Costa Rica Luxury Vacations: Relaxed Atmosphere, Awe-Inspiring Landscapes, and Alluring Markets!

To live in Costa Rica implies to live in one of the most fascinating and popular tropical countries. It is located at the southern end of Central America, between Nicaragua to the north, and Panama to the south and east.   With its warm weather, its welcoming people, and its diverse culture, this tropical destination is associated with a peaceful lifestyle. This relaxed atmosphere makes its inhabitants one of the healthiest and happiest individuals in the world. Additionally, it is an incredibly acclaimed retirement haven in Central America.

Why is it so captivating to live in Costa Rica?

This country offers plenty of benefits. It has a stable government, which means that there are no riots or political uprisings, and it has an extremely economical high-quality state-run health system. Apart from this, it offers healthy food options like fresh fruits and vegetables, which are tremendously affordable and widely available. And most of its doctors are U. S.-trained and English-speaking. On top of that, utilities are cheap and taxes are also low. And, since it is one of the safest countries in the region, it is often referred to as the “Switzerland of the Americas”. Hence, living in Costa Rica is so enthralling.

What about its natural surroundings?

Costa Rica is one of the most bio-diverse areas in the world. It offers people a wide variety of breathtaking natural environments. Among them, it is possible to find rushing rivers, tropical beaches, looming mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, volcanoes, and much more. Therefore, tourists are usually enraptured by these amazing landscapes that make them want to stay and live in Costa Rica.

And what about its climate?

Costa Rica has a tropical climate. It experiences decent variations in its weather patterns, but there can be huge differences in its temperature and humidity. Live In Costa Rica This Central American country only has two seasons: dry and rainy. These two seasons are sometimes referred to as summer and winter, or dry and green. The former runs from December to April, while the latter goes from May to November.

Can you recommend me one of the most attractive destinations in Costa Rica?

Due to its stunning beaches, its diversity, and its landscapes, Guanacaste Province is one of the most attractive destinations to drop by or to live in. Bordering the Costa Rican Pacific Coastline, this Province is home to several popular beaches, like Playa Tamarindo, Playa Ocotal, and Playa Coyote. Moreover, it is the least populated province in Costa Rica, providing peaceful journeys in some of the most prestigious resorts and beach towns.

What can you tell me about Playa Tamarindo?

Playa Tamarindo is one of the most popular beaches in this region, being especially preferred to by expats. It has the only full-service marina on the Pacific Coast of Central America, and its waters are full of marine life. Just like Playa Ocotal and Playa Hermosa, Playa Ocotal is ideal for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, and practicing different water sports. It is also home to a variety of condominiums, popular resorts, and private homes. Furthermore, it is close to several beaches like Playa Brasilito and Playa Flamingo, and it is next to different national parks and natural reserves. Among those natural reserves and national parks, we can encounter the Palo Verde natural reserve, and the Santa Rosa National Park, famous for its wide number of species.

What makes Playas del Coco and Playa Tamarindo so unique?

Playas del Coco is the most affordable destination to go with your loved ones. Its gray sand and the soccer field in the middle of the village make this little town so distinctive. Moreover, its attractive coastline and eye-catching sunsets usually mesmerize tourists. On the other hand, Playa Ocotal, which is next to Playa Coyote, is famous for its rocky hill, named “Punta Conchal”. This rocky hill is composed by millions of crushed seashells that make up the sand, being extremely charming and distinctive to tourists. Live in Costa Rica Likewise, its natural attractions and amazing tourist infrastructure make Playa Conchal one of the best destinations of the area.

As for buying Real Estate in Costa Rica, what kind of benefits do foreigners have?

When it comes to buying Real Estate in Costa Rica, foreigners and locals follow the same laws and have the same rights. With this in mind, foreigners can own property or can buy land just with a tourist visa. In other words, foreigners do not need to live in this Central American country to buy real estate in Costa Rica. And this is probably one of the main reasons for its high demand and its growing role in Costa Rica’s economy.

But why should I buy real estate in Costa Rica?

Besides being granted the same property ownership rights that are also conceded to nationals, you can start a business as well. Additionally, Costa Rica’s legal system is relatively easy. However, it is important to mention that in order to do business in Costa Rica, it is not necessary to be a resident of the country. Just by having a tourist visa you can start a business. But if you want to live like a local citizen in this tropical country, having a residency is enough under the law to do so. That being said, it is worth mentioning that Costa Rica offers great tax incentives and its labor force is extremely educated.

And what about the expat community?

North American expat community has undoubtedly impacted on Costa Rica’s culture. Bearing in mind that they have been especially interested in buying, renting, or building in this country, its influence is quite visible. On top of that, this large community has helped newcomers to get accustomed to their new expat home through different programs created with that purpose. Likewise, they are usually found at the most popular towns, having all kinds of social gatherings like food and wine tastings, poker nights, and gardening clubs. All of this neighborly atmosphere added to the country’s stable democracy, its amazing climate, its low cost of living, and its high-quality healthcare, have made real estate in Costa Rica an alluring market in this part of the world. Thanks for read: ''Living in Costa Rica: Relaxed Atmosphere, Awe-Inspiring Landscapes, and Alluring Markets!''. Share or comment this post You will love read: A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in the Western Border of Guanacaste and Puntarenas Provinces
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A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in the Western Border of Guanacaste and Puntarenas Provinces

There are many areas here you can spend a fabulous luxury vacation Costa Rica and there are many popular towns; however, if you’re still indecisive about where to spend your vacation, consider the western border of Guanacaste and Puntarenas Provinces. It is a growing area for tourists, but it is still not as crowded as other more popular tourist towns.

Basic Information about the Bordering Area

The western border of these two provinces is in the Nicoya Peninsula; it has beach towns that are as fabulous as those in the North of the Peninsula, but they’re more low-key. The location is not disadvantageous for transportation, as there are several options for travelers; for starters, the international airport in Liberia is located not too far away from this region by car. In addition, in this border, which is located at the tip of the peninsula, there are several national airports nearby; El Tambor, for example, is a national airport located at the tip of the peninsula where you can fly to different locations in Costa Rica. In addition, there are several options for you to go on boat tours; you can go around the peninsula and head South, or go North and visit the beaches of Papagayo Gulf.

Costa Rica Luxury Rentals near the Border by Guanacaste Province’s Side

Guanacaste has numerous tourist beach towns that have had a major development; they possess the best resorts and Costa Rica vacation homes. Most of these towns are located in the Papagayo Gulf, but there are nearer options; in Guanacaste, you could stay in the fabulous Playa Coyote. This beach, as opposed to the mentioned towns in Papagayo Gulf, is more low-key and secluded. Nevertheless, though this is a more secluded area, Playa Coyote has amazing Costa Rica home rentals. Playa Coyote is located in a very wet area; there are dirt roads and roads that go through water streams in order to get to the town. Nevertheless, a good vehicle should do the trick in order to get to this paradise. Water sports are the most popular tourist activities, but there are many more options.

Costa Rica Luxury Rentals near the Border by Puntarenas Province’s Side

The case isn’t the same as in Guanacaste regarding the numerous tourist beach towns and their major development; however, there are fabulous options for tourists in this area that corresponds to the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. One remarkable beach town where you can stay in incredible Costa Rica vacation homes is Santa Teresa; this is actually a popular surfing destination. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The tide in Santa Teresa provides great conditions for surfers; the waters, though unclassified regarding level of difficulty, can welcome all types of surfers. From first timers to experts, all can try surfing in Santa Teresa. In addition to the popularity of surfing, there are many tourist activities; its proximity to Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve also attracts many tourists.

A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Near the Guanacaste-Puntarenas West Border: Natural Attractions

This wonderful area is not only naturally beautiful but also possesses a certain historic relevance; Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve was the first area to become protected by governmental law. It is located at most southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula, right at the tip; the reserve takes its name after the island located to the South called Cabo Blanco. It is a place of great biodiversity. Regarding vegetation of the area, Cabo Blanco has at least 150 identified tree species. There are species that correspond to the deciduous dry forests; however, tree species of evergreen forests outnumber them. These forests also house numerous animal species; the reserve is actually a sanctuary for bird species. Besides birds, you can spot deer, 2 monkey species, coats, and more. Relatively near this border is a protected area that encompasses two wildlife refuges and one national park; these protected zones are located at the north of the Nicoya Gulf. The three areas protect the last remaining of dry forests on the Neotropics; given its proximity to Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve, it’s also a bird sanctuary, many bird species can be seen here. The whole area is bordered by the Tempisque River, which flows by the West; this river is partly responsible for the attractiveness of the park. There are numerous boat tours available for visitors allowing them to appreciate the beauty of the landscape; in addition, the river is also perfect for other more adventurous experiences like rafting tours. Any of the three parks are incredible destinations. Initially created as a wildlife refuge, Diriá National Park is a natural attraction in the Nicoya Peninsula near the border; there is abundant biodiversity protected in the park, including over 380 identified tree species. Regarding animal species, the park also houses numerous, such as; anteaters, deer, two monkey species, iguanas, and more. There are also over 140 bird species in the park. The park also has numerous rivers and breathtaking waterfalls, one of them is the gorgeous Brasil Waterfall; it is located in magical surroundings and it forms a natural pool where you can swim, relax, and admire the landscapes. Also located in the Nicoya Peninsula, Barra Honda National Park is another breathtaking natural attraction; one of the most remarkable features of the park it that it has limestone caves. Here, tourists can witness the stalactites and stalagmites in a fun underground adventure. It truly is a unique experience. The Westside of the Guanacaste-Puntarenas border is an excellent choice for a luxury vacation Costa Rica; in this region, you can find the best options in Costa Rica home rentals, luxurious services, and incredible natural beauty. There are fabulous Costa Rica luxury villas in this area, and Playa Coyote and Santa Teresa are perfect examples of it. You can have an incredible experience in this amazing tropical paradise; the sights and adventures will excite you and the Costa Rica luxury villas will make you want to stay forever! Thanks for read: ''A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in the Western Border of Guanacaste and Puntarenas Provinces''. Share or comment this post. Also try: Costa Rica Real Estate: the Best Homes for Rent in Costa Rica for your Christmas
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Costa Rica Real Estate: the Best Homes for Rent in Costa Rica for your Christmas

There are fabulous homes for rent in Costa Rica for those who have the incredible opportunity of visiting for vacation; as the Northern Hemisphere begins to get colder and colder because of the winter, the opposite occurs in Costa Rica. This paradisiacal country has incredible tourist beach towns in its Northwestern part; Christmas in Costa Rica has a sunny weather from the dry season, and it’s a great time to visit.

Costa Rica Real Estate: the Best Homes for Rent in Costa Rica are in the Northwest

Costa Rica has incredible natural beauty and tourist services; it has two coastlines and abundant biodiversity. It is a land for adventurers, natural lovers and tourist seeking the highest standards of quality. Furthermore, the West Coast of Costa Rica has numerous options to please all types of needs regarding activities and services; these are the most recommended tourist destinations for this Christmas: The new millennium brought upon it many innovations, and Las Catalinas is a great example of it; this modern town was created in order to offer an eco-friendly town to its inhabitants and visitors as well. However, Las Catalinas envisions modernity without motor vehicles or any contaminant practices; nature, beautiful buildings and tourist services available make this town perfect for visitors with eco-friendly visions. Costa Rica Real Estate 1 In addition, in this area, you can find fabulous Costa Rica luxury villas; the Westside beach Las Catalinas has amazing Costa Rica beachfront rentals. Here, not only nature is primordial, luxury is as well. Coco Beach is a fun destination; the younger crowds fall in love with this fabulous beach. Here, you can go on great water adventures like snorkeling, scuba diving, sea kayaking, sport fishing and more. Costa Rica luxury villas are also abundant in Coco beach, as well as other tourist services like transportation. In addition, Coco Beach has an active nightlife with amazing bars, cafés, and restaurants. Hermosa Beach, Guanacaste is characterized by its calm waters that are perfect for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling; on the contrary, there is another Hermosa Beach in the Central Pacific Coast that has good conditions for surfing. These waters are even calmer in the dry season, coinciding with Christmas Eve; in addition, there are amazing Costa Rica beachfront rentals in Hermosa Beach too. Costa Rica Real Estate 2 Hermosa Beach is a very convenient location for its proximity to an international airport (Liberia’s Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport); it is located about half an hour away by car, and it is also near several tourist destinations. One of these nearby destinations is the Papagayo Peninsula. This area has become incredibly popular and for evident reasons; the development has turned the peninsula into a modern tourist area. Natural surroundings make it unique mixing coastal landscapes with volcanic formations and lush forests; this paradise has, therefore, become a place for tourist development. For this reason, homes for rent in Costa Rica are abundant in Peninsula Papagayo. This Peninsula that comprises 31 wonderful beaches has a variety of options in Costa Rica real estate; whether you look for the best beach resort Costa Rica, or rental property in Costa Rica, you’ll surely find it. Governmental policies maintain this area with 70% of its natural resources unspoiled which account for the incredible natural surroundings; amazing services are available and more. Ocotal Beach is another popular destination of the Costa Rican West Coast; it is located near Coco Beach and it is the biggest settlement of Guanacaste Province. Ocotal Beach is a quieter town than Coco Beach, where you are more likely to find a great party; rental property in Costa Rica is also available in Ocotal Beach with fabulous and luxurious options. However, prices are high. Costa Rica Real Estate 3 The options in Ocotal Beach are meet the highest standards of comfort and luxury; this means that options are, although pricy, worth their cost. In addition to the fabulous Rica real estate of the town, there are beautiful landscapes nearby and fabulous activities available; snorkeling and scuba diving are very popular in Ocotal Beach. This beach is another magical destination; however, as opposed to the previous destinations, this area is not as frequented, and a little more low-key. If you are looking for a secluded area with incredible natural beauty but amazing luxurious services, visit Coyote Beach; there are amazing rental homes available in paradisiacal natural surroundings. The access to Coyote beach is, however, a little difficult. For this reason, there isn’t as much tourist affluence to Coyote Beach; nevertheless, access is not impossible. There are some water streams to cross in 4x4 vehicles, but they are no big deal; Coyote Beach is perfect for those running from big crowds and looking for a secluded destination. Santa Teresa is located South of Guanacaste Province; it is located near its border, but it is part of Puntarenas Province. The beach is near the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and it has amazing accommodation options, as well as incredible natural beauty. Whether you are looking for the best beach resort Costa Rica or fabulous luxury villas, Santa Teresa has great options. Costa Rica Real Estate 4 In addition, its location makes it easy for tourist to visit the area of the Papagayo Gulf, or to go to the Nicoya Gulf; this area is filled with abundant wildlife of which waterfowl stands out. There is a coastal landscape, meeting lush forests, mangroves, estuaries and more. Boat tours and other water activities are popular in the area; it is very easy to have fun here. Costa Rica is one of the best tourist destinations of the world; its advantages reside not only in its unique natural beauty, but on the fact that tourist services are equally outstanding. Christmas vacations in Costa Rica is the best choice you will make; there are numerous beach towns with incredible Costa Rica Real Estate offering the best homes for rent in Costa Rica. Thanks for read: ''Costa Rica Real Estate: the Best Homes for Rent in Costa Rica for your Christmas''. Share or Comment this post. Also try: Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in January: an Amazing Experience
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Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in January: an Amazing Experience

You can easily spend luxury vacations Costa Rica all year round; however, if you are planning on traveling after New Year’s Eve, it is actually a fabulous idea. Costa Rica has become a very popular tourist destination, and more specifically, this has been the case of Guanacaste Province; furthermore, if you plan a visit in this time, there are many advantages you will enjoy.

The Weather in January in Guanacaste Province

By the time January starts, the weather in Costa Rica is already dry as the “dry season” has started before; this means that the days are sunny and you don’t have to expect heavy showers in the afternoons. During this time, the wetlands are drier, and there are trails that you can go by with less difficulty. The levels of the rivers and lagoons also diminish during the rainy season. The tide level is also lower; the level of the tide also affects tour adventures. On the one hand, the number of animals you can spot increases in some areas; also, different species migrate depending on the season. In general, this season seems to be a good time to visit, as it is throughout the year; nevertheless, there are some advantages and disadvantages depending on the season.

Advantages of Planning Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in January

Planning luxury vacations Costa Rica in January can have many advantages; on the one hand, as in the case of January, the dry season in Costa Rica coincides with the winter in the North; this means that if you are visiting from the Northern Hemisphere, you will be able to escape the cold. Furthermore, you won’t escape it to arrive in a rainy area! Days are sunny, warm, and perfect for tanning! In addition, there is one great difference from visiting by the end of December; in January, Ticos are also enjoying their holidays, and they still are, at least the first days of January. However, after New Year’s Eve, Costa Rica is undoubtedly less crowded; by this time, many tourists have returned to their hometowns. This means that beaches are also less crowded and more services are available for everyone.

Are there Disadvantages to Planning Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in January?

As previously mentioned, there may be downfalls to visiting at certain times, but it’s an awesome destination all year round; however, prices can be a little higher, for example, which I not really a disadvantage. In this sense, if you visit the first days of January, prices will still be high; however, as January progresses, prices may diminish, so you might be able to save a few bucks by then. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Regarding the conditions of the roads; after the rainy season, usually repair works start in the affected areas of the country. Nevertheless; by this time, it is difficult to find roads in perfect conditions already, you might spot construction workers though. Regarding accommodation services, you can find more options for your luxury vacations Costa Rica because people are returning home.

The Best Time to Spot Wild Animals

One great advantage of visiting Guanacaste during this time favors animal lovers; this is because as the dry season progresses, water ‘disappears’. In consequence, the precious resource becomes more and more valuable; thus, the little portions of water left in lagoons, rivers, and ponds, attract all the fauna. The best idea if you wish to witness different wildlife species is to approach sources of water. In some areas, activities like birdwatching become popular during this time; one great example is the wonderful Palo Verde National Park. This park, which has dry and wet areas, has its levels of water lowered significantly; as the precious resource becomes scarce, animals gather near the remaining spots with water. In Palo Verde National Park, there are abundant waterfowl species, so it is a wonderful sight.

Towns in Guanacaste Where You Can Stay for your Fabulous Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

This is not specifically a town; however, it comprises a total of 31 different beaches! The coastline stretches for 15 miles, encompassing an area of great natural beauty and tourist development. In Papagayo Peninsula, you can find incredible Costa Rica luxury villas as well as the best resorts. The area has seen great development while maintaining a surprising 70% unspoiled, as dictated by law. The popular Coco Beach is located in the Papagayo Gulf and it is a favorite among tourists visiting the province; it is located less than an hour away from Liberia by car. Coco beach has a long selection of cafés, bars, and restaurants which makes it popular among young crowds; furthermore, Costa Rica luxury homes such as beachfront Costa Rica luxury villas are also abundant here. It is important to make the distinction with this beach town as there is another Coco Beach on this coastline; Hermosa Beach may be quiet and calm, but it is also developed and tourist services are also abundant. Regarding the distance from Hermosa Beach (Guanacaste) to Coco Beach, it is even shorter than in the case of Coco Beach; the Costa Rica luxury homes, resorts and hotels available are also incredible. Ocotal Beach is also located in the Papagayo Gulf, actually very near from Coco Beach; this town represents an option for tourists looking to go on the many adventures offered in Coco Beach. However, Ocotal Beach offers a quieter atmosphere; there is amazing rental property in Costa Rica, great services and a lower partying vibe. Beachfront rentals in Costa Rica are also amazing in Ocotal Beach. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica In addition to these towns, there are other amazing towns in Guanacaste with great options regarding beachfront rentals in Costa. Rica rental property in Costa Rica is a growing business and you will be able to find incredible options in the real estate you rent. Furthermore, there are incredible tourist destinations and other wonderful services for you to spend amazing luxury vacations Costa Rica! Thanks for read: ''Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in January: an Amazing Experience''. Share or Comment this post. Also try: Anticipating Christmas and New Year’s Eve: Luxury Vacations Costa Rica in the Holidays
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