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Having a property here at Costa Rica is one of the best things that you can do in order to truly enjoy from the country. Your own vacation place will mean a lot, will give you the opportunity to enjoy without problems and by the ways that you want to. There are many amazing rental homes Costa Rica properties that you can find around this country. Thanks to Pexs, finding these properties is not a difficult task at all. At this web page, you can find some of the best properties to rent around Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country of Centro America that has become a big focus for tourism and investment in the past years. Thanks to this, there have been many tourists that have decided to buy their Costa Rica villas in order to spend their vacations there. By doing this, they have a better way to enjoy all of the amazing things that this great country has to offer. Having your own villa here, will give you a lot of great advantages and ways to enjoy from it.

Pexs Costa Rica is a web page that has already been working for a while and where you can find great luxury villas Costa Rica properties. Thanks to this, you are able to find, select and buy or rent your own place to have vacation at a beautiful country like this. Thanks to that, you will be also enjoying more from your travels and everything what Costa Rica has to offer. If you really want to have a property at this country, using Pexs is a must.

What should you know before looking for rental homes Costa Rica properties?


Costa Rica is a beautiful tropical country where you can easily find happiness and great adventures. Either alone or with your family, travelling to Costa Rica can be one of the greatest vacations you can have in all your life. At this amazing place, you will find out that living in a country like this will be a dream come true.

Thanks to its many touristic important places, Costa Rica has become in the past years one of the best places you can be at. With amazing beaches, magical and beautiful national parks, great cities and much more, here at Costa Rica you will always be having a new thing to do. Some of the best places you can visit while being in such an amazing country, are the following:

Those are some of the most visited locations by tourists from all over Costa Rica. Also, those are amazing places where you can find great and beautiful Costa Rica villas.  With your own villa in a country like this, your adventures will be even better and much more enjoyable.

Luxury villasOne of the best ways to enjoy from this country is by investing on it. If you do this, you will be able to have your own Costa Rica villa. Having your own vacation place will give you so many advantages and liberties.

In case you are truly interested about visiting Costa Rica and enjoying from this place, this could be a must. Buying Luxury villas Costa Rica is not only a good investment, but a good way to improve so much your vacations.

Best rental homes Costa Rica properties that you can find at Pexs


Pexs Costa Rica is a really great web page for all those people that is interested about investing, buying or renting at Costa Rica. Here you can find many great properties, from small but beautiful departments to big and luxurious Costa Rica villas.

At Pexs you will be able to find a lot of great and beautiful properties all around Costa Rica. Here you will be seeing great luxury homes Costa Rica properties at some of the best places of the country.  There are no doubts that with Pexs, you will have a great tool in order to find the perfect vacation property.

Costa Rica villa rentalsHaving your own vacation place will allow you to enjoy more from your vacations. Also, you can stay as long as you want and have a more private place where to stay.

In case that you are willing to buy or rent luxury Costa Rica villas, Pexs is truly the right place. Up next, you can take a look at some of the best properties that this amazing web page has for you.

Villa Tesora luxury real estate


With an amazing view, fabulous design and located at a realy amazing spot, Villa Tesora is an amazing option. In case that you are looking a property where you can stay with a big group of people, this could be a really nice property.

This amazing and gorgeous villa has five amazing, totally well equipped and beautiful suites. Each one of the bedrooms counts with its own bathroom and other amenities.  Villa Tesora is an amazing place for you to stay with a big group of people.

cr luxury rentalscosta rica home rentalsluxury villas costa ricaIf you really are interested of enjoying from all of Costa Rica, Villa Tesora is the right thing for you!


Casita Amor Azul


Located at Playa del Coco, this small, yet amazing vacation rental in Costa Rica property is the perfect place. For a small family, this property will be the perfect one. It has everything what you need in order to enjoy from your vacations at Costa Rica.

Casita Amor Azul is the perfect property for a family that just wants to relax and be happy. Here you will be having an amazing beach to del Coco and Ocotal beach. Thanks to the fact you are close to the beach, this is the perfect property to have your vacations at.

costa rica luxury villascosta rica villa rentalsvacation rental costa ricaThis property has an open and amazing complex, counting amazing views to the ocean, great beds and beautiful design. This is an amazing property to travel with a small group of friends or family.