Costa Rica is popular for its breathtaking natural attractions; however, for those interested in spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica, there are places to go and things to do. Surely, the national parks and wildlife reserves attract many tourists for good reasons; nevertheless, if you want the option of spending time being pampered, visit the Prieta Beach Club in Papagayo Peninsula.

What is the Prieta Beach Club?

This is a private club, meaning its entrance is for members only; if you are staying in the luxurious Costa Rica villa rentals in Papagayo you have access to this fabulous club. This is a place built for maximum comfort and luxury; nevertheless, at the same time, it has been located within marvelous natural surroundings. It is in Prieta Beach, in Papagayo Peninsula, Guanacaste Province. This is a place where truly can forget about your daily responsibilities and relax. There is a spa, there are restaurants and bars, and amazing pools; there is also a gym, an event venue, a fabulous program for kids, and assistance regarding equipment and lessons for water activities. Prieta Beach Club is one of the best features of the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica; also, of the exclusive services of the Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

The Marina Papagayo Project

The Papagayo Peninsula is, like other areas in Costa Rica, one of the regions that has undergone greatest development lately; one of the project’s highlights is the Papagayo Marina. There are luxurious hotels like the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica, a golf course, a tennis course and members-only club; furthermore, the area has an amazing marina offering amazing sailing services. This marina is most luxurious of Latin America and it is one of the contributing factors to the region’s development; it is also a reason to make this destination one of the favorites for those seeking luxury by the sea. This ongoing project is part of the bigger plan to turn the area into a paradise for tourists; this obviously includes Prieta Beach Club as attraction for their pleasure.

How is the Area where Prieta Beach Club is Located?

Prieta Beach Club is located in Guanacaste Province; this province is situated towards tor Northwest of Costa Rica, bordering with the Pacific Ocean to the West.  This is a popular destination for tourists for many reasons: first, in its capital City Liberia, there is an international airport and many arrive in Costa Rica landing in it. Transportation is, therefore, easy to hire. In addition, the province contains several beach towns that, like the Papagayo Peninsula, have developed greatly with respect to tourism; thus, these amazing towns have great tourist services and breathtaking natural attractions. It is specifically located in near the tip of the peninsula towards its North; it is near the Four Seasons Resort and the fascinating Nacascolo Beach.

What are the Incredible Features of the Prieta Beach Club?

This wonderful club has a series of services and facilities designed for your entertainment: One of the best things you can do in your luxury vacation Costa Rica is go to a spa; there you will relax and be pampered to the point where all your worries will leave your mind. At Prieta Beach Club Spa, you can check the fabulous treatments offered with the specialty concierge of the exclusive services; the staff that you contact for Costa Rica rental homes in Papagayo Peninsula can inform you. There are services provided at the spa right at the comfort of your villa or in its facilities. There are treatments for men and women and the spa facilities include relaxing bungalows. This area of the Beach Club is still going through some changes; therefore, in 2019 the final result will be enjoyed by customers. If you’re looking to spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica you definitely need to go to this spa. Costa Rica has amazing natural attractions, and extreme and fun activities to keep you busy; furthermore, there are also great bars and restaurants to kick back and enjoy the food, music and great drinks. In many of these popular tourist beach towns, you might be able to sit at the end of the day delight your senses in these great locations; the 3 venues of this club are Latin-inspired.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
  1. Olas Restaurant
This is a place you can visit for a nice lunch or dinner, and you do not need a reservation to be serviced. This is a great venue to enjoy seasonal food that combines the best of Costa Rica’s flavors with international cuisine. In this beach front location, you will be able to witness the famous Guanacaste sunsets; relax and be delighted by the pool, the beach or under the palapa. This great restaurant has a varied menu; for starters, it includes typical entrées with international ingredients or variations. There are also mixture of dishes such as salads, wraps and tacos; other popular international meals are burgers, sandwiches and pizzas. All these are fabulous dishes. Moreover, there is seafood, and you can even choose your own fresh catch before eating.
  1. Surf Bar
This location is more of a bar than a restaurant; however, it does offer food prepared in Olas Restaurant. It is open for lunch and for dinner and reservations are not required if you wish to pay a visit; this bar has a very relaxed vibe to it given its laid-back design and ambiance right by the beach. The drinks offered are contemporary and classic; it is the perfect place to discuss the day’s experiences. One of the advantages of this bar is its truly laid-back environment; being it right by the beach, you could even attend this bar in your swimwear. This makes it a place that seems more inclusive, relaxed and still under the quality standards of all the resort. Visit for lunch, dinner or drinks; a luxury vacation Costa Rica won’t be complete until you relax with a few drinks by the beach in Surf Bar.
  1. Sunset Lounge
This amazing venue is not only great for sharing a few drinks and awesome food, but also witness incredible sunsets. As well as in the case of the Surf Bar, the food is the same as that of Olas Restaurant; Sunset Lounge is open for a nice lunch as well as for dinners. The place is designed for enjoying the wonderful features of the Guanacaste nights; it is a very nice ambiance.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Sunset Lounge has a tequila-themed bar, seafood specialist and a good view; it is a great option for Costa Rica villa rentals and guests to finish their days with a good vibe. Reservations are not required; so if you have the option of visiting it, don’t miss the chance. For some, it’s difficult to think of exercising during vacation; however, for many, working out is more than a strict routine or vanity, but a way of life. For many people going to a gym or working out outdoors is necessary to stay healthy and happy; in this regard, the Fitness Center of the Prieta Beach Club is a great option. It is not only beautiful, but it has the best equipment and trained staff. Cycling and stretching areas, as well as others for body and mind mixed with great natural surroundings are available; this gym isn’t only well-equipped but also beautifully designed to ensure that your time there will be a gratifying experience. Furthermore, if you are not experienced training, there will surely be someone from the staff willing to help you out! This fabulous club is obviously located by the beach and so are its great pools. You can swim in the great pools; for worried mothers, for example, a safe area for the kids is necessary. There is also a lap pool; so experienced swimmers and those looking for a good old-time exercise underwater, you’ll be able to do a few laps. It is a big area that perfectly blends with nature in its design. The beach is also fascinating, so you can have a nice time at the beach or in the pools. There you can relax, read, sunbathe and have fun with your family by the pool. You can not only have fun at the beach, there is a big number of beach toys and assistance provided. From equipment to lessons, there are plenty options available: stand-up paddle boards, canoes, kayaks, diving and snorkeling gear, boogie boards and more. The experience at the beach or by the pool is unique; you’ll have fun with the toys and delight from the exquisite service of the staff. If you’re traveling on a family vacation with kids, Prieta Beach Club is perfect for your luxury vacation Costa Rica. On the one hand, this program will help grown-ups have a little more time for themselves; there is a schedule which kids follow to attend the program. This doesn’t mean that the club is an option for parents to drop their kids off and do nothing; they will have a blast! The program’s designed for kids to learn a few things about nature, arts, science and also about a new culture. It is not just a time wasted; it results productive and fun for them. The program is designed for kids between 4 and 12 years old, although younger kids can attend accompanied. It is a great opportunity for kids to get a perspective on natural conservation, do outdoors activities, make friends and have fun! Right in this club you can arrange the most unbelievable activities organized and guided by the best trained staff; if you have an adventurous spirit, you cannot miss scheduling some of the activities they offer. You can try arboreal tree climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, bird watching, go on safari rides and hiking; these are just some of the options on land. Regarding water activities; you can also schedule some with this club. You can go on boat rides or canoe rides, do stand-up paddle board and numerous other activities. The staff is very well trained and always concerned about your safety. Furthermore, if you are concerned about communication; the staff members are bilingual for a better experience.

How are the Peninsula Papagayo Villa Rentals?

If you are staying in the Costa Rica rental homes and are used to a hotel experience, it’ll be great; you do not have to worry; the service is just as good, if not better. On the one hand you will enjoy the privacy of feeling like at home; meanwhile, you will receive all the attention and services you would in the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica. Comfort and luxury won’t be a problem. Furthermore, these Costa Rica rental homes are simply gorgeous. Tremendously luxurious with all the appliances needed and wonderful views to the Pacific Ocean, you feel in paradise. Oreover, while you see the Ocean, you have beautiful natural surroundings that perfectly blend with the area; you have all the necessary ingredients for a luxury vacation Costa Rica.

Visit The Prieta Beach Club

Try to stay in the Papagayo villa rentals to ensure your entrance to the fabulous Prieta Beach Club. You have options to relax and also release all the retained energy in stress-relieving activities. You also have options if you want amazing Latin food, music and vibe; furthermore, you can have a few cocktails and dance! Prieta Beach Club is just one of the reasons why staying in Papagayo Peninsula will surely be a great time; it will be an experience difficult to forget. Whether with family, friends, workmates or a significant other, Guanacaste Province in Costa Rica is an awesome destination; pack up your bags and go on your luxury vacation Costa Rica, you won’t regret it! Thanks for read: "Prieta Beach Club: the Perfect Hideaway in Papagayo Peninsula for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica", rate or share this post! You will love read: 7 Types of Activities You Can Do in your Next Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
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