Beautiful costa rica vacation rentals that you can’t miss


We know that Costa Rica is one of the best places in the region to vacation. In this beautiful country you can find many tourist sites to enjoy all the wonders it offers you. From the towns to the most modern places in the country

Now it is important that when you visit this beautiful country you have a place to stay. We have many hotels, houses, buildings among other facilities to provide you with the greatest possible comfort. We have the best Costa Rica villa in the country at the best prices and best places. Exclusive

We will be talking about the best places where you can book safely and comfortably. As well as all the tools and benefits that you will have with the different reservations that we offer you. Take advantage of all the alternatives and variations that this beautiful country gives you


costa rica vacation rentals in las Catalinas


On our website you will find many alternatives costa rica rental homes. With the most exclusive and private places that this beautiful country can currently offer you so that your stay is excellent

Rental sites are usually comfortable, luxurious places where you can relax with your loved ones in a unique way. These residences offer you the greatest comfort in accommodation not only in Costa Rica, but in many tourist sites in the world.o

Among the best luxury villas in Costa Rica we will mention those that have had excellent ratings from tourists for a long time. Among them are the following residences :


Casa Athena

It is one of the most comfortable residential complexes in the area. In which it consists of many privileges at the time of renting said residence. In addition to being close to an excellent beach called Danta where you can enjoy this tropical environment during your visit.

It’s one of the best option if you want to rent in Costa Rica. Among the characteristic aspects that this beautiful complex has, we can mention some of them that will be useful for you:

  • It has 3 bedrooms where it has the greatest comfort and exclusivity so you can rest properly.
  • 3 exclusive bathrooms with the latest details and high value so that you also feel the luxuries that this residence offers you.
  • It has a contemporary style that allows the resident to enjoy and feel comfortable throughout the residence. Besides being an architecture of a recognized architect.
  • It has a gourmet kitchen in addition to having a living room and free view
  • Presents exclusive views of the and the beautiful mountains. In which you can enjoy it from the balcony of the residence. In addition to being close to the beach where you can cool off.

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Costa Rica vacation rentals in Playa hermosa


It is part of the most exclusive residential sites in Costa Rica. In which it has endless spaces and luxurious residences with an excellent environment to live. The vacation home rentals on this site are usually exclusive for all the benefits it has.

On the other hand, in Playa Hermosa we can find not only 1 residence available. But many others with special features and benefits so that your stay in these places is the best you have ever experienced. Below we will be exposing some of these residences:


El Cubil 09

It is a residential house located in Playa Hermosa. In which it is an excellent option at the time of the houses for rent in Costa Rica.

Below we will be explaining and informing you of all the specific details of this residence. If in doubt, all the elements and characteristics that it has make it a great option. Among the most important aspects to mention we have:

  • El Cubil 09 consists of two contemporary rooms that create an optimal environment for your breaks when resting.
  • It is very close to the beach. This allows you to fully enjoy the entire environment offered by this .
  • The property as all the necessary environments for a suitable home. Among these are modern kitchen, living room and dining room. All this in an open environment that will give you greater comfort.
  • It has two beautiful bathrooms with contemporary decorations that you will love
  • It has 3 floors of which the last one is a terrace. It counts with a view of the beach to enjoy the entire environment that surrounds the residence.

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Beautiful exclusive private residence located in Playa Hermosa. One of the most valued residences in the area due to its different characteristics and benefits. In this residence you will find suitable spaces for recreation to a quiet environment to rest.

This is one the house in the villas in Costa Rica. Like the others, it has characteristics that identify it as a suitable place to stay, from incredible views to architecture worth observing and enjoying.

Villas in Costa RicaAmong the specifications of this site we have the following:

  • It has two exclusive rooms with a modern decoration worthy of the site.
  • It consists of two bathrooms of the best range to have the greatest possible privacy.
  • Due to its proximity to the beach you can enjoy the sea or the mountains that are around where you can observe everything that these beautiful lands contribute
  • This property has a private pool close to a minigolf course and a restaurant so that you and your whole family can enjoy this paradise to the fullest.
  • The beautiful beach is about 15 minutes from the residence. Remembering that this beach is one of the best that Costa Rica has.

How you can see Costa Rica presents exclusive places and residences to live the best experience when visiting us. Here you will find the costa rica villa rentals to enjoy and relax to the fullest during your visit.

On our website you can find more characteristics of each residence. In addition to valuable information so that your reservation is safe and immediate. You can contact us by the numbers that appear on our website or directly through an email

We are waiting for you for the best experience you will live in Costa Rica