Everyone has different interests; some people enjoy adventure and some prefer relaxation. Moreover, of those seeking to spend a Luxury vacation Costa Rica, many specifically enjoy spas. In this regard, there are is no reason to worry as there are many to relax in Costa Rica. More importantly, the Northwestern Guanacaste Province is an area where you can find all the luxurious services you may need.

1.     Spas and Related Centers in the Papagayo Peninsula

  1. The Prieta Beach Club
Where is the Prieta Beach Club? Prieta Beach Club is located in Prieta Beach; this beach is located near the tip of the Papagayo Peninsula, in its North side. The Papagayo Peninsula has several beaches, and Prieta Beach is a small one. The whole Peninsula has undergone great development and it is very popular among tourists; Prieta Beach is small, but it is also a great option to get away to a secluded, less crowded destination. How is this Fabulous Club? Besides the spa, this is an amazing club devoted to its customers’ entertainment and satisfaction; the club features a spa which will be fully functioning in 2019, a gym and place for special event celebrations. It also has 3 different venues which are Latin inspired and where you can have cocktails and amazing food; there are also 3 incredible pools where all the family can have lots of fun. The Special Feature of the Prieta Beach Club For starters, there is the fabulous spa, in which there are treatment rooms for both women and men; however, in 2019, the full improved experience will be inaugurated. The fitness center is another important part of the Prieta Beach Club. Here, you can have a satisfying workout with the most modern equipment; there will be an instructor to guide you, you just have to forget about excuses! Furthermore, there are three amazing bar and restaurants where you can delight your palates and have some night time fun too. From seasonal cuisine, to classic and contemporary cuisine, these venues offer a unique experience facing beautiful Prieta Beach. In addition, the pools and water activities available by the sea, and the marvelous Kids club, make this a wonderful club.
  1. Onda Spa

Where is the Fabulous Onda Spa? It is located in the Hyatt Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort, which is located East of Manzanillo Beach. This beach is located towards the opposite of the Papagayo Peninsula tip, in its South side. Manzanillo is a fascinating beach with white sand and blue green waters. This is a lees croded beach than others with little tourist services apart from the amazing Andaz Resort. How is this Fascinating Spa? The Onda Spa in Andaz Resort is an 11,000 square feet territory that has 9 amazing treatment rooms. The wonderful surroundings of its facilities provide a soothing environment for the most relaxing experience. There are several treatments offered which include beautifications, massages, facial therapies, wraps, waxing and manicures and pedicures; the result: you will feel and look better.Remove term: Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The wonderful spa also features a gym; the gym has modern equipment including cardio, core and free weights equipment. It also has wonderful surroundings as appealing background view, a lounge room, steam, and shower rooms. If you like to take good care of your body, that won’t be a problem in your Luxury vacation Costa Rica.

 Are there Good Accommodation Options or house rentals Peninsula Papagayo?

The wonderful and luxurious Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica and the most fabulous house rentals Peninsula Papagayo will leave you breathless; Papagayo Peninsula has undergone tremendous tourist development and the area has amazing resorts and the best Costa Rica rental homes. There are amazing beachfront villas, wonderful condos and beautiful townhouses that’ll guarantee your luxury vacation Costa Rica.

2.     Spas in Las Catalinas

  1. Casa Chameleon Hotel Spa
Where is it located? The spa in Casa Chamelon Hotel is located in the gorgeous town that is Las Catalinas. This is a relatively new town founded under the principles of New Urbanism; there are several walkways and only the main highway that passes by the town has cars. The town actually has several walkways that enhance and promote the pedestrian experience, integrating the design with nature. Casa Chameleon Hotel is Located near Danta Beach towards the East.  It is right by the main highway, the only one in the town called Camino Las Catalinas; it has a easy access, even by car. Danta Beach, which is nearby, is a very beautiful beach town located near another popular tourist beach: Dantita Beach. Danitia, although popular as well, is less crowded than Danta Beach. How is this Spa? There are no facilities for a spa in Casa Chameleon Hotel; its spa services are provided for hotel customers at the privacy of their villas. You can contact the hotel staff via phone number or e-mail and simply book any of the fabulous treatments they offer. Here you can get facials, and a variety of massages that are meant to relieve pressure; there is also aromatherapy and treatments with volcanic rocks.

Are there Good Accommodation Options in Las Catalinas?

As previously mentioned; there are options as hotels to stay in Las Catalinas. Moreover, if you wish to stay in Las Catalinas, but would rather stay in a beachfront villa, there are options. The beautiful Danta Beach has amazing options in luxurious rental homes; these fascinating estates have both incredible views to the mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Thus, Danta Beach and Las Catalinas are very close to each other.

3.      Spas in Ocotal Beach

  1. Angel’s Hands Spa
Where is this spa? This fabulous spa’s located in Pez Vela Bay, which is very near Ocotal Beach, but to its Southwest. Just minutes from Ocotal Beach, the spa is located in the beautiful Blue Beach (Playa Azul in Spanish), Guanacaste Province. Ocotal Beach is a breathtaking beach town perfect for you to spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica; it is located just 3 km from the very popular Coco Beach. Coco Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Guanacaste; therefore, by staying in the wonderful and calmer Ocotal Beach you can still visit the more crowded Coco Beach. Ocotal Beach is one of the best locations for going snorkeling, as well as scuba diving. There is a variety of marine life that might spot in the waters of Ocotal Beach; manta rays, turtles and sharks are just some of them. How is the Fantastic Angel’s Hands Spa? This spa offers a number of treatments that will leave all your worries and concerns in the past. There are massages offered to men, women, children, pregnant women, athletes in recovery, and those with chronic pains; there are therapeutic treatments, reductive massages and many other specific treatments for your special needs. Whether for fun or health purposes; you won’t regret visiting it. There are other types of treatments as well; these include facial and body treatments. Mini facial spas, facial masks, exfoliation for body and face and other treatments like reflexology are also offered. There are also salon treatments you can have such as waxing, manicures and pedicures; you will leave this wonderful spa feeling renewed and beautiful in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica.  Are there Good Playa Ocotal Vacation Rentals? There is quite a good number of options of Playa Ocotal Vacation Rentals. From luxurious villas to wonderful vacation rental apartments; you do not have to concern about finding more than acceptable lodging options. There are fabulous apartments for rent surrounded by amazing green forests and just 5 minutes away from Ocotal Beach. This is a paradisiacal town where you have an awesome time.
Vacation home rentals

Azul Paraiso in Ocotal Beach

4.     Spas in Hermosa Beach

If you’re staying in Hermosa Beach and wish to go to a spa, your best options are towards the North; closer to the Papagayo Gulf, there are spas and wellness centers that will relax you leaving all your troubles behind.
  1. El Mangroove Spa
Where is El mangrove Spa located? This amazing spa and wellness center is located in the luxurious El Mangroove, Autograph Collection Hotel; the hotel is part of the international Marriott company which franchises a big number of lodging services. El Mangroove is actually located in Panama Beach, in Panama bay which is just a few miles from Hermosa Beach. It will take you just a few minutes to get there by car. Hermosa Beach, as its name in Spanish declares, is a ‘gorgeous’ beach; it is very popular among tourists not only due to its natural beauty and attractions. Hermosa Beach is one of the small villages that have developed greatly in the tourism industry; therefore, services are plenty and of the highest quality. This is an amazing tourist but laid-back destination even though it has experienced great growth. How is the fabulous El Mangroove Spa? This fabulous spa offers all kinds of treatments for its customers’ highest pleasure. The treatments include massages intended for relaxation, and some even use volcanic stones in the process. There are prenatal massages offered as well as great facials for all kinds of needs. You can get a rejuvenating facial, a lifting facial, and if you are gentleman, there are options for you too. There are other treatments available that include the appliance of seaweeds on your body, and there is aromatherapy; there are even special treatments for your hands and feet, including reflexology. There are also salon services provided including make-up appliance and there is also a gym. The gym is open 24/7 and it has incredible surroundings outdoors. How are the Lodging Options in Hermosa Beach? Hermosa Beach is one of the best tourist destinations in Costa Rica; this is not only due to its beauty, but the services, including accommodation options, are excellent. There are two ‘Hermosa’ Beaches in Costa Rica; therefore, it’s important not to confuse the one in Guanacaste with the one in the Central Pacific. The latter is actually a popular surfing destination.Remove term: Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Moreover, Hermosa Beach in Guanacaste is one of those paradisiacal beachfront towns where despite the notorious development, it’s still calm; there are several luxurious hotels and housing complexes but it maintains its laid-back vibe. There are incredible Costa Rica rental homes in Hermosa Beach; from breathtaking, luxurious villas to wonderful condos, there are plenty of options. Hermosa Beach is strategically located; therefore, many tourists staying at the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica visit this beach. It is a well developed area.

5.     Spas in Coco Beach

  1. Go! Fitness Club
Where is the club located? The amazing Go! Fitness Club is located is the popular Coco Beach. Playas del Coco (in Spanish) is one of the most popular and developed tourist destinations in Guanacaste; locals and tourists alike enjoy coming for its beauty, services and very active nightlife. How is this Club? This is a gym and spa where you can go to have an incredible workout and get relaxing treatments. There is a trained staff to ensure your satisfaction.  There are therapies, massages and other treatments offered; however, the gym is what makes it famous.Remove term: Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Are there Lodging Options in Coco Beach to Spend a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica? Coco Beach has incredible home rentals and hotel options. This is another area that has had great tourist growth; here you can find beachfront villas, apartments, townhouses and more; they can be rented through special services that give tourists a VIP service throughout their stay. Guanacaste Province is a area that has benefits greatly from tourist activity; therefore, you will not fall short of options when it comes to entertainment. Furthermore, if you’re searching for a place to relax and forget about routine spas and wellness centers are numerous here; the Guanacaste Province has spas, gyms and not only that, there are plenty of bars and restaurants to unwind. If you’re interested in relaxing and spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica, any of these towns are perfect for you!
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