An unforgettable journey awaits you on Peninsula Papagayo with the Tamarindo Costa Rica luxury home rentals. They are the best and most comfortable resorts in Costa Rica, and you’re going to thank us for recommending them. PEXS brings your vacation to the next level with incredible adventures, excellent customer support, and much more.

What is the best part of Costa Rica to visit?

While the whole country is beautiful and worthy of attention, only Peninsula Papagayo raises the standard by a few notches. There are all sorts of natural wonders there, from emerald-green canopies hidden amidst the rainforests, to abundant reefs in the ocean waters, and wild animals lurking about. You can go for a swim or ride the waves on your surfboard, and we can help you organize that.

Our sea adventures include – family beach time, fishing expeditions, underwater snorkeling trips, surfing, and cruising on the North Pacific Ocean. There’s no better time to enjoy the fresh air of Costa Rica than now. Use our amenities services and organized touring expeditions to experience the time of your life on Peninsula Papagayo.

The most beautiful destination in the world

Hands down, Costa Rica, represents the wet dream of many adventure enthusiasts. If you love exotic places where the sun falls on the ocean waters, and the coconut drinks get colder under the shade of palm trees, then Costa Rica is for you. Moreover, if you want to experience the real exotic life, then let us help you.

Our exclusive services range from home management to room cleaning, supply restocking, car rental, and organized trips through the jungle. Enlist in our cruising expeditions on the ocean, and relax as you breathe in the maritime air of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a unique experience that never ceases to amaze tourists.

Comfortable rental locations

The Tamarindo Costa Rica luxury home rentals are the very epitome of luxurious living conditions. You will live like royalty in a king bed, admire the setting sun on our terrace, and go for a BBQ in the evening. There are other outdoor activities that you will surely love, like golf, tennis, and beach games.

Furthermore, you will be able to up the comfort level by delegating your responsibilities to us. Let us clean your room, send food to your room, schedule in-land expeditions or even a private beach where no one will disturb you. Start packing, buy a ticket to Costa Rica, and let us welcome you into paradise.

Is Costa Rica expensive?

The country’s sprawling economy revolves around touristic attractions and the exotic charm it emanates. With some of the more luxurious resorts, the prices will jump up exponentially, but this doesn’t mean you won’t afford anything here. In Peninsula Papagayo, the Tamarindo Costa Rica home rentals vary in pricing.

You’ll find exactly what you’re looking for here. Let PEXS recommend you the best rentals in Costa Rica, and allow us to be your personal assistant for the time being. We’ll make all the preparations, so you have an unforgettable experience here.