Spending luxury vacations Costa Rica is one of the best gifts you will give yourself; it will actually be hard to choose a single destination if you choose Guanacaste, but there are some recommendations. The Guanacaste Province, located to the Northwest of the country, has several gorgeous beach towns with incredible tourist services; besides the best attractions are nearby. At the North of the province, Papagayo Peninsula is one of Costa Rica’s most popular destinations and for evident reasons. It comprises 15 miles of coastlines with incredible beaches, for a total 31; besides, this area has been target of eco friendly development in a project that enhances tourism while preserving the environment. Here, you can combine luxury with nature preservation. A great advantage of this destination is that you can easily access it from Liberia, the province’s capital; many arrive in Costa Rica through Liberia. For those arriving this way, in just a little less than an hour by car, you can be in Peninsula Papagayo.

House Rentals Peninsula Papagayo

One of the best advantages of staying in Papagayo Peninsula is that it has amazing accommodation options; starting with its incredible resorts and fabulous Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals, finding a place to sleep won’t be an issue. The options were envisioned to provide tourists with a comfortable, luxurious experience created in order to blend in with nature. In this regard, house rentals Peninsula Papagayo meet the requirements necessary in order to ensure environmental preservation; government policies are strict with natural preservation and it is in this manner that tourist development has occurred. House rentals in the area blend in with nature and respect the design requirements by law; lack of fences and similar measures place the wildlife of the area as a priority.

What are the Attractions that Draw Tourists into the Papagayo Peninsula?

Natural beauty and incredible infrastructures guarantee the tourists’ pleasure and entertainment in an unforgettable experience. The tropical forests blend in with the incredible Peninsula Papagayo villa rentals and it has fascinating beaches. Furthermore, there is a golf course, there are tennis courts, beach clubs, there is a luxurious marina and much more.

What are the Most Popular Activities you Can do in the Papagayo Peninsula?

Right in the peninsula, the most popular sports are water sports. You can go swimming, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, sport fishing, and more; furthermore, you can do these activities on sailing tours departing from the luxurious marina. In addition, land activities are also popular; there are national parks nearby, and the area is filled with lush forests. Golf is a popular attraction in the area, a main reason for it is its impressive design; this Arnold Palmer signature design course is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and tropical forests with a great deal biodiversity. Tennis courts, massage parlors, gyms and beauty salons are also available as well as chic cafés, bars and restaurants; Papagayo Peninsula is an incredible destination to spend luxury vacations Costa Rica. Las Catalinas is a unique town where luxurious sustainability is the main interest in the town; it embodies an eco friendly lifestyle with healthy practices and lots of fun. The design of the town has not only affected its appearance; this unique design has created a town with different lifestyles than other cities in Costa Rica or even the world. This city has been designed for tourism and permanent residency as well; in addition, many fall in love with this enchanting town, reason why many tourists actually move to Las Catalinas permanently.  This beach town is located South of Peninsula Papagayo near Danta and Dantita Beaches; it is also about an hour away from Liberia by car which also results convenient for access.

Costa Rica Rentals in Las Catalinas, Guanacaste

There are incredible Costa Rica rentals in Las Catalinas; fabulous, luxurious, spacious and beautiful Costa Rica luxury villas are available in this wonderful town. The development in the area, though significant, maintains nature as a priority; for the territory destined for infrastructures, there is five times the same territory of natural surroundings that remain a reserve. It is quite beautiful.Luxury Vacations Costa Rica The town has been designed under the architectural principles of New Urbanism; therefore, the pedestrian experience and eco friendly lifestyle have a main importance in the development of this town. Only one road passes by Las Catalinas, and it is the main access road; the rest of your stay in this town will include eco friendly, healthy and fun transportation by foot, bicycle, etc.

What are the Main Attractions in Las Catalinas?

The city alone is very remarkable and very different from other cities in the world; if you come from an overcrowded big city with lots of pollution and stress, Las Catalinas will delight you. It also has great beaches and its high percentage of natural lands is suitable for adventure tours; hiking trails as well as for bicycle rides characterize Las Catalinas’ forests. Indoor activities and caf{es, bars and restaurants are available.

What Can You Do in Las Catalinas?

Starting with strolls around the city, Las Catalinas is wonderful town to just walk around; there are beautiful plazas and sights of the ocean, just taking a walk is an awesome experience. Regarding water sports, body surfing, snorkeling, sea kayaking and stand up paddle boarding popular. Regarding land activities, hiking, and mountain bike riding; you’ll see amazing sights and animal species. This beach’s name means gorgeous in Spanish, and that adjective is not far from reality. Playa Hermosa is located South of Peninsula Papagayo and it is twenty to 35 minutes away from Liberia’s international airport. It is a popular destination for its tourists; just like Papagayo Peninsula and Las Catalinas, it is naturally beautiful and it is a well-developed beach town.

 Costa Rica Rentals in Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste

If you are planning on spending luxury vacations Costa Rica, Playa Hermosa is an excellent choice. There are fabulous Costa Rica luxury villas, condos and numerous other amazing options in house rentals; these rental homes are equipped with top-of-the line appliance and with the amazing services you enjoy in a luxurious hotel. You will love staying in a beach front rental home, steps away from a swim in these clear, calm waters.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

What Activities Are Available in Playa Hermosa?

There are two beaches with the name “Hermosa” on the Pacific Coastline of Costa Rica. The one in Guanacaste has calm waters, as opposed to the other Hermosa Beach; the latter is located on the Central Pacific Coastline, and it is a popular surfing destination. Popular water sports include sea kayaking, windsurfing, and it is actually considered one of the best destinations for scuba diving. Besides water sports, there are land activities available; you can go horseback riding, hiking, bike riding, and others. The beautiful Ocotal Beach is located on North Pacific and it is characterized by presenting grayish sand and clear calm waters. As other tourist destinations in Costa Rica, Ocotal Beach is not only beautiful, but greatly developed for tourism. Located less than an hour away from Liberia’s international airport, Ocotal Beach is not only beautiful and fun; it is conveniently located as well. Ocotal Beach was once a quiet fishing town which has greatly developed maintaining its calm vibe; it is located near Coco Beach which is usually more crowded. In this sense, many who visit this latter town but prefer a calmer destination to spend their nights have Ocotal; you can visit Coco Beach during the day and sleep in Ocotal, just a few minutes away.

Rental Homes in Ocotal Beach

The luxurious residences available in Ocotal Beach include incredible vacation rental apartments in paradisiacal locations; these rental apartments are equipped with high-quality appliances, counting with great tourist and maintenance services, and facing the Pacific Ocean. Regardless of the high luxury of these estates, they are surrounded by incredible natural landscapes.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

What are the Activities you Can Do in Ocotal Beach?

Water sports are popular in Ocotal Beach; actually, it is supposed to be the destination for scuba diving in the area; its calm waters make it perfect also for snorkeling and swimming and it has abundant marine life. There are also options in land activities; however, water activities are more popular in the area. Coco Beach is a popular tourist destination located north of Ocotal Beach. Also beautiful and developed, Coco Beach is a popular destination that draws in foreigners and Ticos alike; if you enjoy parting and nighttime entertainment, Coco Beach is a wise choice. Parties, cafés, bars, and restaurants fill up this beach town where you can experience the Costa Rican lifestyle. However, Coco Beach is not just a partying destination; there are plenty of activities available as well as house rentals which make this fun and convenient destination. In addition, Coco Beach is also located near Liberia; in just 45 minutes after arrival in its international airport, you can be in Coco Beach by car.

How are House Rentals in Coco Beach?

Coco Beach is amazingly developed and regarding house rentals, big and luxurious villas stand out. If you are traveling with a big group and searching the biggest comfort and luxury choose Coco Beach; the villas available will surprise you. Furthermore, if you are looking for a party and to interact with the Ticos, nightlife in Coco Beach is what you need to experience.Luxury Vacation Costa Rica

What Can You Do for Fun in Coco Beach?

Besides having fun at night, you can have lots of fun during the day; if you like water sports, for example, there are plenty you can do. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling, this area is abundant in marine life. There are also land activities available, you can go hiking, horseback riding or bird watching. There are also shops and restaurants for less extreme days in Coco Beach. Tenorio Volcano National Park is a natural paradise with incredible geographical features; furthermore, this area counts with great tourist services including great accommodation options. The Tenorio area is located partly in Guanacaste and partly in Alajuela Province which borders the previous by the East. It is not too far from Liberia, by car, it is just over an hour away. This area is located towards the middle part of the country; it differs from the previously mentioned towns in that it doesn’t have a coastline. However, there are advantages to the location of this area: it is still near the airport as well as the beaches of the Pacific, as well as those of the Caribbean. In addition, you are still the neighboring Nicaragua to the North and other tourist destinations of the country. Thanks for read: " What are the Top Destinations to Visit in Guanacaste for your Luxury Vacations Costa Rica? ", rate or share this post! You will love read: Improve your Health with Fabulous Luxury Vacations Costa Rica Going to the Beach
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