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residence rental

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asset management

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Bienvenidos | Welcome

We are Papagayo Exclusive Services | PEXS Luxury Rentals - Península Papagayo Resort, your gateway to the privileged amenities and luxurious living on Costa Rica’s world famous Peninsula Papagayo resort.  This exclusive enclave is the most prestigious piece of paradise in Central America.  Peninsula Papagayo is a 2,300 acre property with never-ending beaches, lux estate homes, private member clubs, and an elite portfolio of hotels that include the Four Seasons.  Each property in our Residence Rental portfolio has been handpicked and includes exceptional comfort, beauty, and unique amenities.  The ultimate Costa Rican getaway and experience will be yours with PEXS Luxury Rentals - Península Papagayo Resort as your host. PP Resort Map copy    

Península Papagayo, Costa Rica

2,300 Acre Luxury Residential Resort

Peninsula Papagayo is a renowned and unique treasure on Costa Rica’s Gold Coast – the northwest coast of Costa Rica.  Home to 2,300 acres of pure, tropical, and wild coastline, this resort community shares its natural riches with the Four Seasons, Hyatt Andaz, numerous private luxury estates, and a modern super-yacht marina.  Peninsula Papagayo is a successful and popular resort and much of that is due to a devotion of preserving the natural beauty and wildlife found in the province (or state) of Guanacaste, Costa Rica -  and PEXS Luxury Rentals - Península Papagayo Resort is proud to be a part of those efforts as an ambassador to visitors from around the globe.  
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