In this New Year, it is a great idea to visit new places, and spending a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica is a great way to do this. This tourist country has amazing national parks, biological reserves and amazing natural landscapes, where visiting only 12 locations still won’t be enough to get to know all the best of the country; however, there are some amazing locations you just can’t miss.
  • Rincon de la Vieja National Park
If this is your first time visiting Costa Rica, you definitely cannot miss this amazing tourist destination. The park comprises almost 35,000 acres with 6 different life zones and rich biodiversity; however, the biggest attraction is the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano; not only due to its magnificent beauty but also due to the characteristics of the surrounding landscapes caused by this volcanic formations.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Visitors can delight on marvels such as hot springs and waterfalls near this area. There are sulfuric hot springs, and you can enjoy the benefits of relaxing in the naturally heated pools, and even the pools of mud nearby.  The park has tropical forests with great animal diversity, including: jaguars, spiders, sloths, pumas, howler-monkeys, tapirs and others. Camping is allowed troughout the park with some restrictions and not so much luxury per se.
  • Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve
This biological reserve is also referred to as “The Insect Park”. The reserve houses many species of moths, nocturnal butterflies, hundreds of bee species, wasps and many other insects; so if this catches your attention, you will surely be delighted. However, insects are not the only attraction in the park; this is also one of the main spots to go bird watching in Costa Rica; wildcats, monkeys, and deer are also easy to spot, among many other animal species. The forest in this reserve is part of the Tempisque Conservation Area, a deciduous forest comprising many endangered species in the hope of being naturally preserved, with protected animal species as well. In the reserve, there is also a research station with a museum and information center. Here you can be informed about the park, the activities you can do and get recommendations on amazing hiking trails.
  • Liberia City
You may not need to detour to visit Liberia if you go to Costa Rica as it is an entry point through its international airport; however, this is not just a stopping point. Despite being one of Costa Rica’s oldest towns, with the construction of the Daniel Oduber Quiros International Airport, this colonial location has undergone extreme changes and it is considered now an important tourist hub nowadays. The growth this city has gone through has promoted the construction numerous—and many of them luxurious—lodging complexes where you can have an amazing time. This town is not only close to the airport, it is also very near beautiful and popular beaches and national parks, including Rincon de la Vieja National Park. Transportation services and tour packages are abundant in case you arrive to Costa Rica without a plan and need to acquire them.
  • Playa Dantita: A Low-Profile Beach
There are many popular beaches in Costa Rica where you will be able to do a big number of activities and see a lot of people also having fun doing them. However, for those who like secluded destinations and prefer to avoid big crowds, Playa Dantita is a great option. This beautiful beach is located in Catalinas Bay just a few minutes away from Playa Danta on a hike.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica If this is the kind of place you are looking for or enjoy to visit, the good news is it wouldn’t be so rare if you got to have this beach all to yourself. If, however, you prefer to have a little company at least, Playa Danta is a little more crowded, and you can practice stand-up paddleboarding or go for a great swim in its blue-green waters.
  • Santa Rosa National Park
This beautiful National Park is of great historic importance in Costa Rica.  Being the first National Park founded in the country, this park was also the location of a great battle fought in the 1800s and today is part of the Guanacaste Conservation Area. The area contains littoral woodlands, mangrove swamps, savannahs and different other habitats that house great biodiversity.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica In this park it is possible to spot over a hundred species of mammals, over two hundred species of birds, more than ten thousand species of insects and near one hundred species of amphibians and reptiles. Apart from the great biodiversity, the stunning beaches of the park are also an important tourist attraction; Witch’s Rock in Playa Naranjo is a great surfing spot you must visit if you like this aquatic discipline.
  • Ostional Wildlife Refuge
This refuge is located in the Nicoya peninsula in Guanacaste, and its main tourist attraction is the magical nesting ritual that can be witnessed on the account of the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. These turtles come to the shore to lay their eggs in a phenomenon where tourists are delighted, natives can take economic benefit from this, but overall, natural preservation is the main priority and motivation. This refuge comprises beautiful beaches, it protects the marine life and birds of the area, and it also includes the beautiful Ostional village. The refuge has no accommodations; however, there are options nearby, of which Samara, San Juanillo or Nosara are the popular lodging locations for visitors of this destination. In this protected area, it is recommended that you hire a license guide so that you have no problem accessing restricted parts of the park.
  • Tamarindo
Tamarindo is a very popular destination among tourists; on the one hand, due to the beautiful natural attraction that just the beach represents. On the other hand, Tamarindo has undergone amazing development that has resulted in it becoming more tourist-friendly; with paved roads and enhancements favoring a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica, if this is what you are planning. Although the whole Guanacaste Province has options for you to spend a luxurious vacation, this destination is one where you can make sure you will find amazing natural attractions and great luxurious accommodation options in homes for rent in Costa Rica. Tamarindo, once a quiet location, is now a place where many tourists come to practice water sports such as surf, sport fishing, kayaking, sailing and many others.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
  • Samara
This hamlet of the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste is actually considered to be one of the safest and even prettiest beaches of the country. Although this destination can be recommended as a relaxing location; nightlife and other commercial services are very much available. Regarding accommodation options, Samara has amazing Costa Rica luxury villas and great homes for rent in Costa Rica in general. Although this place is considered to be perfect for relaxing, there are a few fun activities you can do; most of them by the water. For starters, outdoor and specifically water activities are the most popular in the area. Activities such as paddleboarding, surfing, and sport fishing are attracting many, as well as other types of activities such as horseback riding, canopy tours, and other amazing activities.
  • Marino Las Baulas National Park
This is yet another very important turtle-nesting site, in this case, mostly for the leatherback Turtles.  Located nearby Tamarindo in the Guanacaste Province, this park was created with the intention to protect this turtle species. The National Park comprises 1,100 acres of protected area, four beaches: Playa Grande, Playa Carbon, Playa Langosta and Playa Ventanas. There is a museum in the park and visits with a certified guide are recommended. Given that this is such a delicate location and visits must take place at night in order to witness the nesting ritual; some precautions have to be considered. Flashlights are not allowed and in order for visitors to watch the ritual they must attend at the proper hour, with a licensed guide; or else visits will no be allowed to that specific part of the park.
  • Papagayo Gulf
Papagayo Gulf is a naturally beautiful area that has become a paradise for tourists due to the significant growth and development it has gone through. Perfect for a luxurious vacation in Costa Rica, Papagayo Gulf has undergone the establishment of amazing housing complexes, so there are amazing Costa Rica rental homes, including Costa Rica luxury villas, luxury condos Costa Rica, resorts, etc. However, this is not a tourist destination due to the facilities and services. The amazing waters of the beaches in the gulf make it a perfect destination for water sports, including services of the amazing marina, where you can even rent a yacht or a slip if you arrive in your own vessel. There are all the services and businesses you may need nearby and there is even a golf course you can enjoy.
  • Palo Verde National Park
This is a very rich in biodiversity National Park. Located along Tempisque River, this National Park is also nearby Lomas de Barbudal Reserve, and its biggest tourist attraction is its wildlife, mainly birds, and more specifically, waterfowl. Since bird watching is the most popular activity here, animal lovers will delight from spotting storks, egrets, herons and many other animal species besides birds.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Palo Verde National Park is of great significance due to the fact that it protects the last remaining area of the Central American Pacific coastline with dry forest. The park has mesmerizing natural beauty and it can be accessed by a boat ride while enjoying the amazing sights, or by mountain bike rides, in order to visit more secluded locations and have an adventure where you pass through marshes and many different landscapes.
  • Bolaños Island National Refuge
This refuge is the smallest of Costa Rica, comprising only 25 hectares of land. Just off the shore of Puerto Soley in Guanacaste Province, this refuge that is very near the Nicaraguan border protects an area in which the population of seabirds stands out. You will be able to see bird species depending on the season you visit; Brown Pelicans and Manificent Frigatebirds are very popular species. The access to this park is not so easy for visitors, as depending on the season, visitors may not be allowed in order to protect breeding animal species. For this reason, permission may be required in some seasons. Since this is an island, the way to get to the park is by boat ride and there are no accommodation services or similar facilities for visitors in the island so the recommendation would be to stay nearby Puerto Soley if you wish to visit.

Is it possible to spend a real Luxury Vacation Costa Rica?

There are many options throughout the country for different budgets as well as in Guanacaste; however, some sites are more suited for adventurous visitors and some for more luxurious tastes and bigger budgets. If you are looking for luxury and comfort during your stay, this will not be a problem. Costa Rica’s increasing development in the tourism industry has resulted in the construction of amazing housing complexes. There are bed and breakfasts, luxurious resorts, and Costa Rica rental homes that range from luxury condos Costa Rica to luxurious villas, to studio apartments and many more. These rental homes have gained more popularity and they are the first option for many visitors who enjoy the comforts of a luxurious hotel while staying in a location where they can feel like they home.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Las Catalinas, Playa Hermosa, Playa Ocotal, Playas del Coco, Santa Teresa, and Tenorio are some of the best-commended locations to find amazing rental homes, where luxury and comfort won’t be a problem. If you are traveling to Costa Rica soon and you plan on enjoying a luxurious vacation, you are going to a country where you will find services of the highest quality designed for your satisfaction. Visit these amazing places and enjoy a wonderful Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. Thanks for read: “New Year: 12 Recommended Destinations in Guanacaste for your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica“, rate and share with friends!! You will love read too: A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica with your Best Friend, the Best Decision!  
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