Costa Rica is an astounding vacation destination for adventurer and nature lovers. The country’s touristic attractiveness comes from the extraordinary natural habitat as well as the magnificent beaches. The Peninsula Papagayo Residences are the perfect rental locations where you can enjoy Costa Rica thoroughly. At PEXS, we strive to make your vacation an unforgettable one.

What are the best resorts in Costa Rica?

Peninsula Papagayo has quite a few hotel resorts, but each is different in some respects. On our online platform, we recommend the following:

  • Casa Manta Ray
  • Villa Palmares
  • Bahia Culebra
  • Monkey Villa
  • Virador Villa
  • Vista Nacascolo
  • Casa Lala
  • Casa Caiman

In total, we have 15 residences on Peninsula Papagayo, and the ones we mentioned earlier are unique in many ways. You will experience peak comfort and a luxurious lifestyle while living here. The outside activities range from tennis, golf, surfing, sight-seeing, fishing, star-gazing, and BBQs. When you get tired, simply relax on a hammock and admire the view.

The most beautiful vacation destination

Costa Rica is, by far, among the most beautiful and exhilarating tropical paradises in the world. It has not only emerald-green forests that thrive with vegetation and wildlife but also vast beaches, mossy cliffsides, and the Pacific Ocean everywhere you look. You have many activities to choose from, and too little time to enjoy them all.

In this sense, we strive to help you be more efficient. We offer personalized trips through the rainforests, fishing expeditions, hiking activities, and cruises. Our concierge services offer provision stocks right to your hotel door, so you don’t have to do it yourself. We want you to enjoy your vacation to its fullest, without being stressed by any outside factors.

Comfortable rental locations

The Peninsula Papagayo residences are each more hospitable than the other. The panoramic views at some of these places are beautiful beyond compare, and the outdoors activities are also very dynamic and exciting. Check our online platform to find out precisely what residence is better and how they differ.

Vista Nacascolo has one of the best views in the entire peninsula, and it’s close to the beach. You can explore the windy roads near the residence with the electric bikes, and you can enrich your evening at one of the nearby restaurants, either at The Four Seasons or The Andaz.

Is Costa Rica a good tropical destination?

Given its sunny disposition and biodiversity, as well as the location near the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is one of the best tropical destinations in the world. If you want to make your vacation here, the Peninsula Papagayo residences take luxury and hospitability to another level.

We offer premier concierge services that seek to make your life here as enjoyable as possible. At PEXS, we always wanted to satisfy our clients, and to take their vacations to the next level. We manage your traveling affairs, and we provide exclusive trips throughout Costa Rica, all so that you make unforgettable memories here.