Guanacaste Province has become one of the most popular destinations for a luxury vacation Costa Rica; this province is located on the North Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and it has an international airport in Liberia. Nevertheless, Liberia, Guanacaste’s capital, and the rest of the province, have stopped being point of arrival; the province has become one of the best areas for tourism in the world.

Story of its Name—Why Guanacaste?

Many people visit Guanacaste Province every year, but they don’t know where this name comes from. Guanacaste Province receives this name because of a tree of the same name which is also a national symbol for Costa Ricans; the scientific name of the tree is Enterolobium cyclocarpum and “Guanacaste” is a name in “náhuatl”. A Guanacaste seems like a tree with ear, which is what the name means. The first area that received this name was a settlement formed in what is now Liberia, the capital of Guanacaste. The area got this name due to the big quantity of Guanacaste trees present; these trees serve as a comfortable shadow for passersby who would stop by for a nap in their travels. At some point the area changed its name to “Moracia”, but it was changed back to Guanacaste in 1860.

Guanacaste Was Not Always Part of Costa Rica’s Territory

Guanacaste was an important area in the times of colonization and it actually served as strategic point; from here it was possible to advance to Costa Rica and conquer it. The territory was then known with the name “Nicoya”. Later on, the territory where the actual capital of Guanacaste is located, Liberia, was founded with the name “Guanacaste”. The Party of Nicoya was autonomous for 185 years but it was eventually annexed to the State of Costa Rica in 1824. The territory was later on the target of attempts of Central American domination, which resulted unsuccessful. After a long time of dispute over this territory between Costa Rica and Nicaragua, it was all finally settled; the former “Nicoya” is now known as Guanacaste Province and belongs to Costa Rica.

Tourism Meets History in Santa Rosa, Guanacaste Province

Costa Rica has a National System of Conservation Areas; one of them is the Guanacaste Conservation Area in which there are various national parks. The Santa Rosa National Park is one of them; this site is not only a place devoted to natural preservation housing abundant biodiversity. Santa Rosa National Park also contains a monument of historical relevance: the Hacienda Santa Rosa. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica   This historical site is a museum in memory of the Santa Rosa Battle; it is an important event for Costa Ricans as it represents the defeat of an invasion led by William Walker. Walker is known as one of the most popular filibusters of the 19th century; the battle ended with the defeat of Walkers invasion and their final expulsion from the territory.

Unique Characteristics in Ecosystems

Costa Rica, in its remarkable conservation efforts, has been divided into 11 different conservation areas; one of these areas, the Guanacaste Conservation Area, located in the Guanacaste Province, has outstanding biodiversity. One of the traits that make it stand out regarding richness in biodiversity has to do with the ecosystems present. There are actually 4 different ecosystems in the Guanacaste Conservation Area, which are: tropical marine/coastal, dry forest, cloud forest and rainforest ecosystems. This is a remarkable trait because it is the only conservation area having all these four ecosystems; it is amazing that you can spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica while being surrounded by such natural beauty.

Archeological Importance of Guanacaste Province

This Province is not only historically important or due to its natural resources; archeologically, this area is of great importance. It is said that Costa Rica’s first inhabitant entered the territory through the area that is now Guanacaste Province; this occurred 12 thousand years ago. Apart from this, Guanacaste is the territory where most archeological findings have taken place. The area had a big settlement which was the “culture of Nicoya”; this was a kingdom with a complex social organization and a highly developed culture. The Nicoya Kingdom developed for two thousand years; it was characterized by a complex government and it has specialized agriculture with different techniques. It was also a culture of beautiful handcrafts of which pottery stands out.

Incredible Tourism in Guanacaste Province – A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Guanacaste Province has become the favorite tourist area recently due to the big development that it has undergone. Major projects involving the building renowned hotel franchises and luxurious Costa Rica luxury homes are partly responsible for it; this, along with quality services and a growing industry focused on tourist investment make this the best area for a vacation. In addition, the natural beauty of the place cannot be overlooked; most of tourist activities are related to ecotourism. In Costa Rica, natural resources are profited from by the fullest, in a way that their own preservation is ensured. This way, the development of the country is promoted while maintaining a policy that enhances natural conservation and protection.
  1. Costa Rica Luxury Rentals in Guanacaste Province

  The whole province has developed greatly; however, there are some specific towns along the Pacific coastline where tourists prefer to stay.  Though there are different options regarding budgets and services, the following places are recommended due to their high quality; if you truly seek for a luxury vacation Costa Rica, these are the places you should go. The Papagayo Peninsula is one of the most visited destinations in Costa Rica. It has been the chosen area for a big project aiming to turn the area into a fantastic tourist zone; Papagayo Peninsula has incredible hotels and luxurious resorts. Plus, there are also incredible beachfront Costa Rica luxury rentals. From luxurious beachfront villas to smaller studio apartments, the options are fabulous. In addition, you can spend an amazing luxury vacation Costa Rica by enjoying some other wonderful features; in Papagayo Peninsula is the most luxurious marina of Latin America. There is also a fabulous golf course, tennis courts, and top-of-the line infrastructures for entertainment; if you want to enjoy luxury in a natural paradise, then you need to visit the Papagayo Peninsula. Hermosa Beach is also a very popular destination in Guanacaste. The name alone (“Gorgeous” in English) invites people over to delight from the clear waters and its gray sands; Hermosa Beach is also surrounded by two mountains, it’s an incredible landscape. Hermosa Beach has amazing options in Costa Rica luxury homes of which luxury villas and condos by the beach stand out. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica There is another Hermosa Beach on the Pacific Coastline, not to be confused with this one in Guanacaste; the other Hermosa Beach is a popular surfing destination for its natural conditions. Hermosa Beach is perfect for a vacation not only for its beaches and accommodation options, but its services available are also of a very high quality as well as abundant. Las Catalinas serves as a perfect example of Guanacaste’s growth in favor of the environment and the tourism industry; this beach town is actually very new and it is a result of a well-planned eco-tourist project. Nevertheless, the town was not only built for tourism, but there are actually many expats living in Las Catalinas; this is a common trend as many tourists fall in love with the place and don’t want to leave. Las Catalinas is a town designed for people to make the best out of nature; the town blends in urban infrastructures with natural resources perfectly. It actually does not have roads other than the main road that leads to the town; otherwise, this is the perfect place to breathe clean air of carbon monoxide. It was designed under New Urbanism principles and it is the only town in Costa Rica with these characteristics. Coco Beach, or Playas del Coco in Spanish, is also rather popular amongst tourists; there are many reasons for it. On the one hand, it has some of the best luxury rentals in Costa Rica; on the other hand, it also has amazing beaches and natural attractions nearby to have a lot of fun. However, probably the most attractive feature of Coco Beach is the incredible active nightlife that characterizes it.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Coco Beach is famous for having amazing cafés, restaurants, night clubs, and similar places; these locations are perfect for you to unwind by the end of the day delighting from delicious dishes, cocktails, etc. If you are one of those people who enjoy mingling with the locals and interacting with them, visit Coco Beach; here Ticos and tourists alike go out and enjoy the tropical and “pura vida” vibe of Costa Rica. Ocotal Beach has many advantages as a tourist town, just like Coco Beach does. It has great accommodation options including hotels and also, some of the best luxury rentals in Costa Rica. Ocotal Beach, as Coco Beach, also has incredible cafés, restaurants and tourist services in general, apart from marvelous natural attractions; however, it is a little calmer than Coco Beach, it has a more laid-back vibe. The Tenorio Volcano Area is located in between two provinces, Guanacaste to the West and Alajuela to the East side. This area has incredible biodiversity and although it is not facing the Pacific Ocean, it has incredible beauty; the area has abundant volcanic activity, including the majestic Tenorio volcano and other volcanic formations. The Tenorio Volcano National Park Protects a big area of this territory; in this territory, besides incredible sights, there are many fun activities for you to enjoy your time in Costa Rica. Amazing hot spring and hiking trails characterize the area, but it’s not only that; if you want to spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica, you can also do this. There are fabulous homes for rent in Costa Rica, in the Tenorio Area.
  1. b) Amazing Tourist Activities in Guanacaste Province

The geographic location of Guanacaste and its natural features make possible numerous adventures; ecotourism is the most popular type of tourism in Costa Rica and Guanacaste has several options. In land, activities like hiking, climbing, mountain bike riding, freshwater rafting, horseback riding, and more are just some available. There are also amazing water adventures available. Surfing, for example, is one of the most popular activities in the area; even a movie features incredible Costa Rican surfing spots presenting them as some of the best worldwide. Other activities in the water include sea kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, stand up paddle surf, and more. In addition, the luxurious marina ion Papagayo Peninsula makes sailing an unforgettable experience with its services. Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
  1. Incredible Transportation Services in Guanacaste

One amazing characteristic of Gunacaste is that the province has its own International Airport, plus, a national airport. This means that by arriving through the international Airport, located in Liberia, you can be in your final destination shortly; for towns located North of Guanacaste, the ride will be very short by car. In addition, the other airport has domestic flights which also contribute to transportation. If your final destination in Guanacaste is a town located South of Guanacaste, you can take a flight to Tamarindo; from this point, getting to your destination by car should also be a very short ride. In addition, there are great options regarding airport transfers, car rentals, and related transportation services easy to book. Guanacaste is a magical area with fabulous natural attractions, tourist services and the best homes for rent in Costa Rica; not only that, the appeal of the region enchants many tourists world-wide so much the many end up moving permanently. If you are searching an incredible destination with high quality service, you can’t miss visiting Guanacaste Province. If your search is for the best tropical destination, spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica, you won’t regret it! Thanks for read: '' Things you Didn’t Know about Guanacaste Province: A Luxury Vacation Costa Rica ''. Share or Comment this post. You will love read: Ecotourism in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica: An Environmentalist Nation
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