Costa Rica is a land full of promises, a place of beauty and relaxation. It is the perfect vacation destination, and we, at PEXS, have the best resorts in Costa Rica just for you. From the golden beaches on the coast to the emerald-green forests, there are many things to see here, and we'll make sure you won't miss one.

Why visit Costa Rica?

The country is a superb example of natural, preserved beauty. The blue waters of the Pacific Ocean will dazzle you immediately, as will the sunny coastal vistas in the morning. It is a tropical environment that offers comfort, relaxation, and exhilaration. You can engage in activities like golf, surfing, sight-seeing, tennis, making BBQs, and more.

We provide personalized sightseeing tours on land or sea. Our staff is very knowledgeable about the flora, fauna, and the history of the hallmarks you will encounter. Therefore, we can make your vacation entertaining and exciting at the same time. Most of the resorts here offer 5-star conditions, incredible comfort, and a luxurious setting where you can enjoy your vacation comfortably.

The best rentals in Costa Rica

Regarding living conditions and comfort, the resorts in Costa Rica are excellent. We recommend the following locations:

  • Peninsula Papagayo
  • Las Catalinas
  • Playa Hermosa
  • Playas del Coco
  • Playa Coyote
  • Santa Teresa
  • Nicaragua

Peninsula Papagayo holds some of the most comfortable and luxurious resorts. For instance, the Monkey Villa, Virador Villa, Vista Nacascolo, and Casa Lala have incredible vistas and offer enjoyable outdoor activities. You will love spending time both inside and outside the resort thanks to the exhilarating panoramic views and wide array of activities available.

A good place for a family vacation

Besides the incredible beaches and seaside locations, Costa Rica provides a wide range of land and sea activities that your family will love. You can play golf or tennis, do a couple of BBQs at the resort, watch the surfers on the Gold Coast, and more. You will never have a shortage of things to do here.

We organize special trips through the jungle or cruises on the Pacific Ocean, fishing expeditions, and other adventures for you and your family. Our amenities services and concierge program are here to provide excellence, comfort, and efficiency. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent hospitality to our clients.

What is the best vacation destination?

It is one of the most exhilarating and comfortable vacation destinations in the world. A tropical paradise in the day, and natural Eden in the evening, Costa Rica is beautiful beyond comparison. Moreover, the resorts in Costa Rica go above and beyond when it comes to customer services and hospitality. You will hardly find more comfortable rental locations elsewhere in the world.

We, at PEXS, want to make your vacation unforgettable. Either by recommending the best Costa Rica resorts or by providing personalized amenities, we strive to bring enjoyment and vitality to your vacation. Use our services to create your own adventure in this tropical paradise.