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Moving into a new building can be very good for your business. It can place you geographically closer to your target market and give your establishment more visibility. However, before you can occupy your new building, you have to move. While this may seem like an obvious statement, it's important to consider because you will need to find the right office movers in Chilliwack. "How do I know who are the right office movers," you may ask. At Jaxx Moving & Delivery, we believe that affordable pricing, quality service, and safety are central to an excellent moving service.

How to Find the Best Office Movers in Chilliwack

The first and most obvious benefit of hiring office movers in Chilliwack is that you will have better asset protection during the move. Office and commercial moves are not the same as residential moves. Office moves require specialized training and skill sets for the professional movers. Handling expensive office equipment and technology requires the right expertise, and that's why you should make sure you hire the right office movers.

The average office move might include computers, printers, cubicles, office furniture, paper supplies, and sensitive documents or data that needs to be protected. Jaxx Moving & Delivery has the skills and the know-how to wrap, pad, and pack any office furniture or equipment. We can disassemble and reassemble furniture and handle it all safely during your move.

Why Hire a Professional Office Moving Company?

During the average office move in Chilliwack, custom trucks are needed in addition to dollies, hoisting straps, ramps, and more. This is especially true for offices that are moving industrial equipment. Specialized tools are usually needed for office moves, and Jaxx Moving & Delivery has them all - everything that's needed for any office move!

Rather than renting specialized tools and equipment, you can just hire professional office movers in Chilliwack like Jaxx Moving & Delivery. If not, you'll have to pay for all these things separately, including a moving crew. The cost of rentals and employees quickly add up to be more than the cost of hiring a professional office moving company. At Jaxx Moving & Delivery, we provide everything in one affordable flat rate.

Choose Jaxx

As the day of your move draws nearer, you don't want to spend all of your time working on the logistics of your move. Surely, you have lots to arrange, including transferring your bills to your new location, making sure everything is set up and ready when you arrive in your new location, planning for opening day, and more. Jaxx Moving & Delivery allows companies to focus on getting settled into their new establishments while we take care of the physical move for them.

At Jaxx Moving & Delivery, our goal is to make the lives of our clients easier. We want to take the stress out of moving so that you can relax and worry about the other issues that your business is facing. If you would like a quote, contact us today. We are reliable office movers in Chilliwack committed to providing the best possible moving experience for all of our clients.

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