One thing that attracts tourists to Costa Rica is sport fishing; so in your next Luxury Vacation Costa Rica, don’t forget to try it. Costa Rica borders with the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean; it is all a wonderful territory with diverse and incredible landscapes. However, for those visiting as tourists, the most recommended region to stay in is Guanacaste Province; here you can do sport fishing.

What is sport fishing exactly?

Sport fishing is an activity done with the sole purpose of recreation or competition; there are other types of fishing which include fishing for survival (subsistence fishing), and commercial fishing. With sport fishing there are some rules regarding the equipment you use, the way you catch the fish, and others. It is a great relaxing activity, and a country like Costa Rica is perfect for sport fishing.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica For those who do sport fishing, there is also the practice of catch and release. In this practice, the fish are returned to the water, as the name says, after being caught; this is a practice that aims towards environmental conservation. For this reason, in a country where eco tourism is so popular, sport fishing is as well. Furthermore, Costa Rica has the perfect landscapes for this.

When can you Do Sport Fishing in Costa Rica?

It all depends on where you are staying. Remember that Costa Rica has two coastlines; therefore, depending on the area and the time of year, you will be able to see and catch different species. If you’re staying towards the Caribbean Sea, November to March is a good time for sport fishing in Costa Rica; however, many prefer to stay in the West Coast for a luxury vacation Costa Rica. There is no doubt you will spend an amazing time by visiting the Central American jewel that is Costa Rica. Nevertheless, many prefer to visit the West Coast and enjoy the beaches of the Pacific Ocean; more specifically, many stay in Guanacaste Province where you can not only practice sport fishing but tourist services are amazing. May to September is a good time for visiting this area. Furthermore, if visiting the West Coast but further to the South, November to March might be a better time. Costa Rica is very rich in biodiversity; you can actually do this any time of year. These are just recommendations, but you can try sport fishing almost any time.

 Where Can you do Sport Fishing in Costa Rica?

Even though regarding tourism Guanacaste Province is highly recommended, you can do amazing sport fishing in the Caribbean Coast.  Besides the many lagoons, rivers and estuaries where you could do this practice, there are also many seaside spots; the first of them is in Limon ProvinceTortuguero National Park is one; the other recommended location is Barra del Colorado, in the same province. There are many spots to do sport fishing in the Pacific Ocean; however, if you are traveling to spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica, Guanacaste Province offers activities and great services.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
  1. Sport Fishing in Papagayo Gulf
A place to stay and enjoy the wonders of nature with the greatest and most luxurious tourist services;  Papagayo Gulf maintains the characteristic natural beauty plus amazing infrastructure and quality services that make this a dreamy vacation destination.  The area has been the center of great development with many resorts and hotels being built surrounded by amazing landscapes. There are several species you can fish all year round even though there are some recommended seasons. Some of these species include sailfish, striped and blue marlin, rooster fish, wahoo, dorado and others.  Furthermore, you can go on your sport fishing tour and besides the fishing, get to see whales and dolphins. Going sailing with snacks and drinks in sport fishing tour is an amazing experience!

How are the Accommodation Options in Papagayo Gulf?

This is probably the area with the best lodging options. For starters, there are amazing luxurious hotels and the best Costa Rica resorts such as the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica. Furthermore, there are amazing private estate homes, amazing condos for rent and the breathtaking Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals; the area has grown tremendously favoring the tourism industry. In these amazing Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals and other Costa Rica rental homes you can enjoy amazing services; you have all the services you would get in the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica or other Costa Rica resorts. Regarding food, transportation, cleaning, maintenance services and others, there is nothing to worry about; you have all these amazing services.

Are there other Activities to do in this Area?

Papagayo Gulf offers a big number of options for tourist entertainment given its geographical characteristics and development.  Just by the seaside, there are many activities you can do besides sport fishing. Sailing tours, on the one hand, are popular and all related activities due to the marina that has been built. It’s not just a marina; it’s the most luxurious in Latin America.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica On the other hand, there are many other activities to do in land. Canopy tours, hikes, visits to hot springs, 4x4 rides and ATV rides are some of the options; thus, you can also do less extreme sports like playing tennis or playing golf. For the latter, there are incredible courses that have been designed in order to integrate natural beauty with a fun, luxurious experience.
  1. Sport Fishing in Tamarindo
This beach town is located in the Nicoya Peninsula and it’s a very popular tourist destination. Once calm and quiet, it has undergone great development which now makes it perfectly accessible through its roads.  Water activities are very popular in Tamarindo Beach and sport fishing is no exception.  It’s very popular among surfers, but sport fishing is not at all left behind. Those interested in sport fishing in Tamarindo for a luxury vacation Costa Rica have many options of fish to catch; some of them are sailfish, black, blue, and striped marlin, wahoo, dorado, roosterfish, snapper, yellowfish tuna, groupers and others. Billfish are the kind that is most commonly spotted off the shores of Tamarindo; furthermore, it is possible to spot dolphins and a variety of marine wildlife.

How are Lodging Options in Tamarindo Beach?

Tamarindo Beach is also a fabulous destination for those seeking to spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica.  For starters, the great development in the area has made more accessible, not only by airplane; being this said, Tamarindo has an airport, so access for whatever medium, is the least of tourist concerns. Moreover, besides great roads and bridges, there are great housing complexes for tourists. As well as incredible resorts nearby, Tamarindo Beach has marvelous Costa Rica rental homes in the middle of breathtaking landscapes. Thanks to the help of the amazing asset management Costa Rica companies, you can rent a fabulous beachfront villa; these rental homes are usually located facing the Pacific Ocean, where you can delight from the wonderful Guanacaste sunsets.

What other Activities can you do in Tamarindo Beach?

Just as sport fishing is popular in Costa Rica, other water activities are very popular too. Probably the most popular water sport, not only in Tamarindo but throughout the country, is surfing. This occurs because the beach has great conditions for surfing, and it is located near two popular surfing spots; the conditions are actually good for learners or experts, the idea is to have fun.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica These spots are known as “Witch’s Rock” and “Ollie’s Point”; one of them actually features in a popular surfing movie. Furthermore, you can also visit the wonderful Las Baulas Marine National Park. Here, you can witness the magical and breathtaking ritual of the Leatherback sea turtles; in this amazing ritual, this species arrive to the shore to lay their eggs. It is a unique experience. There is plenty of other in land activities that you can do while staying in Tamarindo, but these are the most popular.
  1. Sport Fishing in Flamingo Beach
Flamingo Beach is a tropical paradise; here, the clear blue waters and the white sand will make you never want to leave. It is a popular vacation destination for Ticos and foreigners, most of all, in December or Easter vacations.  Flamingo Beach, just as the Papagayo Gulf and Tamarindo Beach, are amazing destinations; here you can find natural beauty and great luxury and quality in the services, all in one. Sport fishing in Flamingo Beach is very popular; so much so, that there is even an event taking place every year. Every July there is a popular sport fishing tournament; therefore, if you truly enjoy this discipline, you could schedule your trip in order to coincide with this event. While sport fishing in Flamingo Beach you can catch snapper, marlin, mahi mahi, rooster fish and many others.

Are there good Accommodation Options in Flamingo Beach?

Flamingo is a substantially tourist destination; for this reason, options in resorts or rental homes are several. In addition, Flamingo is also very close to other tourist destinations that have over-the-top homes for rent. Las Catalinas, for example, is a beach town nearby where you can find luxurious options in villas, condos and beachfront houses for rent; it is a few minutes away by car. Another option if you don’t like your options in Flamingo Beach is to go to Tamarindo Beach. While Las Catalinas is located to the North of Flamingo, Tamarindo Beach is located to the South. Both towns are quite near Flamingo Beach; hence, if you choose either of them to spend the night, the ride will be short. In any case, you will most likely find a suitable option in any of the three locations mentioned.

Are there other Popular Activities you can Do in Flamingo Beach?

Regarding water activities, practices like surfing and scuba diving; the latter is very popular due to the immense biodiversity of the area where nature lovers are significantly delighted.  Besides water sports, there are other activities you can do; golf is one of them.  There is a world-class golf course in Flamingo where even a world championship takes place; it was designed by architect Mike Young.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Moreover, there are other activities you can do in Flamingo Beach. You can also visit the amazing national parks such as: Palo Verde and Santa Rosa National Park; you will find a variety of options in activities to do in these parks.
  1. Other Popular Sport Fishing Destinations in the Pacific Coast
Still in the Guanacaste Province is the famous Coco Beach. Coco Beach, besides being a very popular destination for sport fishing, is also a very popular vacation destination among Ticos and foreigners. This town is characterized for having an ongoing fiesta where you can get in touch with the “pura vida” lifestyle; it is a town with a very active nightlife and it has amazing luxurious lodging options. Other destinations still towards the North of the Pacific Coastline include Zancudo, Golfo Dulce, Golfito and Puerto Jimenez. There are other good sport fishing destinations to the north which include Jaco and Quepos. Nevertheless, although great for sport fishing, options in Costa Rica rental homes stand out in the Guanacaste Province.

The Offshore World Championship

There are many tournaments attracting tourists to Costa Rica every year, and the practice of Sport Fishing is no exception. This 2018, the Offshore World Championship took place in Costa Rica in April in Marina Pez Vela, Quepos. Attracting many people from around the world; there are several championships and tournaments celebrated every year that you can attend.

Luxury Vacation Costa Rica: Sport Fishing and More

Did you know that tourism is one of the most important industries in Costa Rica? For this reason, activities like sport fishing are very popular. You can do scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, rafting, and many other adventures that will leave you with the best memories; sport fishing is an experience you won’t forget from your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica. Thanks for read: "Sport fishing and other Reasons to Spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica", rate or share this post! You will love read: An Amazing Event to Enjoy in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica: Ironman 70.3 Costa Rica 2018
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