There are tourist destinations that have been specifically designed to ensure the visitors’ luxury and comfort; in this sense, a luxury vacation Costa Rica is not so hard to experience. Costa Rica is not only appealing to tourists due to its natural beauty, rich wildlife and the ‘pura vida’ vibe that the natives transmit; this is also a very comfortable and convenient location for those who want to experience amazing vacations. On the one hand, this paradisiacal country features natural characteristics which have made it become such an attractive destination for tourists that it has helped develop this country economically.  For this reason, investments in the tourism industry and enhancements made for the tourists’ pleasure have helped raise Costa Rica’s commitment with the tourism industry. In this sense, the Costa Rican population as well as the government, not only contribute to the preservation of the natural resources, but they also profit from the tourists they attract. For this reason, Natural preservation and tourist development are top priorities of Costa Rica, so visitors delight not only at the beauty and excitement that this country has to offer, the services regarding transportation, food, vacation rentals and fun activities, are in majority, oriented towards the tourists’ satisfaction.

Amazing Services You Can Enjoy in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

There are some wonderful tourist destinations around the world, with natural landscapes and attractions worthy of visiting. However, not all beautiful locations around the world are tourist friendly regarding services. In Costa Rica’s case, tourism is such a big part of the economy that you will find out that moving around Costa Rica, eating and sleeping, are services you will not fail to find. Regarding food services, whether you are staying at any of the fabulous resorts in Costa Rica or you are staying in home rentals, food is something you will not have to worry about. Restaurants are amazing and if you have rented a place, there are private chef services at your disposition if the service is required. Regarding transportation, there are also great services if you intend to rent a car, or if you need to be transported somewhere; even public transportation works perfectly.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Fun and excitement in the Papagayo Peninsula

The whole country is a delight for everyone’s senses; the lush vegetation, the variety of animal species and the breathtaking landscapes suited for relaxing as well as practicing the most exciting activities characterize the country. However, in the Papagayo Peninsula specifically, you will be able to find all the natural attractions and the best and most luxurious services for tourists. A marina with luxurious facilities to attract tourists and make their stay as pleasant as possible, adjacent vacation rental homes, amazing resorts and a whole project designed to ensure the tourists’ pleasure at all times are characteristic of this region. This project comprises basic—but luxurious—services, as well as a whole staff destined to take you to the most wonderful locations in guided tours and fun activities that will make you want to repeat the experience and keep coming back.

National Parks and Destinations You Need to Visit in Guanacaste, Papagayo Peninsula

There are many beaches, forests and beautiful trails to get in touch with nature, but there are also some specific trips and guided activities that you cannot miss when you go to Costa Rica; some of them are: Guanacaste, Palo Verde, Santa Rosa, Rincón de la Vieja and Barra Honda National Parks. There is also Africa Adventure Safari Park, Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve and Monte Verde Cloud Forest. Whether you have arrived in Costa Rica through a tourism agency, through contacting the Costa Rica house rental websites or by yourself without further planning; there are many guided services to visit these destinations. Costa Rica vacation rentals, for example, are usually services that help you not only with accommodation services but also with guides and tourist packages to help you make the best of your trip in Costa Rica and not miss out on the most amazing activities and visits.

Guanacaste National Park

Protecting over 30,000 hectares of natural beauty, this fascinating national park comprises different ecosystems including the cloud forest and the tropical dry forests. Created with the aim of preserving the tropical dry forests, this park has accomplished to start regenerate the threatened habitat by cattle pasture. There are many trails that lead to the Cacao and Orosí volcanos and there are many animal species you can see from up close when you go on an adventure inside this park. You can spot howler and capuchin monkeys, variegated squirrels, white-tailed-deer, and also many species of birds. This national park allows you to go through different altitudes passing by the different ecosystems; it truly is a delight for the senses.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Palo Verde National Park

This beautiful national park comprises a tropical dry forest and wetlands at the same time. Due to the flooding effect of Tempisque River, this national park has a dual characteristic in which during the Costa Rican dry season the extensions of water such as marshes shrink leaving behind smaller pools and patches. It is amazing to find wetlands mixed with an arid region, all at once. One feature important feature of this national park is how the climate helps for bird watching. The winter in other regions makes many bird species to fly to Costa Rica and in the dry season of the country, you can see many of them by approaching the ponds and water left where they concentrate to drink the precious liquid. There are also many trails you can go through walking or even by bike. There is also the option of lodging at the park or even camping in it.

Santa Rosa National Park

Being one of the hottest areas of the driest and hottest areas of Costa Rica, this national park is connected to Palo Verde National Park. The good thing is that you can mix a luxury vacation Costa Rica with the magic of nature by visiting these amazing natural locations. The intention of connecting both national parks is to create natural corridors to ensure a habitat that protects a big range of animal species. There are many animal species you can spot in the Santa Rosa National Park including mountain lions, jaguars, and the very special phenomenon of sea turtles that arrive in the some of the beach shores. More specifically, you can go to Nancite Beach where you can witness the amazing arribada of the sea turtles to nest, it is an amazing experience. There are many popular activities you can do here, but the most popular is surfing in the beautiful beaches in this national park.

Rincón de la Vieja National Park

This park owes its name to the Rincón de La Vieja Volcano which has a Native American origin referring to an old legend. Containing two volcanoes and six other volcanic peaks, numerous rivers and diverse ecosystems, this national park has an astounding flora and fauna. The park has fascinating water volcanic lagoons, waterfalls, and even boiling mud pits that you can witness in the amazing horseback rides or hikes through trails to this magical locations. The park contains a volcanic side that goes through dry seasons and another that is usually greener, with lush vegetation. It is divided into two sectors, Santa María and Las Pailas and the animal variety of species in very broad. You can spot tapirs, jaguars, spider monkeys and a numerous bird species as well as insects. The trails that go up the volcanoes will take you to wonderful locations and enjoy an amazing view.

Barra Honda National Park

This national park is characterized by the tropical dry forests that are actually not one of Costa Rica’s most popular features, and more importantly, by numerous caves that have been formed due to water effects. There are also many marked trails that lead you to beautiful locations, and the caves go through the Cerro Barra Honda. There are also other mountains.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Cerro Barra Honda, formerly thought to be a volcano before the discovery of the caves, is a main attraction here. The vertical caves can be over 700 feet deep and have amazing calcareous formations that you can witness over a guided descent with all the climbing equipment for your safety. There are also many animal species you can see in the park, such as capuchin monkeys, anteaters, peccaries and many others more.

Africa Adventure Safari Park

Formerly known as Africa Mia, the Africa Adventure Safari Park is a place where you can see a variety of animal species such as the mountain goat, wildebeests, zebras, dromedaries, giraffes, among others. You can feed the animals in the safari for amore up-close experience, but always with safety—looking after yourselves and the animals as well. Although seeing the animals in the park is the main attraction, the new administration of the park has also brought changes that include many fun activities. You can go on ATV and bike rides throughout the beautiful mountains, go kayaking, do the canopy experience and go on the many trails that lead you to wonderful landscapes. The park is near Liberia city and the recommendation is that you go as early as possible to make the best of your day there and not miss out on anything.

Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve

Comprising a dry forest habitat, this reserve, founded in 1986, contains numerous animal species. Some of the most characteristic are the bees, armadillos, pacas, scarlet macaws, bulldog bats, collard peccaries, anteaters, among others. You can also spot them by approaching the remaining water ponds in the dry season, where animals meet in the search of water to drink. Apart from the animal species, you are most likely to be amazed by the lush vegetation of the area. You might arrive in time to watch the blossoming of characteristic trees such as the corteza amarilla trees, which blossom along with many other plants making it a fascinating landscape for your eyes’ delight. This park near Liberia city extends over 2000 hectares of natural beauty.

Monte Verde Cloud Forest

Having this name due to the fog that usually covers this forest has a variety of animal and vegetation species, which due to its conditions, are endemic. Containing the Continental Divide, there are numerous species of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles in Monte Verde Cloud Forest. You can go on hikes through beautiful trails in this threatened location.

There are also other activities you can do such as going on canopy tours, or bird watching expeditions where you will be amazed by the biodiversity you will be able to witness.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

All of these places are just a little sample of many of the amazing tourist destinations in Costa Rica. The great thing about coming to Costa Rica, is that you can mix a natural experience with extreme comfort. On the one hand, there is the comfort you will surely find in the resorts in Costa Rica, but you also have the option of staying at the now popular vacation rental homes. The options in vacation rentals are increasingly developing and it is worth it to combine the connection with nature with a very comfortable and luxurious location at the end of the day. There are so many options, that you could easily find something for you that fits your needs and interests and regarding home rentals and truly feel like at home. Spending a luxurious vacation Costa Rica is not a difficult task. You just have to look for a place that is near all the activities you want to do ad suits your interest and you will have an excellent time there. Choosing rental homes will actually help you with all the amazing services you need to enjoy such as accommodation, food and other basic services.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica You can have a natural experience accompanied by luxury and comfort, which makes spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica the best idea, as you mix fun with nature and go back to your routine with your batteries recharged. Thanks for read: “Some Special Destinations, Attractions and Services to Spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica". Rate or share this post!! You will love read: Cities/Areas with the Best Costa Rica Rental Homes and their Nightlife