The Papagayo Peninsula probably has the best features for a luxury vacation Costa Rica. Throughout the territory, there are amazing Costa Rica villa rentals, hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars, and others. The territory is amazing for its amazing natural attractions that mix beaches with jungle and first-class tourism. It is the perfect place to stay, delight from the surroundings and have a lot of fun!

Costa Rica Rental Homes

  Did you know that Costa Rica rental homes have gained tons of popularity lately? The privacy, luxury and comfort of the amazing Costa Rica villa rentals and other rental homes make tourists prefer them. Many people prefer to stay at a hotel and there are several amazing hotels in Costa Rica. However, along the Peninsula Papagayo there are amazing Costa Rica luxury homes for rent you will love.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The first thing worth mentioning about Peninsula Papagayo is the Four Seasons private estate homes. This amazing housing complex is located on the Southern end of the Peninsula. The homes assure their guests privacy, and they are strategically built to face the Pacific Ocean. Did you know the West Coast of Costa Rica is famous for its sunsets? Surrounded by amazing landscapes, these estate homes represent the ultimate tourist experience.

The Amazing Beaches Near Rental Homes

The Four Seasons private estate homes are not the only house rentals complex in the peninsula. There are also the Four Seasons Private Villas, the Residential center of the Peninsula, the Beachfront estates, condominiums and more. Did you know the peninsula is on continuous development? Besides these complexes, there are others being built making the area the best tourist hub.

These complexes are in amazing locations with the greatest beaches nearby:

Virador Beach is a beautiful destination with clear turquoise waters. This almost intact natural location is great for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving or just relaxing while sunbathing. Eco tourism is perfect for the area given its natural preserved state. The beach makes a natural bridge along with Blanca Beach that lead to the tip of the peninsula, Punta Mala. Playa Blanca is another clear water beach. Playa Virador is in the Peninsula Papagayo Residential Center, while Playa Blanca is in the Four Seasons Resort. Visitors staying at the resort or at the residential center have the water at a walking distance and are surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. Similarly to Playa Virador, this is a beautiful destination; a beach with clear turquoise waters as well as clear sand. The beach extends through 400 meters of coastline; it has Punta Prieta to the South as well as Chocoyos Islet. These 2 geographic features make Playa Prieta a very attractive beach. Given the clear waters, activities for watching the marine wildlife are popular in the area. Some of the water sports practiced in the area include snorkeling, scuba diving and sport fishing. The waters are calm, so they are ideal for more relaxing activities. The beach is nearby beachfront estates which are luxurious, comfortable and designed to offer guests an amazing view. Near Playa Prieta, there is also the Playa Prieta Beach Club & Spa, another great place for tourists to relax. This beautiful beach in Guanacaste has white sand, clear blue waters and it is also surrounded by tropical dry forest. The lush vegetation combined with the beach make this destination breathtaking. This area is so naturally varied, there is not only seawater and dry forest surroundings. There is a mangrove swamp, an estuary and a creek which result in a magical paradise for nature lovers.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Playa Nascacolo is in Culebra Bay and it is not so near housing complexes as the other mentioned beaches. Nevertheless, it is not precisely far from them. Playa Nacascolo is near Las Terrazas Condominium Furnished Model as well as the famous Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course. There is a Golf Clubhouse, a store, a café, tennis courts and residential services. There is a long coastline comprising the peninsula of which the previous are just some of the beaches. Others include Playa Venado, Playa Jícaro, Playa Pochote, Playa Palmares, Playa Sombrero near the Marina and Playa Manzanillo. The latter is near the entry of the peninsula and the incredible and luxurious Marina Papagayo.

Hotels of the Area

You can be sure of one thing, and that is that you won’t be short of hotels in Costa Rica. However, probably the best are in the Papagayo Peninsula.  The Four Seasons Resort, for example, is near the tip of the Peninsula near Virador Beach. The Andaz Peninsula Papagayo resort is also new, very luxurious, comfortable and breathtaking. From Costa Rica luxury homes to hotels, you have it all. There are also exclusive resorts between Playa Venado and Playa Blanca beaches facing the waters of beautiful Culebra Bay.

Entertainment Centers of the Area

  • Golf
One of the most popular attractions of the area regarding entertainment is the golf course. Have you been to the amazing Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course? If not, and whether you are a golf enthusiast or not, you will be delighted by it. Not only is it popular due to its efficient design, but its location, jungle surroundings are a key factor. You will enjoy yourself just by standing inside the golf course facilities.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The golf course is located near Playa Pochote. Not only the course is available, but there is also a store, tennis courts, a café and residential services if you need them. Now, you may know about this golf course, but did you know there is another golf course being designed? With Jack Nicklaus as author, the new golf course will be located near Playa Sombrero and the Marina Papagayo.
  • Clubs, Spas, and Restaurants
Just as well as there are amazing accommodation options in Costa Rica, there are other attractions for entertainment in Papagayo. When spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica, have you visited the Prieta Beach Club? Located in Playa Prieta, this club offers visitors a 6-star-level experience with its service. It has amazing pools facing the ocean as well as fancy restaurants for your pleasure. In Prieta Beach Club, there are is also a bar and a massage service as well as personalized service. There are also sun decks with lounges where you can just go and relax, as well as witness the amazing sunsets. In the area of the Arnold Palmer Golf Course, there are also tennis courts, cafés and stores. There are also amazing restaurants that also work as bars as the day turns into night.

The Amazing Marina Papagayo

One of the main attractions of the peninsula is the marvelous marina that is located between Playa Manzanillo and Playa Sombrero. Not just for being a marina, but it is famous for being the only luxurious marina of Latin America.  Did you know that the Marina Papagayo can host over a hundred vessels in its slips? Big, luxurious and with the best services, Marina Papagayo has enhanced Costa Rica. Counting with all the exclusive services tourists need for their settlement, those arriving by the sea have a good experience coming their way. The marina provides all the basic services that visitors need for their vessels, as well as a personalized service in order to tend to tourists’ most important personal requests. Attention, good personalized service and even tour packages are even provided by the marina staff.

Other Services you Can Find in the Peninsula for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Whether staying in the Marina, a resort, or in homes for rent in Costa Rica, there are many services provided. In the peninsula, you can find transportation services, as well as tour packages services. From car rentals to tour guides or guided rides to specific locations, all tourist related services can be found in the area. You can also find stores for equipment of specific activities and pay for lessons.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Regarding car rentals or transportation services in general, exclusive services provided in the area include personalized attention. You may need to call a taxi, rent a vehicle or hire a private driver for tour rides. With the exclusive services of the peninsula, you don’t have to worry about organizing your rides. The efficient staff in the area can hook you up with the most proper service.

Some Activities you Can Do in the Peninsula

The activities you can do in this area very similar to others you can do throughout the country. Nevertheless, the difference from this part of Costa Rica is that many of those activities are sports in natural destinations. In the Papagayo Peninsula you can also do the popular activities you can do in other parts such as snorkeling, horseback riding, scuba diving, go on zip lining adventures, etc. Besides these activities, you can also practice other sports that are possible do to the tourist development of the peninsula.  Playing golf, practicing tennis in the beautiful tennis courts, and going on golf cart rentals adventures are things you cannot do anywhere. Given the tourist development, the construction of new entertainment centers makes the area a more attractive destination with more options.

Natural Attractions on Land

As national parks and biological reserves represent the biggest tourist attractions, there are a few near the Papagayo Peninsula.  The Horizontes Forest Experimental is a nature reserve, and it is the closest to the peninsula. It is a part of the Guanacaste Conservation area and its target is to protect the dry tropical forest that has been destroyed by agricultural practices.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica There are also 3 national parks near the Papagayo Peninsula. Santa Rosa national Park is one of them; it was the first national park founded, and it is of important historical relevance. There are 10 different habitats in the national park and it has a very rich biodiversity. Another nearby park is Guanacaste National Park which protects dry tropical forests and savannas.

There is also Palo Verde National Park nearby which also protects areas with tropical dry forests.

When is a Good Moment to Visit this Region?

The Costa Rican weather consists of two distinguishable seasons. There is a dry season, and a rainy or green season; the latter is the most preferred for traveling here. Nevertheless, the weather of Costa Rica, though changing with the two seasons is rarely too strong for a vacation. The green season is characterized with heavy showers throughout the country, but it also depends on the region. If you are travelling during the green season, the advice is that you check the weather patterns of the country. Showers might be heavier in some regions depending on the specific time of the season, but they might not affect you. On the one hand, depending on the activity or the time you scheduled it, rain might not affect you. On the other hand, sometimes rains may be less heavy and it may not even rain at all some days.

Why Choose This Region for Visiting?

If all the previous reasons are not enough for you, there are more. Pagagayo Peninsula is not only a place where development is growing focusing on the tourist industry, there are other advantages. Liberia city with its international airport is, for one, very close to the peninsula, in the same province. This facilitates communication, economic relations, growth and ensures availability of amenities for tourists.The Amazing Tourist Features for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in Peninsula Papagayo Peninsula Papagayo is a place where you can find the best tourist services. You can find transportation services and the best homes for rent in Costa Rica, transportation services and tour packages here. Peninsula Papagayo is also quality entertainment for those who deserve and require no less than the best. The peninsula is the place to spend the best luxury vacation Costa Rica. If you wish to spend the best time of your life and enjoy tourism of the highest quality, this is the place for you. Peninsula Papagayo equals high-quality tourist services. Thanks for read: “The Amazing Tourist Features for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica in Peninsula Papagayo" We recommend read too: 8 Low Key Destinations and Luxurious Costa Rica Vacation Rentals Nearby  
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