If you are planning luxury vacations Costa Rica, the experience will surely be accompanied by incredible natural attractions. Costa Ricans, or Ticos as they are also known, are aware of their natural resources and in 2007 voted; they were voters of an open poll which aimed to rank Costa Rica’s natural wonders listing the best seven.  The following 4 of the 7 are near Guanacaste Province: Guanacaste Province is located Northwest of Costa Rica bordering with the Pacific Ocean; Coco Island is not quite off-shore Guanacaste but rather a little towards the South, off-shore Puntarenas Province. Coco Island is of great biological importance worldwide; it has abundant biodiversity including several endemic species. It is specifically located 300 miles Southwest from Osa Peninsula. Some of the endemic species found in the area include insects, lizards, spiders, birds, crustaceans, mollusks and fish; in addition, there are several plant species that are also endemic. There are steep cliffs in the island with amazing waterfalls. Coco Island also has abundant cloud forests and it has been declared National Park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Are there Fun Tourist Activities Available in Coco Island?

Coco Island is actually considered one of the 10 best scuba diving locations worldwide due to the abundant marine life; therefore, snorkeling is also popular. It is possible for you to see manta rays, sailfish, hammerhead sharks, dolphins, there might even be whales around. Although the waters surrounding Coco Island, no settlements are allowed there, only Park Rangers dwell in the island. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Coco Island is so magical and unique, that it served as inspiration for the Jurassic Park movies and books. It has biodiversity on the island and underwater of worldwide relevance and mesmerizing beauty; another great feature for tourists in Costa Rica is that it is not difficult to arrange visits to Coco Island. It is not too far from popular tourist beach towns in Guanacaste including Papagayo Peninsula. Part of Arenal Volcano Naational Park is actually located in Guancaste Province; the other part is in Alajuela Province, East of Guanacaste. The park protects 30 thousand acres of territory and 8 life zones with great biodiversity. The Arenal Volcano is located in Alajuela Province and it is an active stratovolcano; it is 5,750ft tall and it has been active since it erupted in 1968. Seeing Arenal Volcano is an amazing sight; this majestic natural feature cannot be seen everywhere; in addition, there is another volcano in the park called Chato Volcano. Nearby is the amazing Arenal Lake; incredible waterfalls and rivers also make part of this paradise of fertile land. Vegetation is lush and abundant, and so is wildlife diversity in the surroundings of Arenal Volcano.

What Fun Activities Can you Do In Arenal Volcano and its Surroundings?

Hikes up the incredible volcano through its lush tropical forests are popular in the area. Walking through the dense forests and seeing a variety of birds and other animals is amazing. Furthermore, there are incredible hot spring and natural features as a result of the great geothermal activity of the volcano. You can also swim in paradisiacal waterfalls as well as in the incredible Arenal Lake. La Fortuna Waterfall and Arenal Lake are very near the volcano and they are important attractions of the national park; any water sports are popular in the lake. Some of these tourist activities are windsurfing, kayaking, sailboarding, fishing and boat tours are very popular too. If you visit Arenal Volcano, remember that visiting Chato Volcano is also a good idea. It is right next to it and has a lagoon at its top. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica In the list of the Costa Rican seven wonder, each wonder has a specific position in the list. In this regard, Celeste River is number 3 of this list; however, in the official list of Costa Rica’s Seven Wonders, it is actually number 4. Celeste River owes its name to the characteristic light blue color it has; it also has several minerals that give it a blue hue and make it a very popular tourist attraction in Costa Rica. Visits to amazing destinations like Celeste River make luxury vacations Costa Rica a unique experience; while enjoying very luxurious services, you also get to visit magical natural locations like this that can blow your mind. The color is produced by an optical effect; nevertheless, there are several legends about it. One of the legends says God washed His brushes in this river when he finished painting the sky.

What Activities Can you Do in Celeste River Surroundings?

One of the biggest attractions in the river surroundings are the incredible hot springs you can find along the river; apart from bathing in them, you can also swim in a blue lagoon. You can go hiking and get to wonderful waterfalls; you can also go birdwatching and fishing. The biodiversity of the area is astonishing; you will surely be amazed by the numerous animal species you will get to see. Celeste River is in Tenorio Volcano National Park, which as well as Arenal Volcano National Park is in 2 provinces; the geothermal activity in the area, and specifically in Celeste River, is owed to the volcanic activity in the area. For this reason, you can mix your visit to Celeste River with tours to the fascinating Tenorio Volcano National Park; it will be an amazing experience. Some of the best cloud forests of Costa Rica can be found in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve; it is located in Puntarenas Province which borders with Guanacaste Province by the South. Very close to the border with Guanacaste is this amazing biological reserve that is located Southwest of Arenal Volcano National Park. This incredible reserve has rich biodiversity and was founded in 1972. Spending incredible luxury vacations Costa Rica is a great opportunity, and you cannot forget a visit to Monteverde if possible; the park protects almost 26 thousand acres of territory as well as 6 different life zones. There are many animal species you can spot, including mammals, amphibians, birds and more. There are also many plant species; it actually has the largest number or orchids in the world.

What Activities Could you Do In Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve?

Hikes and bird watching are very popular in the park; there is a good chance you will witness several animal species just by entering the park. In addition, the park has so many incredible forests that this resource has been profited from. Taking into account the rich biodiversity and incredible sights you can have from the tree tops, there are aerial activities. Throughout Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve you can find incredible hanging bridges so that you can admire the park differently; getting on these bridges is a wonderful experience, you see everything from different perspective.  Apart from it being fun, the wildlife you’ll get to see will be different from that of the ground level; furthermore, in the highest places of the park, in a clear day, you could see both coastlines of Costa Rica.

What are the Other Wonders of Costa Rica?

These are just four of the Seven Wonders of Costa Rica; however, this does not mean the recommendation has to do with quality, but rather location. Guanacaste has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists around the world; nevertheless, not many of these wonders are in such convenient proximity. For these reasons, these previously mentioned destinations have been recommended. You could also visit the other wonders; however, they are a located a little farther from the incredible Costa Rica luxury rental homes you can find in Guanacaste. The wonder number 3 from the official list is Chirripó Mountain; it is in San José Province; number 5 in the official list is Tortuguero Canals in Tortuguero National Park (Caribbean Coastline). Finally, number 6 is Poas Volcano, in Costa Rica’s central part.

Where Can you Find Good Accommodation Options for Luxury Vacations Costa Rica?

There are good options near the areas where the seven wonders are located; nevertheless, if you are looking for the best Costa Rica luxury rental homes, you should definitely stay in Guanacaste. There are modern and yet quaint villages along the Pacific Coastline where you will find the best services; you will find the best resorts, Costa Rica luxury villas, entertainment, transportation and amazing natural beauty. Some of the wonders may be located a little far from these tourist beach towns; however, you will soon discover that the services make up for the rides you will go on. There are incredible transportation services, whether you rent a car or hire private transportation; the exclusive services provided by the rental homes companies will make sure transportation to your tours is not a problem.

Some Beach Towns on Guanacaste’s Pacific Coastline with Amazing Rental Homes in Costa Rica

One of the most developed areas in Guanacaste Province is Papagayo Peninsula. This region has incredible and luxurious resorts, the most luxurious marina of Latin America and great transportation services. If you choose to stay in the fabulous Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals, it won’t be a problem to get anywhere; no matter how far you are going, you can be sure you’ll be comfortable. Peninsula papagayo costa rica The services that get you the most luxurious Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals can help you hire the best transportation services to anywhere you are going. Plus, the marina’s proximity allows for sailing tours and many water activities in the Pacific Ocean. Continuing down South from Papagayo Peninsula is Culebra Bay and next is Hermosa Bay; the beautiful beach makes honor to its name in Spanish (“Hermosa” means gorgeous). Hermosa Beach in Guanacaste (there is another beach with the same name) is very popular; it is located just 20 minutes from Guanacaste’s capital, Liberia, and its airport. The beach is amazing and its waters are calm. As in Papagayo Peninsula, there has been great development taking place in the area; as a result, there are also incredible resorts and some of the best rental homes in Costa Rica. Hermosa Beach has a very convenient location and you can also find great transportation to your tours; Arenal Volcano is actually not that far from Hermosa Beach. Coco Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica; not only does it have amazing rental homes and resorts, it also has a very active nightlife. Coco Beach is a perfect destination because it is also located near Liberia and it has great transportation; it has great tourist services and you will surely not get bored at the end of the day. In Coco beach you will find something to do after a long day of fun adventure tours; whether you want to unwind and relax watching the Guanacaste sunsets, eat a little or go for drinks, you can. Even if you want to go dancing and get in touch with the Tico crowds, Coco Beach is the perfect place for it. The young crowds, both locals and foreigners love Coco Beach and for evident reasons. Ocotal Beach is located near Coco Beach, but it is a quieter destination.  This Beach, counts with fabulous beachfront luxury villas and you can also find options for tighter options; nevertheless, if you seek luxury and comfort, the fabulous villas in the area are the way to go. Ocotal Beach is also conveniently located near Liberia’s international airport and you can find good transportation. Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Ocotal Beach is also located near Conchal Beach, which has clear waters as those of the Caribbean. Ocotal Beach, as well as the other beach towns are incredible locations; they may be located a little far from some of the wonders but services available make it possible and comfortable. With proper transportation services, you can stay in a beach town with the best rental homes. Choose the appropriate place to spend your nights; the companies helping with rental homes will make sure to make possible the luxury vacations Costa Rica you dream of! Thanks for read: ''The 4 Costa Rica Wonders you Can Visit from Guanacaste: Luxury Vacations Costa Rica''. Share or comment this post. You will love read: Things you Didn’t Know about Guanacaste Province: A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
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