There are plenty of options for you to spend amazing luxury vacations Costa Rica; and given the upcoming FIFA World Cup, you might sense excitement in the air or even give it a try! Soccer is very popular in Costa Rica; if you are not an enthusiast because you have never gotten to experience it, maybe it’s time! Furthermore, the options for your entertainment are countless!

Is Soccer a Big Deal in Costa Rica?

Costa Ricans, or Ticos, really enjoy soccer and their participation in international tournaments has not been bad. Costa Ricans play soccer at school or with their relatives or neighbors which is why it’s such an appreciated practice; they do this from a very early age. Furthermore, this great enthusiasm for soccer makes many watch it on TV. This means somehow kids get exposure to soccer. So it doesn’t matter if someone does not really have interest in this sport; in Costa Rica, kids will somehow be exposed to soccer, whether in school, on the street or at home. So, it is said that babies are born with a soccer ball in Costa Rica; no matter the actual results obtained in international competitions by Ticos, the importance of soccer to them cannot be denied.

How is Costa Rican Professional Soccer?

Costa Ricans truly enjoy soccer; they have a Union called the UNAFUT which is the First Division of Costa Rica; it regulates the clubs of professional soccer. The union has a sports association that is called Liga de Fútbol de Primera División; it is also known as Liga FPD, or League FPD in English. Twelve soccer clubs participate in the league which is the one of highest category in Costa Rica’s league system. Furthermore, Costa Rica has FEDEFUTBOL which is the Costa Rica Soccer Federation; it organizes the Costa Rican leagues and it is in charge of managing Costa Rica’s national teams. The uniforms that those who represent the national soccer team sport is red, blue and white.  Ticos have had good performances in international championships and hopefully they will this 2018 FIFA World Cup too.

What is Expected of Costa Rica’s Participation in the World Cup?

One thing is for sure: a party. Costa Rica will be following and celebrating this 2018 FIFA World Cup as the national team classified. Ticos have had important appearances in this event in the past; although one performance may not have been their best, their others have been fairly good. 2014, the last FIFA World Cup was actually Costa Rica’s best performance in their complete history.Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

In 2014 Costa Rica resulted 8º in the whole competition, leaving players, followers and the whole country wanting more. This year, Costa Rica has the opportunity to improve their results and if this occurs, there will surely be celebrations! Imagine spending your luxury vacations Costa Rica in the midst of this event!

How Are the Weather Conditions Going to Be Like During The World Cup?

Costa Rica has two distinguishable seasons, a rainy, or “green season” and a dry season. Depending on where you stay in Costa Rica, the weather conditions might differ; however, if you are staying in the West side of the country, from May to November, it usually rains. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean you will be caught under terrible heavy showers during your stay in this period. The FIFA World Cup 2018 will take place from June 14 to July 15; during this time most parts of Guanacaste Province will be experiencing the rainy or green season. This may not sound as appealing as traveling during rainy season, but you shouldn’t worry; if you do visit Costa Rica during the FIFA World Cup, there might be rain. However, it will most likely not be enough to ruin your trip.

Can you Play Soccer in Costa Rica?

You can for sure play soccer in Costa Rica and have an awesome time doing it! It is not a problem if you have never tried it; it is nothing like watching a ball for almost two hours on TV. Playing soccer is a very demanding and fun activity, but you need no experience; gather some friends, get a ball and start running, exercising, laughing and getting a nice tan at the beach. There is one modality that might result fun, try beach soccer! With 10 people you can set up a game; although with less you can make it work, it is all about having fun! Costa Rican public schools have soccer courts and there are also courts in the neighborhoods; this is a very popular sport in Costa Rica and you can try it and enjoy. You might leave Costa Rica with a new perception on soccer.

How Can you Enjoy the FIFA World Cup this 2018 in your Luxury Vacations Costa Rica?

Given that Costa Rica’s national team will be playing, you will feel the joy and the tension in the air; Costa Rica will most likely have their citizens in suspense flooding bars, cafés, restaurants and discotheques watching the matches. This is an excellent opportunity to get to enjoy the fabulous establishments that entertain this joyful country; taste the food and have some drinks!Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Many of Costa Rica’s towns have developed greatly favoring the tourism industry; for this reason, many luxurious bars and restaurants have been built creating nice space for tourists to unwind at dusk. Guanacaste Province is a big area where you can witness such development; stay in fabulous Costa Rica villa rentals or hotels, do amazing activities in fabulous locations and enjoy the soccer matches. You can enjoy these exciting matches having some drinks or eating delicious food in some of these destinations: Coco Beach is one of the most popular recommendations for a great luxurious experience; for starters, it has a beautiful beach where you can do great activities. In addition, there are several natural attractions and destinations nearby, but that is not all; luxury vacations Costa Rica are possible in Coco Beach as a result of great development. It has tourist services of the highest quality! There are 3 locations recommended to blindly recommend for a more than decent food and drink experience in Coco Beach; however, options are many. The “Lookout”, “Citron”, “Villa Italia” and the “Hard Rock Café” are these three recommendations; it is more than guaranteed that whatever you eat or drink here will be a delight for you. In Coco Beach, there is a young population who party and light up the area! This is another great tourist destination in Guanacaste Costa Rica. Hermosa Beach has this name for being a gorgeous tourist destination with a beautiful beach; its calm waters make it perfect for swimming, sport fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. It is also located near national parks and has also grown from being a small town to a developed one; its luxury villas for rent are also fabulous.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The villa rentals Costa Rica in Playa Hermosa and resorts are amazing, which make this an excellent tourist destination; and regarding cafés, bars and restaurants, there are also many options. One great example is the amazing “Aqua Sport”; this is an amazing location to enjoy a few cocktails, great seafood and an astonishing sunset view! It is a great outdoors experience! Northeast from Hermosa Beach is also this tourist destination, in which you can also enjoy a few drinks and cocktails; it is very near Hermosa Beach in case you are interested in staying in its wonderful luxury villas. Hermosa Beach is just a few minutes away from Panama Beach and it is also a very popular destination; but you could spend your nights nearby in Hermosa Beach’s villa rentals Costa Rica. If you want to unwind ending the day, you have several options in Panama Beach for delicious food and cocktails; some of the best options include: “Makoko”, “Matiss”, “Abbocato”, and many others.  These establishments have indoor and outdoor areas for the tourists to enjoy the decoration inside; however, you can also enjoy the outdoors space, the beautiful sunsets and the great music! This beautiful beach is also an amazing tourist destination; it is actually known for its great conditions for snorkeling. Another reason why many visit Ocotal Beach is the fact that it has incredible options in Costa Rica villa rentals; furthermore, it is quieter than the neighboring town of Coco Beach. This is a place for those looking for a calmer destination.Remove term: Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Ocotal Beach is very near Coco Beach, but this one tends to get loud and a bit crowded. If you are looking for a less crowded option, Ocotal Beach is an excellent one. There are actually many reasons to visit Ocotal Beach: it has incredible luxury homes Costa Rica and there are amazing tourist activities to do at the beach. There are also tourist attractions nearby like national parks and wildlife reserves. The area of the Papagayo Peninsula is one of those that has undergone the greatest tourist development; for this reason, if you choose this as your lodging destination, you are ensuring luxury vacations Costa Rica. Not only the luxury homes Costa Rica available, but the luxurious resorts and other services are amazing; this is a great destination to arrive in Costa Rica. For this reason, also restaurants, bars and cafés are available where you can spend an awesome time. Some of these include: ”La Reserva”, “Bahía”, “Poro Poro Internacional”, “Pesce”, “Caracol Steak House”, “Rio Bhongo Continental”, “Ostra Seafood”, and “Chao Pescao Tapas Bar”. These are just some of the options where you can taste delicious typical and international cuisine; you can also have great drinks and enjoy an awesome atmosphere!

Enjoying the World Cup

It is a great environment when you are in Costa Rica enjoying the soccer matches! People are very enthusiastic about this sport; therefore, everyone is infected with the soccer fever. Maybe not all the bars and restaurants will be airing the matches, but there is a good chance they will. In Costa Rica, soccer brings people together; you can feel the excitement in all public places. Many of these establishments have schedules published, so you can check them or contact them to check; but it is a great opportunity to follow this magnificent event, share with the Ticos and enjoy their enthusiasm.  A good plan is to schedule your adventures accordingly to ensure watching the games; hopefully after Costa Rican victories on the field, you’ll experience great celebration parties at night!

Are there Good Tourist Attractions near these Tourist Destinations?

These are great destinations not just because of infrastructure reasons; surely, they have amazing tourist services that make them convenient, and practical, but they are also naturally amazing. There are incredible national parks and wildlife reserves nearby; where not only nature will mesmerize you.  In these destinations you will get to do amazing activities. Some of these national parks include: Palo Verde, Rincón de la Vieja, Arenal Volcano, Guanacaste, Santa Rosa, Marino Las Baulas and other National Parks. There are also several wildlife reserves: Lomas de Barbudal, Africa Mia, Horizontes Forestry Experimental Station, Dr. Rafael Lucas Rodriguez Caballero; these are just some of the ones that are nearby these tourist destinations.

The Best Luxury Vacations Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that benefits greatly from the tourism industry. If you’re interested in traveling during the period when the world cup will be aired, it’ll be a good experience. During this time, given the country’s participation, the cafés, bars and restaurants will be expecting bigger crowds; for this reason the environment will most likely be joyful and soccer-oriented. Get to share with these marvelous people during your luxury vacations Costa Rica; they get so excited and enthusiastic that the joy is contagious. Plus, imagine if the results favor the country, you might get to experience the biggest party the country has ever witnessed. Nature, services and timing, predict great experiences if you travel this year to Costa Rica during the FIFA World Cup! Thansk for read:  " Soccer and Fun! Luxury Vacations Costa Rica", you know what to do: rate or share this post!! Try also: Luxury Vacations Costa Rica: the Best Tourist Destination of 2018
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