Get the best luxury villas Costa Rica properties for this December


In case that you are a person that is always looking to have an adventure, Costa Rica is the right place for you. Here you can easily have really amazing and unforgettable vacations. Either alone or with your family, travelling to Costa Rica in one point of your life is a must. The best way to enjoy from this country is by renting or buying luxury villas Costa Rica.

Having and own Costa Rica villa at this magnificent and gorgeous country is for sure going to be a really great advantage. Costa Rica is an amazing and beautiful place where you can actually have a true adventure like experience. This is one of the reasons why in the last years Costa Rica has become one of the countries most visited by tourists.

There are many houses for rent in Costa Rica that you can get in order to spend your vacations there. With your own place here, you will truly be able to enjoy from all of Costa Rica, its beaches, cities, national parks and more. There is always a new thing to do in Costa Rica, which is why you will never be bored at this gorgeous place.

How to find the best luxury villas Costa Rica for this December


Finding the best properties where you can stay during your holidays in Costa Rica is a must. This is for sure going to be a really great advantage that will help you to get an even better experience here at this beautiful country. There are no doubts that travelling or living in Costa Rica is going to be something that you will never regret.

Here at Costa Rica there are many beautiful places where you can actually find the perfect vacation property for you. Places such as beaches, forest, cities, close to national parks and more, are some of the best locations to have your Costa Rica villa. Thanks to this, you can also enjoy from the many beautiful views of this locations.

Costa Rica villa rentalIf you are really willing to find the best Costa Rica luxury villas, then there is a web page that you can use. We are talking about Pexs Costa Rica, this is one of the best web pages to find properties at this beautiful country.  Thanks to Pexs, you are going to be able to find some of the best places where you can stay during your vacations.

The web page of Pexs Costa Rica has a lot of magnificent properties to offer that you will surely totally love. Some of the best features that Pexs has to offer to its customers and users, are the following ones:

  • You can find Vacation rentals in Costa Rica in a really easy and intuitive way.
  • The web page offers a really organized catalog of Costa Rica villas for rent regarding to their real locations. Thanks to this, is really easy to find a property in a specific location.
  • It counts with a customer support service, really helpful in case you are new at this kind of transactions.

Best places to get luxury villas Costa Rica for this December


As we said before, Costa Rica is a country that counts with many beautiful locations that you will totally love. Here at Costa Rica, some of the best and most visited places are the beaches and national parks. If you are able to get your own vacation property near one of these places, you will totally love it.

Thanks to its many interesting spots where you can find really nice Costa Rica villas, finding property at this country is not a difficult task! And thanks to the help of Pexs Costa Rica, it is going to be even easier.

villa rentals costa ricaIn case that you are looking for Costa Rica luxury villas, up next you can see some of the best spots of the country. At this very nice locations you are going to be able to find really gorgeous properties for sale.

A nice thing that you should now about the places of Costa Rica, is that, all of them have really nice views that you will surely love.

Playa Hermosa


Without any doubts, one of the best beaches that you can find around Costa Rica, is Playa Hermosa. This magnificent beach is one of the most amazing and also most visited beaches of the country.

The beach itself is surrounded with really nice terrains, perfect to rent or buy Costa Rica villas. Here a nice advantage that you will have, is that the beach is going to be really close to you. Some of the best properties that you can find at this amazing beach, are the following:

  • Casa Aqua, a magnificent one store house that is perfect for a couple to spend their vacations in.
  • Casa Caricaco, in case that you are travelling with a big group of family or friends, this is a nice option.
  • Hermosa Heights 17, a really nice Costa Rica villa that is perfect for a small family, and really close to the beach.

houses for rent in costa ricaThose are some of the best offers that you can find at Pexs web page regarding to villas in Playa Hermosa. Don’t miss the chance and checkout the properties now.



Tamarindo is well known for being one of the most requested places by tourists to find properties at. This is due to the fact that Tamarindo is a really nice region that counts with a City and its own beach. Living in Tamarindo will be just like living in the paradise.

costa rica real estate for saleHere at Tamarindo there are many amazing activities to do and many cool places to visit. In case that you are interested, you can live here or spend your vacations at this wonderful city. Some of the best properties that you can find at Tamarindo, are the following ones:

  • Casa Chakra, a special and luxurious property in Costa Rica that you should check!
  • Casa Namaste, one of the most amazing Costa Rica villas that you can find for big groups of tourists.