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We know that Costa Rica is one of the most visited tourist sites in this region. Thanks to its beautiful beaches and tourist sites that are undoubtedly worth admiring and enjoying.

If you want a Costa Rica villa  You can find many houses and residences not only for you to stay while you visit this beautiful country. Rather, they can offer you a different type of residence so that you can live for very long periods of time.

Currently it is not only considered a great tourist site in the region. But also a wonderful place to live and make bases with your family. Next we will be talking a little about some aspects that you should take into account if you want to rent a house in Costa Rica

Where do you find Costa Rica house rentals?

We have a web page called PEXS where you can find all kinds of available income from homes in Costa Rica. These houses are distributed in the best places in Costa Rica to live quietly.

In PEXS you will find multitudes of places to reside in which each house will have a unique aspect with respect to the others.the rental homes costa rica They usually have varied costs depending on the site where it is located, size and distributions that the house may have.

Although we know that the cost can be inconvenient. PEXS will always give you the best help so that you can get your dream home in this beautiful country and you can fully enjoy everything that your home has to offer.


Find Costa Rica house rentals in PEXS

PEXS on its platform has a set of sites in which it will describe in detail everything it has to offer you. From the style of the home to the most important things that are the comforts and the price that said place offers you.

If you have problem to found costa rica rental homes.We offer you endless tools and technicians that will help you find that dream house to be able to live in it for very affordable prices.

PEXS, in turn, offers you all the necessary details to know exactly what you are renting. With an exact description of the home and its surroundings so that the client feels comfortable and sure of what they are renting.

luxury villas costa ricaPlaces where you can find Costa Rica house rentals


The costa rica home rentals It will be sometimes a difficult job to do. For this reason PEXS is always here to help you and find that home you want thanks to the best service we have.

We have a platform that will help you to ensure that all your points and aspects that you want to find your home are the right ones, since the comfort, trust and satisfaction that we provide to our clients when they contact us is very important to us.

luxury homes Costa RicaThis time we will be giving you information about some of the most requested sites in pexs for renting these homes. Among the most relevant and important we have:


Villa Eram

It is one of the best residences you can find in the papagayo peninsula. In which it has some incredible countries that you can appreciate from the same residence.

It refers to its beautiful name “paradise house” for its architecture and all the characteristics that identify it as a tropical paradise..

If you want to rent in costa rica this place, you have to contact OS directly from the PEXS website and it can be yours. This beautiful residence has a set of aspects that are very important to take into account. Some of them are the following::

  • It has specifically 10 places in its environment to fully enjoy everything it offers you.
  • It consists of 7 exclusive well-equipped bathrooms.
  • Inside and outside it has a modern architecture that gives it a unique look among many types of homes that are available on the market.
  • Access to the beautiful tropical coast where you can relax and enjoy everything this site has to offer.
  • It consists of large green areas and entertaining. Not only for you but for your family and guests
  • Balconies with exclusive bies of the private pool offered by villa Eram. Pool that has a dimension of 34 meters
  • State-of-the-art kitchen with a chef who will prepare succulent meals worthy of the Gods.

villas in Costa RicaCosta Rica villasCasa Pericos

It’s one on the most beaatuful Costa rica property.Located on the Papagayo peninsula, it is one of the most striking in the area, in which it has various benefits and activities that you can do in it. What characteristics does this residence have:

  • Exclusive house of 4,700 square meters with large air and space to carry out activities with your family. In addition to having large windows overlooking the ocean
  • An infinity edge pool.
  • It has 850 square feet of living and dining room
  • State-of-the-art rooms with all the necessary equipment to generate and guarantee your stay in this residence
  • Luxury House to live the best experience you can live.
  • In addition to offering all the necessary basic services and those that generate comfort such as Wi-Fi, marina, beaches, tour among other aspects that will make your state wonderful

luxury villasCosta Rica villasCosta Rica villas for rentVista Nacascolo

Location of this it’s  in Liberia , Guanacastes .It is an exclusive residence in which Costa rica monthly rentals one of the best in the area divided into everything that this site offers you.

Among the aspects that vista naacolo offers you, we have:

  • 8 rooms
  • Exclusive bedrooms
  • It consists of many services to distract from bicycle to explore to beach club
  • It has access to the beach so you can fully enjoy this paradise

Without a doubt, Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places to visit and live. If you want more information visit our PEXS website where you will have more residence and everything we can offer you in order to enjoy and choose the best option for you. We will wait for you at the very best properties in Costa Rica!


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