If you can afford to spend Costa Rica Luxury Vacations, you are in for a treat; that is the best way to spend your time in Costa Rica. However, the fact that you enjoy luxury does not mean that you can’t have fun and get a little dirty. For mountain bike lovers, Costa Rica will result a paradise, as there are many possible routes you can go on; the ride is fun and the views are truly amazing!

Where is it better to do it?

Costa Rica has two different seasons throughout the year, a rainy and a dry season; it is advisable to go bike riding during the dry season. From December to April approximately, there is very little or no rain at all, which improves conditions for several sports; depending on the specific area you are staying, the raining patterns may be different so that should be considered. Nevertheless, the most recommended area for getting on the mountain bike is between March and June. Furthermore, this also depends on what type of rider you are; some people enjoy muddy roads, some prefer drier, etc. Whatever the case, you will surely have a lot of fun in the beautiful paradise that is Costa Rica.

What type of Routes Can you Find in Costa Rica?

There are approximately 900 routes in Costa Rica! There are hilly routes for those who enjoy a strong workout and flat routes for those who enjoy relaxing experiences. On the other hand, for those who enjoy hilly routes, there are also different options: some people enjoy the uphill options, some just enjoy riding downhill. There several routes and amazing views!Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Given the many national parks and wildlife reserves, there are many areas that you can visit on your bike. Regarding hilly routes, Costa Rica has many volcanic formations of which you can go uphill and get to a volcano; or on the contrary, you might find downhill routes where you will appreciate amazing views in just a few minutes. It is adrenaline and natural beauty; what more could you ask for?

Where can you go on a Mountain Bike Ride in your Costa Rica Luxury Vacations?

  1. Rincon de La Vieja National Park

Rincon de La Vieja National park is located Northwest of Guanacaste’s capital, Liberia. The national park covers part of the Guanacaste Range; this means that there are mountainous formations, and you can go on amazing routes with varying altitudes. There are two waterfalls that stand out in the park: Oropendola and Victoria Waterfalls. They drain into Colorado River and you can swim in them. Besides rivers and waterfalls, there are natural hot springs and bubbling mud pools here you can bathe; this is a relaxing, magical and even healing experience. Apart from mountain biking, you can also go hiking and horseback riding, among other activities. The area is surrounded by large farming fields; the area is actually protected from more agricultural activity that could damage the forests.

How are the Routes in Rincon de La Vieja National Park?

There are several options for mountain biking in Rincon de La Vieja Volcano; there is actually a race that starts in Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin and leads to the volcano. There are options for beginners, intermediate riders and experts; there are flat single tracks, steeper trails and you can go on routes in which you have to cross rivers. You do the route through incredible natural surroundings. In addition, the views are amazing and there are companies that offer mixed tours combined with other activities. Imagine going on an exciting bike ride and after an uphill effort, getting to swim in a waterfall; or imagine just arriving to the top of the summit and admiring the landscape, even bathing in a hot spring! It’s an incredible experience.

Are there Good Costa Rica Vacation Rentals near Rincon de La Vieja National Park?

There are good accommodation options nearby; however, if you are looking for recommendations regarding the best Costa Rica Vacation Rentals, choose the Tenorio area! The area of the Tenorio Volcano National Park is located to the East of Guanacaste Province; it borders with Alajuela Province and it is in part of it. Actually part of the park is in Alajuela Province. Accommodation options may not be right by the beach; however, some people are actually not so big fans of the beach, so it works out well for some. The options include Costa Rica Vacation Rental houses in farmlands; they are actually farmhouses with all the luxury and comfort you deserve, built in incredible natural surroundings. It is also near Tenorio Volcano National Park, so you can take the time to visit it too.
  1. Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa is a beautiful beach located in Guanacaste, although there is another Playa Hermosa in Puntarenas Province. Playa Hermosa is a beach that has a calm vibe to it while it is greatly growing regarding tourist services; furthermore, this beach has been awarded with the “Blue Flag” prize. This title is given to beaches that possess high standards regarding environmental awareness.Costa Rica Luxury Vacations Some activities you can do at this beach include scuba diving, snorkeling and swimming; its waters are calm, just like the environment of the place. It is also a quieter destination from beaches nearby like Coco Beach; so, if you prefer peace and quiet, this is the right place for you. At the beach, you have the option of relaxing sunbathing or embarking on the many water activities available.

How are the Routes in Hermosa Beach?

You can go on easy or moderate routes regarding the technical difficulty. Furthermore, these routes can also vary in length; you can go on a short route that lasts less than an hour, or go on a longer route. With some variations, you can go on a route that makes you ride on asphalt, gravel streets and dirt; the route can also vary from a flat street to slopes. Costa Rica luxury vacations will be an amazing experience as you leave your amazing Costa Rica villa rentals in the morning; imagine leaving that amazing beachfront house to go for a fun bike ride around the area. You will start on a flat street, and then, you can continue to go uphill for a while; then you will go through a beautiful dry forest and you can finish the route passing by Panama Beach. Before you get back to Hermosa Beach, you can make a stop in Panama Beach and go for a swim. It will be a very fun experience!

Are there Good Costa Rica Vacation Rental Homes in Hermosa Beach?

Hermosa Beach may tranquil and excellent for relaxing; however, this beach maintains this vibe even though there has been major investment in the tourist industry. This growth has led to the establishment of new bars, restaurants and cafés. For this reason, Hermosa Beach is a great tourist destination; you have great Costa Rica vacation rental homes and other tourist services in a quiet, beautiful location.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica The options range from incredible luxurious hotels, Costa Rica vacation rental homes, condos, and more. There are different types of estates for different numbers of people; so, whether you are traveling with your significant other or with a large group of people, there are amazing options! Moreover, they are mostly beachfront locations with amazing services and great characteristics like private pools!
  1. Coco Beach

Coco Beach, as Hermosa Beach, is located on the Pacific Coastline in Guanacaste Province. This Beach is lively, usually crowded and great for partying; locals and tourists alike can be a part of the Costa Rican party scene in Coco Beach as they see the sun set over a few drinks, amazing food, great music and vibe! Furthermore, there is a big number of water activities you can do in Coco Beach! The water activities you can do in Coco Beach include snorkeling, scuba diving, sport fishing and others. In addition, if you require lessons or any type of equipment to do any of the activities available, there’s staff; you will be assisted by well-trained and amicable staff and you fill find anything you need to buy regarding equipment. One thing is for sure, you can have a lot of fun in Coco Beach!

How are the Routes in Coco Beach?

There are several routes you can go on parting from coco Beach; from moderate to difficult trails, from flat zones to uphill/downhill trails, there are several bike routes. Some of the routes may start at this beautiful beach town and be very short or get longer and difficult. You can also visit nearby beaches or pass through forests; the routes can be difficult, but also fun.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica You can go south as far as to reaching Matapalo and you can pass by beach towns and visit Las Catalinas; you will have the chance to see the beauty of a town designed under the principles of New Urbanism. There, you will experience the real pedestrian experience; this city is designed to be walked or ridden on a bike, not driven! You can also go to beach towns like Danta Beach, and more.

Are there Good Accommodation Options for your Costa Rica Luxury Vacations?

Coco Beach, like Playa Hermosa, has also been the target of major investment in the tourist industry; cafés, discos, and fabulous restaurants along with marvelous villa rentals are some of the newest additions to Coco Beach. This town, therefore, has a lively vibe to it where you can feel the ‘pura vida’ lifestyle that Ticos preach; so, not only great accommodation options, but all the services you can find! The best options in luxury rental homes in Coco Beach are amazing; the ones that stand out the most are beautiful beachfront villas and luxurious condos. In these rental homes or condos, you have modern appliances, the most luxurious design and features like private pools. It’s like staying in your own personal hotel; plus, you have all the cleaning and maintenance services included.
  1. Samara Beach

Samara Beach has a paradisiacal beauty, it is located on the West of the Nicoya Peninsula; it has aquamarine water and white sand, plus, it is surrounded by beautiful forests. Besides its natural beauty, there is quite a number of bars, cafés, and restaurants; in fact, it is actually a favorite for many of the wealthiest Ticos. If you want to party all night in Samara, you can do so, and have a lot of fun! There are several tourist activities that you can do in Samara besides bike riding; water sports are the most popular. For starters, the conditions for swimming are excellent, water is calm and warm; other activities are popular too, you can go scuba diving, sport fishing, and snorkeling. You can also walk to Matapalo and do snorkeling, conditions are even better for it! Bird watching is also popular.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

How are the Routes in Samara Beach?

You can go on a short ride and visit neighboring beach towns like Matapalo, or you can go to other little towns and pass through forests in the area. The route can be hilly, so expect ascents and descents; you can have a lot of fun bike riding in Costa Rica.

Are there Good Accommodation Options for Costa Rica Luxury Vacations in Samara?

There are good options in Samara; however, as recommendat  ions are given here, if you seek the best rental homes, consider Santa Teresa villa rentals. Located South of Samara on the Nicoya Peninsula and North of Puntarenas Province, this is a beautiful beach town; in addition, the vacation rental houses in the area are amazing. Surrounded by lush forests and facing the Pacific Ocean, it will be unforgettable! Costa Rica has countless trails to explore and delight from natural beauty; regarding bike routes, it is no exception. These are just some of the wonderful places here you can have great lodging options near popular routes; however, if you are a natural explorer and love mountain biking, there are a lot more options. Your Costa Rica luxury vacations will surely be adventurous and fun! Thanks for read: " Vacations on a Mountain Bike: Costa Rica Luxury Vacations ", rate or share this post! You will love read: 7 Reasons Why Guanacaste is the Best Area to Stay in your Luxury Vacation Costa Rica
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