Best Luxury vacation rentals Guanacaste Costa Rica properties that you can’t miss


Talking about Costa Rica is not really enough to describe all of the magnificent and gorgeous things that you can find at this beautiful country. Here at this amazing country you will find tons of activities, beautiful places to know and also, lots of amazing properties. If you really want to know Costa Rica, the best thing for you to do is to stay here for a time. Up next, you can be able to take a look at some of the best Luxury vacation rentals Guanacaste Costa Rica properties.

Costa Rica is one of the greatest countries that you can find on the whole earth. At this magnificent gem of a country, you can find the best ways to have unforgettable vacations. Having your vacations at Costa Rica while be a totally amazing experience that you will fully love. Here you can do amazing things such as Surfing, Fishing, relaxing, enjoying from beach parties, and more. There are no doubts that travelling to Costa Rica is a really good idea for this year 2023.

In case that you really want to enjoy everything what this beautiful country has to offer, the best thing to do is looking for Costa Rica vacation rentals properties. With your own place to stay, you will forget about those complex hotel rooms and will have your own private place. Havin this, will be a great advantage that will help you a lot when it comes to enjoying your travels.

How to search for the best luxury vacation rentals Guanacaste Costa Rica properties?


If you are looking for the way to find amazing Costa Rica villas, then you have come to the right place. Here at Pexs Costa Rica, you can find the most beautiful and luxurious rentals for tourists around the country. Thanks to this, finding a good property, at a beautiful country like this, won’t be a problem at all.

With Pexs Costa Rica, you will have all the tools and advantages that you need so that you can stay at this country. Here you can find many great Costa Rica villas for rent and also, some of them for sale. Thanks to this, you can have your own property and enjoy from the many amazing things of this country.

Costa Rica vacation rentals beachfrontPexs features a wide variety of tools and an amazing organization that will help you a lot during your search. From amazing offers regarding beautiful properties and a great customer support service.

Thanks to all of these things, finding the perfect vacation property for you, won’t be a problem. Some of the features that Pexs has implemented on its web page, are the following:

  • Great locations for all of its amazing properties.
  • Amazing tools that will help you such as property management Costa Rica services.
  • A good search method for all the properties listed on this web page.
  • Many luxury villas Costa Rica for really amazing prices.

Thanks to all of this, Pexs is currently one of the most used web pages in order to find properties. Using this web page, you are going to find the perfect vacation property for you. Either if it is for a small group or for a big group, Pexs will have everything what you require.

Amazing Luxury vacation rentals Guanacaste Costa Rica properties listed at Pexs


Up next, you can take a look at some of the most beautiful Costa Rica villas that you can find at Pexs. Thanks to these properties, you are going to be able to fully enjoy from all of the great things of Costa Rica.

The properties that you can see up next, are located at different regions of the country. So that, you can visit many places that this beautiful country has to offer. Also, they are totally well equipped and have many amazing designs.

Costa Rica villa rentalA good thing to know about these properties is that they are located at some of the most exclusive areas. At these locations, you won’t have any problem at all, and will be living at gorgeous spots. From here, you can also do or be part of many amazing activities.

Villa Pacifico


Located at one of the most exclusive areas of this country, Villa Pacifico is simply amazing. This great villa is an amazing big property with some of the most spectacular ocean views that you could ever see.

It counts with 6 big, spacious and luxurious bedrooms that you will totally love. Another thing is that, it even has an own bedroom decorated exclusively for kids, that they will also love. It also has 11 bathrooms and an amazing and spacious living room.

Villa Pacifico also has a very beautiful and luxurious kitchen that comes totally well equipped. The kitchen has an own place for the house’s chief to stay, and it is very comfortable.

costa rica luxury villascosta rica villa rentalscosta rica monthly rentalsThis villa is the perfect place for big families that are wanting to travel to this amazing country. If you are looking for beautiful and luxurious Costa Rica villas, this is the right property.

Nearby, you are going to find golf camps, amazing and beautiful forest and also a beach access. You won’t waste more than 5 minutes travelling to the amazing beach right in front of the property.




Villa Eram


In case that you are looking a place where you can scape and relax, don’t look more. Villa Eram is a beautiful, luxurious and modern Costa Rica vacation rentals property. Here you will have an exclusive place that you will totally love.

villa rentals costa ricacosta rica vacation rentalrental homes costa ricaThis property is a really amazing paradise for tourists. It has amazing features that will make your vacations in Costa Rica, even better. Some of the things that this house counts with, are the following:

  • 5 modern and luxury bedrooms.
  • 7 bathrooms.
  • An amazing pool of 3-4 meters of deep.
  • Own cinema.
  • Beautiful and luxurious kitchen, with everything what you need.
  • Fast and totally reliable WiFi service.
  • Air conditioning service all over the property.

Thanks to all of this amazing things, Villa Eram is consider to be the perfect property for tourists. It can hold up to 12 persons, without doubts, a magnificent property for your vacations.