Modern Costa Rica villas for rent


Having a property in a place such as Costa Rica is one of the best investments that you can do in your life. This is one of the most amazing places on the earth and also a really loved one by tourists from all othe the world. There are many Modern Costa Rica villas for rent that you can pay in order to stay at this beautiful country .

Buying or renting Costa Rica villas is a really great option for you in case that you are travelling around this country or having your vacations here. Costa Rica is a really beautiful gem of a country that offers you a lot of marvelous places and activities.

In Costa Rica, there are many amazing things that you can do, either alone or with your family, it can be a great experience. Costa Rica also gives you the opportunity to have a lot of chance to live an unforgettable vacation.

What to know about modern Costa Rica villas for rent


When looking for a Costa Rica villa, you can easily use the internet in order to find the best properties. There are many web pages that you can actually use in order to find amazing luxury villas Costa Rica. The villas in this country offer the tourists a good opportunity to fulfill their vacations.

Living or having your own vacation rental property in Costa Rica can be a good advantage when visiting this country. One of the best ways that you can use to find great properties in this country is by entering the web page of Pexs Costa Rica.

This amazing and helpful web page has everything you need to find the best of the properties around this country. There are many different properties that you can find out just by using Pexs Costa Rica, such as:

  • Costa Rica property for rent located near the most amazing beaches that this country has to offer.
  • Houses for rent in Costa Rica either for tourists or business mans, located near the best cities.
  • Beautiful luxury homes Costa Rica that are located near the best beaches and also national parks of this country.
  • Homes located at gated communities with more security and amazing features such as private pools, parks and more.

costa rica villaWithout doubts, having a property in Costa Rica is a game changing factor that will be way better for you to enjoy. So if you really want to find a good Condo rentals in Costa Rica options, then using Pexs is the perfect way.

You can also check for house that are located near cities, small towns and much more, in order to get the house that fits for you. Staying at Costa Rica will totally be an amazing and lovely experience that you will totally enjoy.

Great modern Costa Rica villas for rent


There are many different models of Costa Rica villas that you can actually find at the Pex´s web page. Due to that, you will need to see which is the most perfect property that fits with you.  Depending on your tastes, there can be different kind of properties that you will like.

Due to this, here we bring you a list of some of the best properties that you can find at Costa Rica. The properties are located in different spots that you will surely like all of them. Also, all of the properties are totally modern and they have a capacity for more than 3 persons.

Up next, you can find a lot of amazing modern Costa Rica villas for rent, some of them located near the beaches:

Casa Athenea


A beautiful and amazing three bedroom house that is totally perfect for you and your family to have vacations. Casa Athenea is the perfect Costa Rica property that you need in order to have amazing vacations.

This great house is decorated with large windows, aesthetic designs and beautiful colors. All of this combined, makes of Casa Athenea, one of the most beautiful houses that you can find in Costa Rica.

This beautiful house also counts with really great and luxurious kitchen, a big and beautiful living room and comfortable bedrooms. Thanks to all of this, Casa Athenea is easily the perfect house where you can travel with friends and family and have great moments.

The house is also located near Danta beach , a really amazing beach that you can visit each time. A good point of this is also that you will have a magnificent view to the beach.

This charming three bedroom home also has a roof top terrace that offers spectacular Pacific and mountain views. Family and friends traveling together will enjoy their time at Casa Athena.

If you really want to have a house for vacations in Costa Rica, Casa Athenea is really a great choice.

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Vista Nacascolo family vacation home


Another amazing three bedroom house located in one of the best points of Costa Rica, is Vista Nacascolo. This is a total family vacation home, perfect for family travels to this great place of the world.

When visiting Costa Rica, there is always a better way, and that way is by renting or buying a home here. Vista Nacascolo family vacation home is the perfect way of doing so. This house counts with several amazing features,  such as:

  • The house itself is located at Peninsula Papagayo, with beautiful views to the beaches around it.
  • Vista Nacascolo counts with rooms for up to 8 persons.
  • It is located near interesting touristic important places such as Signature golf course, Marina Papagayo and Culebra Bay.
  • The property is located inside one of the most secure and private gated communities of Costa Rica.
  • It has an expansive living room area and also counts with a modern and luxurious kitchen.

Over all, this house has everything what you need in order to enjoy your vacations in Costa Rica. Either alone or with your family, this house can be the perfect choice for you. In case you are travelling with a big group, you can’t miss this chance.

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