Are you looking for the perfect tropical travel destination? You should add the Peninsula Papagayo resort located on the coast of Costa Rica. At PEXS, we offer a range of activities to choose from at the resort and an exquisite selection of villas to rent, each coming with a host of luxurious amenities.

A little background about the Papagayo Peninsula

Costa Rica itself translates to ‘Rich Coast’ and is a tropical wonderland in Central America. Surrounded by crystal-clear, turquoise blue waters and long stretches of sandy coastline, the country is perfect for avid surfers, scuba divers, and anglers alike. Despite possessing some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the beaches here are not as crowded as places like Sydney or California.

The Papagayo Peninsula is found on the northern Pacific coastline and located in Guanacaste, a north-western province in the country. The peninsula rests in the unique climate, and volcanic activity in the area formed the Golfo de Papagayo. The Peninsula offers over 15 miles of coastline and 31 beaches, where you can relax or learn how to surf.

In addition to magnificent rainforests, sandy white beaches, and blue waters, the peninsula boasts numerous luxury resorts and marinas. You can rent a boat to try out some sport fishing and snorkeling and stay at a luxury villa rental.

What can I do at Papagayo?

With so many natural wonders, you will never be bored at Papagayo. Our Peninsula Papagayo resort boasts of an expansive golf course overlooking the ocean, where you can spend your afternoons playing a good game of golf. If golf isn’t your thing, we also have a tennis complex for avid tennis players, where we provide lessons for those who want to learn the sport.

For those looking for more adventure, we have several vessels that can take you around the area for memorable fishing trips. Some of our vessels include the Pretty Vane and Wasabi. Our bilingual crew members will be on board to help you find the ideal fishing spots, where you can catch fish like Mahi Mahi and Roosterfish.

Home to impressive rainforests sheltering some of the most diverse species in the world, wildlife exploring, and nature walks are must-dos on a trip to Costa Rica. You can try a variety of other activities such as photography and birdwatching, nature tours, safari rides, and guided night walks.

When is the best time to visit Papagayo?

With tropical weather, most days of the year are ideal for visiting Papagayo or Costa Rica in general. However, if you want to partake in a certain type of activity such as fishing or surfing, you need to choose your days carefully.

Costa Rica has a dry season and a wet season that sees more precipitation. The dry season tends to be more crowded as it’s warmer (Mid-December to April).

At the Peninsula Papagayo resort, you can try a host of activities, ranging from fishing to wildlife exploring. Contact PEXS to find out more about our villa and boat rentals.