Costa Rica is a place filled with so much green and color that gets by the pupils and fills you heart with joy. As if that were not enough, the Ticos are friendly people, dedicated and caring. It is not surprising that the phrase "Pura vida" (which means something like enjoy life) is the mantra that guides this wonderful place. So if your are planning your vacation rental to Costa Rica is the beginning of a wonderful adventure. You've probably seen hundreds of photos, have chosen the places you want to visit and are booking accommodation (like: Costa Rica Four Seasons and Andaz, both in Peninsula Papagayo), luxury homes rentals and flights; but before you start to pack you'll need to know these important tips before flying to Costa Rica, that'll help you to make the most of this delightful and enriching experience.Costa Rica rental Luxury Homes - Visas and passports: You don't need a visa or special permission to be in Costa Rica for a maximum period of 90 days. This depends on nationality, but in most cases it is enough to have your passport and two way air tickets. - Vaccinations: yellow fever vaccine it's obligatory when travelling to Costa Rica. You'll have to take it at least ten days before the trip. It is also recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis A and B, typhoid, tetanus and diphtheria, because you may be exposed to various elements outdoors. - It is vital to remember that Costa Rica is a tropical country, so precautions should be maximized to avoid mosquito bites, because they can transmit diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, zika among others. Wear light colored clothing that covers your limbs, using insect repellent on exposed areas and sleep with mosquito netting may be sufficient. - Security: if it is true that the crime rate in Costa Rica is quite low, but anyway it is important to be alert to potential thieves who may want to take advantage of your tourist status, especially in crowded cities like San Jose. Avoid wearing jewelry or objects too fancy and be aware of your surroundings. - Health: Take care of your skin and prevents health problems by avoiding overexposure to the sun. Because of its location closer to Ecuador, sunlight in Costa Rica is stronger; you'll need to be careful. Use hats, sunglasses and sunscreen quality with more than 30 SPF and re-apply frequently. -Be aware of ocean currents: Costa Rica's beaches are pristine and turquoise waters invite you to a delicious bath, but before you jump headfirst into the water, ask a local if the beach is suitable for swimming, as some can be dangerous. -Minimun Impact: Remember that Costa Rica is a country that is proud of its conservationist culture, so it is essential to respect the order and cleanliness in each one of the natural places you visit. Ideally our visit must cause the smallest impact on nature, so that everything remains the same balance. Costa Rica rental Luxury Homes- Prepare your wardrobe. While it is true that the climate of Costa Rica is predominantly tropical, mountainous areas there can be quite cool and will need some shelter, especially if they plan to visit the Chirripo National Park. - Gadgets: Electricity in Costa Rica is 110 volts AC, so you'll need an adapter if you come from a place where the standard is 240/250 volts. - Food: Do not forget to try the delicious tica cuisine. The food isn't spicy and coffee is simply heavenly. You can visit Costa Rica in summer or winter, both seasons have many activities to offer. Takes into account these tips to make your vacation rentals more easy. Let us know if you need more tips or help with your vacation rental in our luxury homes. If you like: Planing vacation rentals? Important tips before flying to Costa Rica, please rate us or leave a comment. May you like: Luxury Real State, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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Planing vacation rentals? Important tips before flying to Costa Rica
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