Beautiful Costa Rica home rentals that you can’t miss

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When it comes to searching for a place to spend your vacations at, Costa Rica is the perfect place. This amazing country has many great things to offer, from beautiful beaches to amazing paradise like locations. When visiting such an amazing place like this, the best thing that you can do is looking for Costa Rica home rentals properties. With your own property here at Costa Rica, you are truly going to be able to enjoy all of the amazing things from this country.

If you are planning to get Costa Rica villas for your vacations, Pexs is the perfect web page where you can find it. At Pexs, you are going to be able to find some of the best and most luxurious properties all around Costa Rica. A good thing about it, is that it counts with properties all around this beautiful country. With you own Costa Rican vacation property, you are going to totally love your holidays.

Costa Rica is a magnificent place where you can find lots of ways in order to live your adventures. With Costa Rica luxury vacations programs, you can be sure that you are going to fully enjoy all of what this amazing country has to offer. Here at Costa Rica, you can enjoy from lots of magnificent things and be able to live the perfect adventure. Up next, you can check on more information regarding properties at Costa Rica.

What should you know before getting on Costa Rica home rentals?


There are many villas in Costa Rica that you can rent and where you can stay during your vacations. Costa Rica is a place for of amazing places to visit, many great cities, funny activities to do, and more. Here at Costa Rica you will always have something great to do. Thanks to this, you will never be bored, there is always going to be someplace new where you can go.

If you are looking for an adventure, then Costa Rica is the perfect place to go for you. Here, you will find many ways to have the best adventure. Costa Rica is truly a beautiful paradise where you can find the perfect places to live unforgettable moments. There are no doubts that here at Costa Rica, you will be having some of the best experiences of your whole life.

costa rica monthly rentalsIf you really want to rent properties here at Costa Rica, there are some great places where you can do that. Costa Rica is truly a country where you can find many magnificent places to be at. If you live near one of these places, you are going to fully enjoy everything what Costa Rica has to offer. Some of the best locations where you can find Costa Rica villas, are the following ones:

These are indeed some of the most amazing locations of Costa Rica where you can find Costa Rica villa rentals. If you are searching for a place to stay during your vacations, this is the right spot.

Don’t miss this beautiful chance to visit Costa Rica and find the perfect property for you. There are many luxury villas Costa Rica that you can pick up from. It’s the best way to enjoy from this amazing country.

The most amazing Costa Rica home rentals for this 2023


Pexs Costa Rica web page has to offer a lot of amazing Costa Rica villas for sale or for rent for this 2023. At this amazing web page, you can find really beautiful properties scattered all across Costa Rica. There are no doubts that these properties are some of the best that you can check on.

Up next, you can take a look at some of the most magnificent properties around Costa Rica. These Costa Rica villas are totally well equipped and they have everything what you need to stay.

A great thing of these properties is that they are located at some of the best spots around the country. Thanks to this, you will surely have magnificent views of incredible landscapes and more. Here you can take a look at the properties that we are talking about:

El Cubil 09 vacation property


This contemporary two-bedroom apartment is situated in the heart of Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste and is only a five-minute walk from the beach. There are views of the ocean from the master bedroom and roof-top deck.

On the first level is a spacious open concept living/dining/kitchen area, a laundry room and a powder room.

On the second level is the master bedroom with a king-size bed and ensuite bathroom; a guest bedroom with queen-size bed; a second living area with a queen-size sofa bed; and a full guest bathroom. From the master bedroom, you can fall asleep to the sound of the ocean and wake each morning to a view of the ocean.

luxury villas costa ricacosta rica luxury homes

On the third level is a roof-top terrace. Imagine relaxing on the terrace with a cup of coffee in the morning or glass of wine in the evening. From this property, you can get an   amazing view of the ocean.

The apartment has three levels and can accommodate up to 6 people. This means that you can get this property to spend your vacations with a big group of people.

El Cubil 09 is a secure gated community with security 24 hours. There are only 14 units with a beautiful private swimming pool, covered parking and elevator.

El Cubil 11 amazing luxurious property


This modern and amazing house has three bedrooms, and, two baths. The  apartment is situated on the heart of Playa Hermosa. Only 2 blocks from the amazing beach. El Cubil is a tower with 15 units, the property is located on the second floor featuring a garden and partial ocean view.

costa rica luxury villascosta rica luxury villas

The apartment is serviced with a lift and enjoys plenty of sunlight, having a spacious open plan living/dining area and a fully equipped kitchen.

On the second floor it has a large master bedroom and ensuite bathroom plus two guest bedroom that share a full bath. On the living room on this floor we offer a sofa bed.