Costa Rica is the perfect destination for a vacation since a big part of its territory benefits from the tourism industry. if you are searching for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica, there are 5 top destinations where you are guaranteed to satisfy all your needs. These beach towns in the Northwest area which actually possesses the best services, natural beauty and are strategically located.

The best beaches in the Papagayo Gulf for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

  • Playa Ocotal; White Sand, Beautiful Blue Sea
Playa Ocotal is a beautiful destination, located between Playas del Coco en Playa Matapalo. Its geographic location is perfect for tourist visitors since it is located less than 30 miles from the Liberia airport and it has great options in accommodation and food services, as well as regarding tourist attractions. It is surrounded by beautiful cliffs and hills and it is near the fascinating Las Catalinas islands for Luxury Vacation Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Rental Homes in Playa Ocotal

There is a great resort in Playa Ocotal; however, the best options are probably rental homes. Specifically, in Playa Ocotal, you can find the best luxury condos Costa Rica. If you like comfort and luxury, this will not be a problem; staying at the wonderful rental homes that are provided by exclusive services in Costa Rica, will allow you to be as pampered as you deserved, with the privacy you also desire. Costa Rica Luxury Vacation These luxury condos Costa Rica are fully furnished and they count with a breathtaking terrace where you can have an Ocean view and delight from the wonderful Guanacaste famous sunsets. Even though Playa Ocotal is a popular tourist destination, it is also considered quiet and calm, and the luxury condos of the area are surrounded by a magical dry forest with a natural beauty that is enchanting.

Food and Nightlife in Playa Ocotal

There are a couple of popular restaurants in Playa Ocotal; keep in mind that they are not cheap restaurants. Nevertheless, the food has good reviews, and one of them specifically stands out for its spicy flavors and ocean view. These are places where you can also have a few cocktails if you desire to do so. Regarding bars, you might want to go to neighboring towns for Luxury Vacation Costa Rica.

Tourist Attractions of the Area

Just as the area has wonderful forests surrounding it, probably the biggest tourist attraction is the nearby Las Catalinas Island, which is one of the best scuba diving spots in the country. Catalinas Island is famous for its marine life from white several types of rays stand out: mobley, spotted, stingrays, and others; as well as sharks, sea turtles, a big variety of fish, etc.   This beach town of Guanacaste Province is a small fishing town developing its tourism industry and increasingly attracting more tourists every year. Located also less than 30 miles from the international airport in Liberia, this beach town is also popular for its proximity to near popular surfing spots not only among Costa Ricans but also among surfers worldwide.

Costa Rica Rental Homes in Playa del Coco

There are amazing resorts and accommodation options in Playa del Coco; however, as well as in Playa Ocotal, the best choice is probably choosing Costa Rica luxury homes for rent in Playa del Coco. If it is comfort and luxury you seek plus privacy, options range from apartments to the most beautiful Costa Rica luxury villas with facilities of the highest quality. Costa Rica Luxury Vacation The villas, just as the apartments, count with a design that is top of the line, and the amenities include a private pool—in the case of the villas, apartments count with a shared pool—an amazing terrace with a view of the Pacific Ocean and all the appliances you may need. Exclusive services that manage these residence rentals also hook you up with cleaning and maintenance services so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Food and Nightlife in Playa del Coco

Playa del Coco has many bars and restaurants, so if this is the type of entertainment you seek, this is a good destination for your trip to Costa Rica. There are casinos, bars, and restaurants that function as both restaurants and bars, when the night falls. You have the option of hiring a private chef if you choose rental homes for your stay, or you may enjoy the many options near the central plaza of the town, some even popular food and bar chains.

The Main Tourist Attractions of the Area

This beautiful town is located near the Marino Las Baulas National Park, which is probably the biggest attraction for tourists, apart from the many water activities that also attract them, such as surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and others. A beautifully magical ritual occurs in the shore of this National Park, where the arribadas of some species of sea turtles occur, they arrive for nesting and it is actually possible for tourists to witness this. Apart from this amazing ritual, the lush vegetation of the national park, and its fauna, not only in the forest side but the marine life as well, are big attractions for animal lovers and tourists in general. Playa Hermosa is, as its name in Spanish expresses, a gorgeous beach town in Guanacaste Province, often confused with a popular beach town in the Puntarenas Province, which is actually a dream town for surfers. Located between Playa Panama and Playa del Coco and just 20 minutes away from the international airport of Liberia, this beach town counts with many tourist services due to its growing development.

Costa Rica Luxury Homes near Play Hermosa

If you are looking for rental homes in Playa Hermosa, you are most likely to find luxury rental homes; so if you are on a tight budget in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica is that you enjoy the wonders of this beautiful town during the day, and for the night seek accommodation options in a neighboring town. The options in rental home range from middle to high-class, and there are hotels and big resorts as well. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica This region is undergoing a big growth in the tourism industry, reason why there are many amazing options for you: Costa Rica luxury villas, luxury condos Costa Rica, amazing apartments and others, are some of the great options in rental homes. With the possibility of lodging in a wonderful villa with all—really, all—of your family and the services of a five-star hotel; you are guaranteed to enjoy yourself in Playa Hermosa.

Food Services and Nightlife in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

Given the growing development in tourist services that this beach town is going through, there are options in restaurants and bars. There are very good restaurants where you can also go for drinks; however, if you are seeking for a very active nightlife, you can go to the neighboring beach town in Playa del coco just a few minutes away from Playa Hermosa, and experience a more active experience in this regard.

The Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

Just as the calm, beautiful waters in Playa Hermosa attract visitors who want to spend a relaxing day by the beach, the beauty of the natural landscapes do the most part in attracting visitors. Mainly, the nearby National Parks Rincon de La Vieja, Palo Verde, and Santa Rosa are big attractions, due to the amazing activities you can do in them, as well as the amazing vegetation and wildlife you can be a witness of.
  • Santa Teresa; a Quiet Paradise for Surfers
This beach town, which is a paradise for surfers, is a calm location in Puntarenas Province also near the San José airport. This destination that attracts surfers due to the great waves that it has throughout the whole year, it is also a destination for those seeking to relax instead of more adventurous activities; though the options in tourist activities are many.

Rental Homes Options Near Santa Teresa

There are several options for those looking for accommodations in Santa Teresa including hotels and big resorts, as well as rental homes. The latter feature amazing rental houses with an Ocean view and luxurious designs. Other services include private pools that face the ocean and beautiful terraces to spend your days as comfortable and pampered as you would be in a five-star hotel, if not more. Luxury VAcation Costa Rica These homes, as well as other rentals offered by these exclusive services all, include the maintenance and cleaning services that along with a specialty concierge service make this a trip in which your only concern will be enjoying yourself and have a great time.

Nightlife and Food Services in the Area of Santa Teresa

In the area of Santa Teresa you may find all the services you need in this regard; however, remember that this is a quieter town, so you may find more options in yoga lessons, for example, rather than the party scene.

Luxury Vacation Costa Rica: The Main Tourist Attractions in the Area of Santa Rosa

The main reason why travelers visit Santa Teresa responds to the great conditions of its beaches for surfing; this is a great destination for surfers all year round. Another reason is also its proximity to Cabo Blanco Absolute Reserve in the Tempisque Conservation Area, where you can delight from the natural beauty of the rainforest and the dry forest in the same area. This area is simply an excellent choice if you have decided to spend your Luxury vacations in Costa Rica, the establishment of new housing complexes, a luxurious Marina with nearby services of the highest quality and also blessed with incredible natural beauty; you simply can’t go wrong if you choose to spend your vacations in the Papagayo Peninsula enjoying its wonderful beaches. Papagayo Peninsula is also not very far from y¡the Liberia airport and good and abundant transportation services facilitate tourists visits to this region.

The Best rental Homes in the Papagayo Peninsula

The growing development of the area has surpassed all expectations of Luxury Vacation Costa Rica, making this a preferred destination for many travelers from all over the world. Luxury villas, condos, beach houses, unbelievable apartments as well as studio apartments, delight and amaze those who visit this area with specialized services just for your entertainment. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica This is actually an area where you can witness the economy being based on tourism and the majority of the population benefiting from this economic industry. As a result, material services and human resources are increasingly enhancing the services offered in this field. The accommodation options are not so many if you are on a tight budget since the majority are middle and high-class options.

The Nightlife and Food Services in the Area of the Papagayo Peninsula

If you are seeking for an active party scene and amazing food services and you are staying in the Papagayo Peninsula, this is the place for you. Whether you are staying at a big resort, whether you hire a private chef or you have a delicate taste, this extremely developed area has the best restaurants, bars, casinos and all the services you may need as a tourist.

The Main Tourist Attractions in the Papagayo Peninsula

Since here you can find the luxurious Papagayo Marina, sailing and water activities are very popular in the area. Activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sportfishing and others are very common. The region is also close to the Guanacaste, Rincon de la Vieja, Marino Las Baulas and Santa Rosa National Parks, which visitors in due to their amazing vegetation and diverse wildlife. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica If you are looking for spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica and you haven’t made up your mind, consider these awesome locations, the whole country is an amazing paradise, but in these amazing beach towns, you are certainly guaranteed to have a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica! Thanks for read: "5 Beaches where You’re Guaranteed to Have a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica". Rate and share with friends!! You will love read: 8 Low Key Destinations and Luxurious Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Nearby
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