One of the most important aspects to consider when planning your trip and make your best luxury rental home is definitely the time to do it. It is not only to know when is the high or low tourist season, but also to determine when it's ideal time for certain types of activities (like fishing, see more in our boat rental).

It is also important to know the seasons and the weather during your holiday; it's the only way to make weather an accomplice rather than an enemy. There is always a perfect time to visit a country, we will tell you what the best time to visit Costa Rica and better plan your home rental and activities.costa rica luxury rental homes

The high season in many towns and parks corresponds to the months of June and July, coinciding with the summer holidays in North America and Europe. Likewise, schools are closed from December to February, so the influx of local families in parks usually increases a little at that time. You also must take into account the dates of Easter. Semana Santa is a national holiday and people crowd’s hotels and parks. Remember to book your luxury rental home in advance if you plan to travel during those months.

Costa Rica is a tropical country, so it has only two 'seasons': summer and winter, but winter time where it rains the harder. The dry/summer season runs from November to May, while the rains are more common and abundant in the months of June to October. However, this information is relative, it is possible to visit and enjoy Costa Rica in any of these seasons. The real scale that should guide your visit should be the activities you want to perform in the country. For those who prefer surfing and need the best waves, the ideal season is the rainy season. If you are going to surf at the Pacific coast, the months of July, September and October are the best, but if you prefer to do it in the Caribbean coast, waves of November to May are the best.costa rica luxury rental homes If what you want is to participate in the watch sea turtles' nesting and hatching season, you must take into account the life cycle of each species (need more info about turtles? click here) . You can see Leatherback turtles in April and May in the Caribbean coast and from October to March on the Pacific coast, while green prefer August and September. If you want to volunteer in Tortuguero National Park, you must go between June and September. To those who looks for enjoy their vacation just walking while bird watching, any time of the year is perfect. Just keep in mind that some species have different migration patterns (you can check this link from Ornithologists Union of Costa Rica for more info). For example, the quetzal can be seen from November to April. This must be study in advance on guides oriented to describe the many species that can be seen in Costa Rica. We hope you like: When is the best time to visit Costa Rica and better plan your luxury rental home, please rate us or leave a comment. If you have any question about home rental or activities to do, feel free to ask our concierge, we will be happy to assist. May you like to read: Planning vacation rental? Important tips before flying to Costa Rica
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When is the best time to visit Costa Rica and better plan your luxury rental home
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