Amazing Costa Rica vacation homes


If you are planning to visit Costa Rica during this year 2022, you should see some of the best properties. There are a lot of amazing Costa Rica vacation homes that you can either rent or buy. Having your own property where you can stay at Costa Rica is going to be a great advantage that is going to help you a lot. This way, you can truly enjoy from all of what this beautiful country has to offer.

In the last years Costa Rica has become in one of the most visited countries by tourists worldwide. This is mainly thanks to the high amount of amazing and funny activities that you can do here. Also, this country counts with really precious places that you can visit and where you can live a true adventurer experience. Costa Rica is everything what you need to enjoy your vacations.

Either alone or with your family, you should always have a place where you could stay while visiting Costa Rica. There are many amazing Costa Rica villas that you can use in order to stay for some time there. Thanks to this, you will not have headaches trying to find hotels where you can stay. Having a private property is an even better and private way in order to enjoy from this magnificent country.

Where can you find Costa Rica vacation homes?


There are many web pages where you can look from Costa Rica villas at this beautiful country. But, with no doubts, one of the best ones that you can use is Pexs Costa Rica. This is an excellent web domain where you can search for some of the most amazing villas in Costa Rica. Every villa here is totally lovely and it comes fully equipped.

Is you are interested in looking for houses for rent in Costa Rica, this is the perfect web page to find them. Here you will be finding a lot of magnificent and gorgeous properties around all of Costa Rica. Using Pexs Costa Rica will give you a lot of amazing benefits that you should not miss, such as:

  • You can find properties by searching every location in Costa Rica. Pexs offers different sections regarding the location of the properties. You can find properties at Peninsula Papagayo, Tamarindo beach, Playa Grande and more locations.
  • Finding luxury villas in Costa Rica where you can stay with big group of friends or family.
  • Getting the best deals in order to rent a vacation property for a certain amount of time.
  • The web page also offers an amazing customer support service in order for you to get help.

Villas in Costa RicaWith all of these many advantages, using this amazing web page is a must do if you want to find a Costa Rica villa. This is the perfect way of travelling and staying here at this lovely gem of a tropical country.

Costa Rica counts with many beautiful locations, thanks to this, you can always get a beautiful house in a beautiful spot.  There are no doubts that you can have amazing views in your vacation home.  Also, renting a property will allow you to enjoy more from your travels.

Great Costa Rica vacation homes that you cannot miss


Pexs Costa Rica has a lot of magnificent properties that you can find at the very best spots of this country. Thanks to this, you can have access to some of the most unique luxury villas that there are at this country.

If you want to rent Costa Rica vacation homes, the first thing that you must look is the place. Finding the right place to stay is going to be a good starting point. If you know where are you travelling, then you can easily pick up a place at the web page of Pexs.

Villas in Costa RicaAfter doing so, the next thing that you should do is looking for the right place for you. If you are travelling alone, then a good department can be enough for you. But if you are going with a big group, then you should look for a bigger luxury villa.

Up next, we have some of the best and most amazing Costa Rica vacation rentals properties. These properties come totally equipped and ready to be used. Also, they are located at some of most gorgeous spots in Costa Rica.

El Cubil 14

In case that you are looking for a not so big Costa Rica villa, El Cubil 14 can be a really good choice. This apartment is definitely one of the best properties that you can find to have your vacations in Costa Rica.

El Cubil 14 is a beautiful apartment located right in front of Playa Hermosa. This is also one of the most amazing beaches that you can find all over Costa Rica. Thanks to this, you will have a magnificent view right to the beach.

Another great thing of being so close to the beach, is that you will not be needing to use your car a lot. Getting to the beach will not take you more than 5 minutes.

houses for rent in costa ricavillas in Costa RicaThe property is located inside at an exclusive and beautiful gated community right at Playa Hermosa. Nearby there are a good amount of restaurants, Bars, Clubs and other entertainment local buildings.

This place is ready to be use, just finished its newest design. The place counts with 3 bedroom, 2 bathrooms and it is located on the top floor of the condo.

Casa Athenea


This beautiful three bedroom home is decorated with a tasteful and contemporary style. The main house has a beautiful and spacious gourmet kitchen and a comfortable living room that opens to the outdoor terrace.

The master suite exits the private courtyard and is separated from the main house, which is truly a private hideaway! In the main house you will be able to find two air conditioned suites with private bathrooms, open the large windows and look out to our beautiful Danta Beach.

This charming three bedroom home also has a roof top terrace that offers spectacular Pacific and mountain views.

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