When going on a vacation, it is a great solution for you to rent a house in Costa Rica. This country is a great place to visit when going on a vacation. It has wonderful landscapes and you can enjoy a wonderful time with your friends and family. You can find several luxury rentals in Costa Rica for your dreamed vacations. Whether you are traveling in group or with your family, renting a house would be a better solution for you than staying at a hotel. You can find a place to rent near the beach or the forest you want to visit, and depending on it, you can schedule your itinerary.

Where to rent a house in Costa Rica?

There are several places to find a vacation rental in Costa Rica. If you go for example, to San Jose, you will find several options for you. For instance, you can find a one bedroom apartment for two from $75 a night. Also, there are bigger places from $241. For more click here!!rent a house in Costa Rica There are some others luxury rentals in Costa Rica, for example, a charming apartment with 2 bedrooms, with an amazing view to the river can cost you about $593 per week. Or a modern and peaceful studio for two, with two bedrooms for $402 per week. Need more info? Contact us! For larger groups, you will not rent a house in Costa Rica but you can have a Hacienda. A bigger place with 11 bedrooms for 24 people. This place would be perfect to enjoy nature and relax with your friend.

Other places

rent a house in Costa RicaIf you want to get a vacation rental in Costa Rica, you can go to the beach for example, you can get one bedroom apartments for $113 per night. And bigger places from $208 to $323 per night. These small places are better to enjoy with you loved one. Costa Rica is a magical place to live love adventures, with a wide range of activities!! There are dreamy places to go and you will find beautiful sights and will feel inside of a paradise. You can surprise your friends or loved one with the beautiful view of the Isla Tortuga. You will remember it from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean. rent a house in Costa RicaYou can rent a house in Costa Rica for your honeymoon or simply for your romantic vacations, and enjoy activities like: Golf in the best courts of the country, all kinds of Water Adventures, or simply delight the Food & Drink Experience in the best restaurants of Costa Rica. Visiting the volcanoes and waterfall can be something magical for you and your lover. Also, the beaches with their different colors of sand depending on the location. In any case just contact us and our team of professionals will take care of giving you the best vacations!! Ask for our holidays discounts!! We hope you like it:"Do you want to rent a house in Costa Rica?", please leave a comment or share with friends. May you like read: ECO-TOURISM PLACES IN GUANACASTE TO ENJOY MORE YOUR VACATION RENTALS
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