Caballero Wildlife Refuge

This reserve was created in order to extend the area neighboring Palo Verde National park to the South; it is in the head of the Nicoya Gulf. There are swamplands and evergreen forests in the reserve, but there are also deciduous dry forests as in Lomas de Barbudal and Palo Verde National Park. It is an amazing location for bird watching as well. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica This amazing town is part of an urban project that designs walkable car-free towns under the principles of New Urbanism. The intention is to enhance the pedestrian experience, blending nature with modern infrastructures, also promoting environmental conservation. Near Las Catalinas is Danta Beach, where you can find amazing Costa Rica vacation rentals such as luxury villas. Attractions Near Las Catalinas
  1. Diriá National Park

This national park is located near Santa Cruz town in the Nicoya Peninsula; it was originally created as a nature reserve. This park houses around 380 tree species and several animal species. Among some of the species you could spot in Diriá National Park are: monkeys, deer, anteaters, iguanas, skunks, etc. There are several hiking trails with amazing views and leading to magical waterfalls.
  1. Barra Honda National Park

This national park is also located in the Nicoya Peninsula and the limestones are its main attraction. The caverns in the park are amazing, perfect for those with geological interest; nevertheless, there is no need to be an expert to appreciate the beauty of this tourist location. The exploration of the caverns is done with proper guidance.

Are these the Only Developed Towns with Luxury Homes Costa Rica?

These are just some of the towns that have undergone such development; there are many others with amazing Costa Rica vacation rentals. Any of the beach towns on the Papagayo Gulf have seen incredible development and offer great luxury homes Costa Rica; there are some simpler options, but if you have the budget for it, enjoy the amazing rental beachfront villas. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The great services of these towns mix with the incredible natural landscapes, creating a wonderful experience. Condé Nast Traveller is certainly right to name Costa Rica “International Destination of 2018”; you have the option of great adventures in amazing landscapes and to do it in a comfortable, luxurious, eco-friendly manner. Don’t miss out on amazing luxury vacations Costa Rica! Thanks for read: "Luxury Vacations Costa Rica: the Best Tourist Destination of 2018", rate or share this post! You will love read: Costa Rica Nightlife in Guanacaste: Bars to Visit in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica  
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