If you are planning a luxury vacation Costa Rica, probably the biggest difficulty is choosing what area to visit; Costa Rica has 7 provinces and Guanacaste, located Northwest of the country, is one of the most popular regarding tourism. Filled with national parks and nature reserves with varied life zones and vegetation, it is amazing for tourists; more specifically, you can choose the Northern Part of Nicoya Peninsula.

Geographical Facts about the Nicoya Peninsula

It is located on the Pacific Coastline of Costa Rica, South of the Papagayo Peninsula; it is a very popular area regarding tourism due to the many towns with tourist settlements. Nicoya Peninsula comprises a little over 2% of Costa Rica’s territory and its biggest settlement is Nicoya Town. The peninsula’s territory is partly in Guanacaste (by the North) and partly in Puntarenas (by the South). Beaches and estuaries in this area attract many tourists, not only due to their beauty their possibility for adventure; Tempisque River, which drains into the Nicoya Gulf, is also a big attraction of this area. The river is actually originated at the height of Orosí Volcano; the area is characterized by volcanic formations, dense forests and beautiful rivers that enchant its visitors.

Some Incredible Towns to Visit in the Area for a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

The peninsula is limited by the Papagayo Gulf by the North; from North to South, these are some popular beach towns perfect for tourism: Luxury Vacation Costa RicaPanamá Beach is located just half an hour away from Liberia, Guanacaste’s capital by car; therefore, if you arrive through Liberia’s international airport, you can be in Panamá Beach in less than an hour. This is very convenient because this beach ton has incredible accommodation options and it is also very close to amazing tourist attractions. It is also the closest beach to Papagayo Peninsula. The blue waters and gray sand of Panamá Beach characterize it; in addition, the waters are known for being calm and perfect for swimming, without many rocks or a high tide. Water sports are the biggest attraction of the area; activities like snorkeling, sport fishing, sailing, and kayaking are very popular in Panamá Beach. There is an estuary worth visiting nearby, “Rocha Estuary”; it is surrounded by tropical dry forest and mangroves.

Accommodation Options in Panamá Beach

Panamá Beach is one of the beaches in Guanacaste Province that has undergone great development; therefore, there are incredible luxury villas as well as fabulous hotels and resorts nearby. In addition, Panamá Beach is also very near Papagayo Peninsula which also has incredible lodging options; if your plan is to spend a luxury vacation Costa Rica, Panamá Beach is the perfect destination for it. It is important to clear up the province, because there is another Hermosa Beach in Puntarenas Province; the other Hermosa Beach is, however, known as a popular surfing spot as opposed to this Hermosa Beach. Hermosa Beach also has a convenient location; regarding its proximity to Liberia, in just a little over 30 minutes you can get to Hermosa Beach. The name it has means “gorgeous” in English, and for a good reason; this beautiful beach is not only beautiful but it also holds amazing environmental and safety conditions. It has actually been awarded with the Blue Flag title; in addition, water sports are popular in Hermosa Beach. Activities like scuba diving and snorkeling are pretty popular; but also kayaking, windsurfing, and other activities are also popular here.

Accommodation Options in Hermosa BeachLuxury Vacation Costa Rica

The options in Hermosa Beach are abundant as well as amazing. There are numerous luxury villas facing the Pacific Ocean; here, you will not only find comfortable estates for your interest. You will also be able to witness the popular Guanacaste sunsets. Hermosa Beach is also a ton with cafés, bars and restaurants, so that if you wish to go out, you have some options. This is one of the most popular beaches of Guanacaste and not only among tourists; Coco Beach is a popular destination for tourists and Ticos alike. In Coco Beach, the youth fills up the town’s vibe; actually, Coco Beach is known for its active nightlife. This is not just a place for tourists to visit; Ticos also enjoy visiting Coco Beach for the holidays, making it crowded and lively. Thus, in just over 30 minutes you can get from Liberia to Coco Beach. Therefore, some people who seek to enjoy the nightlife and even interact with Ticos, Coco Beach is an excellent option; on the contrary, some people who are actually visiting in family vacations may prefer to stay in calmer destinations nearby. Coco Beach is a fun destination during the day as well, mostly for theater sports you can do; some are sport fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and more.

Accommodation Options in Coco BeachLuxury Vacation Costa Rica

There are incredible options in Coco Beach; you can find amazing Costa Rica villa rentals as well as fabulous hotels and resorts. The Costa Rica villa rentals, however, have become the most popular option among tourists. In these fabulous home rentals, you get to experience the luxury, and comfort of a hotel; nevertheless, you also get to experience it while feeling like at home. Ocotal Beach is a much more relaxed option than Coco Beach; not to say that Coco Beach is a loud location, but its active nightlife is surely different. For this reason, many families visit Coco Beach as a destination for fun during the day; Ocotal is located less than 2 miles South from Coco Beach, so in a few minutes you can get there. This calm beach is very popular with snorkeling. This once fishing village has no developed greatly; much of this is owed to the many tourist activities you can do in Ocotal Beach. In addition to snorkeling, scuba diving is also popular; for spending a luxury vacation Costa Rica, Ocotal Beach is one of the best destinations you can visit. It has developed greatly, while it still maintains its laid-back vibe of the small towns.

Accommodation Options in Ocotal Beach

This is a perfect destination for family vacations; the incredible Costa Rica vacation rentals you can find in Ocotal Beach, also, have nothing to envy the big hotels. In 45 minutes you can get to Ocotal beach by car if you arrive in Costa Rica through Liberia; it is also closer to the Southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula. This is a place here you might not find cheap options; they are rather comfortable and luxurious.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Las Catalinas is a relatively new Costa Rican town, and Danta Beach is its beach; the latter is located West of Las Catalinas and facing the Pacific Ocean. Las Catalinas is one of the best examples of tourist development in Costa Rica; its creation as envisioned in order to promote tourism in the area under environmentalist principles. Natural preservation is the priority in las Catalinas. Las Catalinas is located just a little over an hour away from Liberia by car; this town as built under the principles of New Urbanism. The intention as to promote a modern town that integrates nature into the city favoring the pedestrian experience; in fact, there are no roads in Las Catalinas. You can access this beautiful town from Liberia by car, but there is only a main road; there aren’t any inside the town.

Accommodation Options Nearby

Visiting Las Catalinas is an amazing experience as there aren’t many cities in the world built under these principles; one recommendation is that you choose Costa Rica vacation rentals in Danta Beach and visit the wonderful Las Catalinas. Danta Beach is also close to Dantita Beach, another popular tourist destination; visiting this area ill open your mind about New Urbanism and natural preservation.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica Bright white sand and crystal clear blue waters characterize Flamingo Beach which is located just an hour from Liberia; this is another recently developed beach ton of Guanacaste hic hoes its growth to natural beauty and water activities available. Some of the most popular activities you can do in Flamingo Beach include snorkeling, scuba diving and sport fishing, among others. Flamingo Beach’s development is also evident through the various cafés, bars and restaurants in the area; in fact, there is no real settlement in Flamingo Beach. The settlement is basically formed by the many resorts and luxurious Costa Rica vacation homes. There are many tourist activities you can do in Flamingo Beach; one example is visiting Catalina Islands nearby.

Accommodation Options in Flamingo Beach

There is no reason to worry if you are searching accommodation options in flamingo Beach; as previously mentioned, the settlement you can find is owed to tourism. There isn’t really a populated area in Flamingo Beach rather than the many resorts and Costa Rica vacation homes. It is safe to say that options here are not the cheapest; they are however estates with incredible luxurious services. Tamarindo Beach is not only beautiful and popular among tourists, it is also conveniently located. Just a little over an hour away from Liberia by car, this is not the only access to this town. Tamarindo has a national airport, so you can also fly directly there if you arrive in San José. Tamarindo has a laid-back vibe but it is very popular for the fun water activities you can do. One of the most popular activities in Tamarindo Beach is surfing; whether you have experience or not, this beach has the appropriate conditions for you to embark on the adventure. Another popular activity you can do in Tamarindo is sport fishing; actually, this beach is popular for its world-class sport fishing. In Tamarindo you can also play golf and do a lot more for fun.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

Accommodation Options in Tamarindo Beach

Tamarindo has experienced great development; therefore, it has now amazing Costa Rica vacation homes as well as hotels and resorts. This has resulted in a ton that maintains its laid-back vibe while having a big affluence of Ticos and foreigners. In addition to great accommodation options, there are also several cafés, bars and restaurants that mix the Tico with other international cultures’ influences.

Some Amazing Tourist Attractions to Visit in this Area

There are three national parks located near Panamá and Hermosa Beaches (located at the most Northern part of this list); these national parks are Santa Rosa National Park; Guanacaste National park and Rincón de La Vieja National Park. These three parks may not be specifically located in the Nicoya Peninsula, but they are located near those Northern beaches; however, they are worth visiting. Another option towards the South is Horizontes Experimental Forest Nature Reserve; as opposed to national parks, nature reserves are not run by the government but are rather privately administered. Another must-visit destination in the area is Las Baulas Marine National Park here the main focus of protection is the Leatherback sea Turtles, or ”baulas” in Spanish. In addition, you can’t miss visiting the Tamarindo National Wildlife Refuge, hich has incredible estuaries and mangroves. There are other important locations you can visit like Palo Verde National Park, Lomas de Barbudal Biological Reserve and more.

Nicoya Peninsula: An Area for Tourism

Nicoya Peninsula, as well as Papagayo Peninsula is an area anyone would be lucky to visit. The abundant natural resources and tourist development make it even a smart destination for visitors; the options in water activities and beach towns are numerous and so are the options in land. In addition, more luxurious and better vacation rental options are being built every day. If you’re planning a luxury vacation Costa Rica there are many beach towns in the Northern part of Nicoya Peninsula; these towns can meet your standards and even more. You won’t regret visiting this part of Guanacaste! Pack up your bags, and prepare for the time of your life. thanks for read: ''Visiting the Northern Part of Nicoya Peninsula in a Luxury Vacation Costa Rica''. Share or comment this post. You will love read: 7 Tourist Destinations were Environmental Efforts are Evident: Luxury Vacations Costa Rica  
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